Urban Outfittersreturns and reimbursement

I ordered a few different items from Urban Outfitters on the 1st of December 2014 - Order # Y114845414. I received the items a few weeks after that order was made, unfortuently two of the items did not fit so i sent them back to there Australian Address The next day. I received an email on 24th of December informing me that my return was successful however the two items they had listed where not the items i had returned, and equaled a far less amount. The total return should have been $41.58 and the items they claimed i returned only totaled $27.72 - I replied informing them of the correct items, including the product numbers and pricing for the items and asked to please re check the items they received from me. I still haven't got a reply in regards to this email, Since then i have sent a countless amount of emails to Urban Outfitteres in regards to this issue and havent once got a response back from them. On the 20th of Jan 2015 i received an email saying my refund was successful, however it was for Order #: T126734516 for the total of $13.86 - I have again emailed themusing there online complaint form, which told me i should hear back within 24 hours, and still nothing. Incredibly dissapointed with the lack of response and resolution from the Customer Service team. Hoping they can finally Reimburse me the correct amount. I am definitely discouraged from shopping online with them again, which is such a shame.

Jan 26, 2015

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