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Henrico, Virginia, US
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Yesterday afternoon my sister and I went to Urban Outfitters at Short Pump Mall to do some Black Friday shopping. Obviously, because it was Black Friday there was a lot of people coming in and out of the store at the same time. As we walked into the store the security sensor alarm was going off. A Caucasian female store employee walked up to my sister and I who are both African American and said "Oh, you guys don't even have any bags", to which I responded; "No we just walked in, someone who just walked out set off the alarm." She then mumbled "Oh I just love when that happens, " laughed and walked away. She didn't even apologize for falsely accusing us. I was extremely offended that of all of the people who were walking in and out of the store at that moment she had had chosen to address us, the only black people who were standing in the area. I did not get the employee's name but she looked to be in her mid twenties and had shoulder length hair and a nose ring. I am writing this complaint because I feel that someone needs to be made aware of this situation, and this employee's offensive behavior.

Thank you,
Charlotte Wise

Nov 25, 2017

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