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On January 21 2015, I purchased 3 shelves in total: 2 of the "SHELF:40L COOPER(1/4)" in Dark Grey (Model #[protected]) and 1 of the "Assembly Home Multi-Function Wall Shelf" in White (Model #[protected]). On February 3 2015, I received them. The 2 "SHELF:40L COOPER(1/4)" arrived fine, however the 1 "Assembly Home Multi-Function Wall Shelf" was extremely wonky (not straight at all). I contacted their Customer Service via their online form, and received a response on February 16 2015 that they received my complaint, and they will send out a replacement shelf. They also indicated in this email that I did NOT have to send back the original shelf, as I had expressed in my original email to them that I did not want to pay for shipping from Canada to the USA to send the shelf back as it would end up being very costly to me. Their exact wording from the email went as follows: "We do not require that you return the item originally sent to you back to us." I received the replacement shelf on February 19 2015, and it was in even worse shape than the first shelf. While it was straighter for the most part, it arrived extremely scratched with paint chipped off of it in chunks, as well as being rusted. I contacted their Customer Service again on February 19 2015 expressing my disbelief that they sent an even worse replacement (and sent many photos of the damage), and asked for a refund because both products are unusable and garbage to me. I then received a response, part of which I have copied here: "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a pre-paid SmartLabel for International orders. We agreed to reship the Assembly Home Multi-Function Wall Shelf, in exchange for your mailed return of the damaged one. If you refuse to mail the two Assembly Home Multi-Function Wall Shelfs you have at this time back to us you will not only not be able to receive a refund, you will also be charged for the replacement that was sent out as well." As they had stated in their previous email to me that I did not have to send back the first faulty shelf I received, I had not sent it back and did not expect to be charged for both shelves. I responded to that email and let them know that I will have the charges reversed if they charge my credit card without my authorization, and that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I have not received another response from Urban Outfitters at this time.
Can't believe that they do not stand behind their product quality, nor do they offer any kind of decent customer service for sending out two completely faulty products, then expect the customer to pay for both products. Unbelievable.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Feb 20, 2015
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  • Urban Outfitters - Misrepresentation
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    I went and bought the largest V-Neck I could find at Urban Outfitters and not even the largest size was able to fit over an entire urban area.

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