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UPS Store / violation of public trust

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North Carolina UPS Store has an apparent scam wherein they seemingly scam the elderly and disabled. Package was taken to the UPS Store by my wife with instructions to send normal ground. She told the clerk normal ground and the clerk responded "Would you like it to go today?" - or my wife thought! What the clerk asked was Would you like it to go 2 day (2 day air). Instead of paying about 10 dollars turned out to be almost 41 dollars for a package to be delivered on a Sunday - when no is there. Communicated to UPS Customer Service and their first response to me was "Do not expect money back from us - we cannot control what franchises do. Besides, you agreed to pay the amount!"
So, not only is service bad, and UPS Stores complain about UPS Coporate, but at least one store has discovered how to recoup what they believe UPS cheats them out of monetarily. Apparently, these UPS Stores have drawn foreign interest - since everyone I have spoken to within the UPS domain, speaks broken english!

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  • An
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    There are several issues I have with this article as I work at the store this customer is complaining about. At no time was there any scam in which a question of "2day" was asked. The customer asked when we could have the package there and we responded by saying the dates and prices. She agreed to the price and terms and signed to verify the information. There was no doubt that she didnt clearly understand the cost and what she was paying for. It was not until later that night that the customers husband called and screamed and cursed at my manager. We explained the situation and that the package had already left the store. We even offered to discount a future transaction to help satisfy the customer even though no wrong had been done. After he hung up on my manager in mid conversation we called back. His wife picked up and apoligized for his behavior. I am personally extremly offended that this claim has been made on my character. To accuse me of preying on the elderly and mentally disabled is ridiculous and such claims should not be made without justification. I have a hard copy of the email this customer sent to corporate which is also filled with many inconsistincies. For one he states his wife had used our store for 1.5 to 2 years when at the time we had been open 6 months. He also states that his wife is a repeat customer at our location and that his records reflect we have done this to her before. Our records for the 6 months we were open indicated that this was her first visit.

    Last I would like to say that the manager and myself speak perfect english. I am an american citizen, born and raised. The customer had an issue with my managers name which he mocked several times as he cursed at him over the phone.

    I personally wished it would not have gone this far and that we could of helped satisfy the customer because that is our top priority. I am truly sorry that the customer feels he was slighted in some way but I can assure that no such scam ever took place. We are ethical, moral people with the intention of helping the customer in any way we can and we are complimented on our outstanding service on a regular basis.

  • Pa
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Complaint is against more than one UPS store in my region. Notice my complaint refers to "North Carolina UPS Store". Also, the store in question never called nor talked with my wife. I never mocked the managers name nor did I scream, hang-up, etc. Just more lies by lowly creatures known as blood suckers.

  • Am
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    UPS sucks at customer service. My son recently ordered a phone from a company that mailed it via UPS and required a signature. I work all day and my son gets home from school at 2:30 pm. Two days in a row, the delivery many came before 2 pm. I called and asked if he could come later in the day - after 2:30 pm. No, they said. We can't guarantee delivery time. Well, I asked, how am I going to get this package? These are the wonderful (sarcasm intended) solutions they offered:
    1. have a neighbor sign for it (Everyone WORKS!)
    2. come to our office and pick it up. (After work, during rush hour, that is a 2-hour round trip for me and they refused to leave it at a UPS office near my house)
    3. select a date when you will be home and we can deliver it on that day. (I work everyday, idiots)
    4. have it delivered to another address (work) and PAY EXTRA.

    What kind of ###ing customer service is that?

    UPS SUCKS and I will NEVER use them to ship any package EVER again and I will keep spreading the work that they SUCK!!!

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