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UPS Store #4384 / fraud activity, bait and switch, bad customer service, cheater

1 43575 Mission BlvdFremont, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (510) 687-1600

Do NOT do business with this UPS store. It is the Cheater with fraud ads, and bait and switch traps.

When I rent the mailbox, I clearly told them the mailbox rental is for receive package, and not for mail. The regular mail is able to directly delivery to my home, and I have no necessary to rent the mailbox for them. My mailbox rental is just to get someone to signature the package for me in case I am on working. The UPS store 's young employee and owner agree with my words, and also when I mention the package is too big to be hold by small mailbox, I am told that they will put the package in the floor, and leave a note in the mailbox. When I ask the limitation about the different size mailbox, I am told by young employee that no exactly difference, and just small mailbox's size is too small to hold too much mail, and also I am told by the owner that "Do not worry about that".

The young employee shows me the $25 discount coupon, and I am told by the young employee that I can combine the coupon with 3-month free extension promotion if I subscribes one years' mailbox rental. During the check out process, the UPS store owner appears and he says the price is too cheap if combine two promotions coupon. I point out immediately that it is illegal to refuse their store coupon and their promise. Finally he redeemed the $25 coupon as $15. It is so surprised that store owner negotiates with customer about their store's coupon value. I never to beg anything for him, and I am surprised that their word and they do not show up their respect to customer.

About the coupon, it is highly suggested that the store should send an original copy of the promotion ads to BBB service for investigation purpose, and then the fact will be clear.

The store plays the typical bait and switch tactic: attract the customer with the bait ($25 coupon + 3 months promotion), the break the agreement by some excuses and switch with menace: pay additional $99 to upgrade or lost the incoming mail (since the incoming mail is already on the way and no way to change destination).

Several days later, when I go to UPS store to pickup my holiday gifts, the store owner starts to break the agreement and ask me to upgrade the mailbox by some excuses. To my surprised, my holiday gift is regarded as business item. I tell Ken it is holiday gift and not business item, but Ken roughly shout out that no matter what item it is, the mailbox must be upgrade into business mailbox. Then I ask several times for their formal mail and formal description about the limitation, but they refused to provide related and the business owner (Ken) claims that he will throw my items away or return to sender. As the customer I have rights to know the detail information before and after my purchase, however, Ken refuse to release any information by formal letter about that, and looks like all the rules will rely on her instantly flexible words. Until Dec 24, I still do not get exactly detail information about services. Since he is always give flexible words, and wipe the words out very soon, I can not talk with him by mouth any more.

On Dec.24, 2008, Ken, the UPS Owner blocks my mailbox (#106) without my authorization. It is just 11 days from the 15-months subscription begins.

This UPS store's activity has the significant negative effect on my Christmas shopping, and lots of my friends in this community know her behaviors. We are no longer desire to do business with this dishonest person.

To try nicely resolving the issue I go to the business, however, it is found that the lock in my mailbox is changed and my key does not work since Dec 24, 2009 without my authorization. Also, to my surprise, the business owner does not the refund the fee, and even he abuses the customers with the bad language. I can not believe that this type business activity happens in US.

As my previous words, the business owner issues the bogus advertisement to attract the customer without intention to redeem the coupon. He tries to take advantage the nice customer. I am obviously not happy with their business style, but I am too nice and fall into the trap by his bogus words.

Do not do any business with bad credit business, and he will cheat you again once he cheats you first time.

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