UPS / incompetence

Los Angeles, CA, United States

The people are friendly but the company is incompetent beyond belief.

I was expecting an important package. Since I knew there wouldn't be someone home throughout the day, I used UPS' new "My Choice" service to have the package sent to my local UPS Store.

At the end of the day, the UPS website still showed the package undelivered. I called UPS. They said it was delivered. I went to the UPS Store. They told me that not only was the package not delivered, it had never been loaded onto a truck for delivery.

I then spent another forty minutes on the phone with UPS. They told me the package would be delivered the following day (Saturday) to the original destination. Two hours later, the local distribution center called to tell me that it was too late. The package would not go out until Monday and could not be sent to the original address.

Since I needed to head out of town, and since the package could no longer be sent to my house, I wanted to send someone to pick it up. Two UPS phone agents said it wouldn't be a problem, so long as the person had the same address as me. Two people at the UPS Store said the package could only be released to me.

For the pleasure of paying $5 for the redirection service, my Friday delivery didn't occur until Monday; and, since I was out of town, no one in my family could get the package until Tuesday (four days after it should have arrived).

Thank you UPS.


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