UPS Canadaridiculous system to pay for import fees on package delivery

I just got off the phone with UPS. The woman was abrupt, unhelpful and basically hung up on me. I had a phone call today to say I owed some money on a package coming in from the USA. They couldn't tell me how much. I said please email me when you know how much. Instead I got a phone call from 'unknown name unknown number' from a fellow ready to take my credit card number. This screamed 'scam' to me and I did not give him the number. He did have the same package ID number that the first caller gave me. I phoned UPS Canada and got this third person who could not take my money, even though she said it was $1.09. The package is coming tomorrow but according to the second caller I will have to pay an extra $5 at the door as a 'terminal fee'. I asked to postpone the delivery until Monday so I can call in my payment Saturday. I have no idea what time he's supposed to arrive and I wanted to have it paid before he comes. She couldn't tell me. She said if he comes before I call in the payment he can fill out a missed delivery card and come back again. What a bloody waste of time. I'm not allowed to give him $1.09 in cash either. Then when I complained about the ridiculousness of the situation she said the driver might just let me have the package if I tell him I'll phone in the payment later. What a stupid system. Very unprofessional, very annoying, and to boot she hung up on me. Fuming over this stupid interaction.

Jul 26, 2018

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