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We arrived at DREAMS RIVIERA CANCUN and were asked if we wanted to have breakfast at their new sister resort BREATHLESS RIVIERA CANCUN, DREAMS would pay for the taxi to/from, it had just opened and they wanted people to see the resort. and we would receive a gift certificate for the spa. We agreed.

The next morning we arrive at BREATHLESS RIVIERA CANCUN and was greeted with "ola's" and given the red carpet effect. We meet with a representative, Donna, who brought us to breakfast, offered drinks, talked about our vacation habits, and took us for a tour of the property. It is a beautiful resort. Then we go to the sales office where all the lies begin. We were offered a "premier gold plus" package with oceanfront view king room with a living area and hot tub on the balcony, access to helicopters in Punta Cuna in the Dominican Republican, yachts, two weeks FREE at ZOETRY ( a resort where the "stars" hangout) and access to any and all resorts ANYTIME with no blackout dates for forty (40) years. And all we would have to pay for is food and drinks which would range from $60 to $100 depending on the season. Wait, and we could get up to twenty (20) rooms for family and friends. After saying "no" multiple times because of future financial obligations and we have a timeshare with RCI, Donna calls over her sales manager, Christian. Christian tells us that UNLIMITED VACATION CLUB (UVC) will buy our RCI timeshare and lower the cost of the "premier gold plus" package, and he would move us from DREAMS (family resort) to BREATHLESS (all adult resort) that same day. WOW! Sounds UNBELIEVABLE!! Well, it is. And, you will be offered alcoholic drinks throughout their sales spiel. Your representative will drink with you, maybe even do a shot with you.

After we arrive back home, we decide to call and make a reservation to the same resort (BREATHLESS) for my partners birthday. This is when we learn the truth about UVC and that we had been scammed! It's all lies. You WILL NOT get two weeks free, you WILL NOT get a rate between $60 and $100 dollars, you WILL NOT be able to get (20) rooms and on and on. What you WILL GET IS SCAMMED and MISREPRESENTATION. Nothing that was presented to us exist.

After taking nearly $20, 000 from us, we are going after whoever we can via consultation with an attorney.


We are sickened that we simply go to Mexico to enjoy what little time we get to enjoy time together to be taken for so much money.

Jul 17, 2016
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  • Da
      Jul 18, 2016

    And to add insult to injury, we simply called BREATHLESS Riviera Cancun directly to check how much it would cost for us to stay for four days and three nights...and the difference was a measly $100.00 (without the package). So, here is your advantage for buying a package with UNLIMITED VACATION CLUB/AMresorts.

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  • Ia
      Aug 07, 2016

    All I can say is WATCH OUT. My wife and I joined the club in Puerto Vallarta last November and ever since then it has been one issue after another. We tried to get them to honour a lower price at one of their properties offered through another provider and they made life miserable for us. We then visited the Sunscape Resort in Curacao and although it met our expectations once we were there the hounding to upgrade our membership (Gold) to the next level began. After many discussions and negotiations we came to what we thought was an agreement only to be told the following day that head office did not approve it. As such we elected not to take their offer. We now have been offered a special deal to pay off our membership at a good rate I must admit which we are considering, however we now have a further dilemma with them that is really pushing me to sell my membership. We made reservations in May based on their promotion for ten (10) days at the Secrets Resort in Panama and have just been told that the resort will be switching to a Dreams Resort when it reopens just prior to our arrival. When I asked as to when the decision was made to switch all I was told it was recent. No one switches the function of a major resort on a whim as planning had to be done months in advance as well as obtaining the appropriate approvals. We should have been notified prior to booking our reservation which was one month prior to them closing for the renovations that this was about to happen. I am sure it will be a nice facility however it is for families and my wife and I were expecting an adults only vacation. When I enquired about this I was told there are three options. Fist off is to keep the reservation as is. The second is to cancel at no charge and finally the third is if we want to change locations we would be responsible for any additional fees. When I asked about the airfare portion which I have already paid for they basically said "so sad so bad'. Based on this we basically only have one option and that is to accept the reservation as is. This company continues to send out advertisements on specials that are so restrictive that I would really question their integrity. I am out to sell my membership now but when posting comments like this I am sure it will be difficult yet I can become a lounge lizard at their resorts and advise people to be careful as their business ethics are less than acceptable.

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  • Mi
      Aug 24, 2016

    We just came back from Riveria Maya in Mexico and fell for the UVC Membership ourselves. I feel like an idiot now reading all of these reviews. I would like to be a part of whatever claim to get out of this also. I could stop paying on it also.

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  • Ti
      Sep 08, 2016

    We fell for this last week for $14, 000.00 and cancelled within the "hassle free" allotted time. They told us that since we had used portions of the $500.00 leisure cash, that it would cost $2000.00 to cancel since that is the amount the resort charges them for $500.00 in leisure cash. Then they told us we could use the $2000.00 to purchase a $5000.00 plan. We cancelled that too, as we were about to miss our flight. We spent 3 days of our 5 day vacation dealing with this. The first day, the sale and the other 2 trying to cancel this "hassle free cancelation." We are home in the USA now and still battling this nightmare. We have no problem paying the $500.00 leisure cash, even though the spa and excursion cost less than that. I also think feeding people alcohol while doing this hard sell is most unethical.
    When we got home and read the reviews, we were sickened to our stomachs. Not to mention THIS vacation to get screwed over was made hellish from day one. Buyer beware! Just say "NO!" Instead we are are left to fight this total ripoff with dishonest people!

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  • Ia
      Sep 08, 2016

    I have just finished doing battle with UVC over my complaint with our upcoming vacation in Panama. Although it took a considerable amount of my time and concerted effort I am happy to say we got what we wanted. On numerous occasions I was being handled by a Customer Service Representative or their Supervisor and the basic position they took was "we apologize for the inconvenience". After going ballistic I wrote them saying I was sick and tired of dealing with people who cannot or are not allowed to make decisions and if I didn't hear from someone who could make a decision the next person they would hear from is my lawyer. I also said that I would continue with my vacation as it is all paid including airfare but I would sit outside their sales office and advise people not to be pressured and watch for their scams. Surprise surprise within 48 hours I got that response from someone who could make a decision and a favourable one at that. It is all done now but buyer beware. Hopefully after my recent experience we will be treated accordingly. Watch for my review on Trip Advisor when we return in the last week of November.

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  • Ar
      Oct 28, 2016

    Do NOT buy a membership from Unlimited Vacation Club!!

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  • Sg
      Nov 18, 2016

    My wife and I joined in 2015 and have had many of the same issues you all have had. I would love to join in the fight. Please let me know how i can help.


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  • De
      Aug 15, 2017

    We had a nightmare when we signed up for UVC while on honeymoon in Riviera Maya last month. The director of UVC sales wouldn't let us cancel and even said we had waived our right to cancel which was really upsetting and risked ruining our honeymoon and the start of our lives together as husband and wife! Thankfully we have been released from our contract and can now laugh about an almost very expensive lesson learnt. If anyone is having trouble with UVC or any other timeshare for that matter and wants out, I highly recommend you immediately contact Ben at TSTransfer on b.[protected] or +52 984 197 3812

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  • Sp
      Apr 25, 2019

    We fell for this 3 wks ago and we realized it just lies. We are trying to cancel please let us know who helped you.

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