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During a great trip to Cabo on the 26th of April 2018 my wife and I were sold the idea of a attending presentation and for our troubles received vouchers for better deals then we were already planning on buying (trip from airport, snorkeling, Sunset Set Cruise, Paddle boarding, etc.). We attended without the least worry about buying anything as it was sold as a tour of the hotel. After a great breakfast we went for the presentation and the salesman, after finding out we were from Phoenix and planned to come back to Cabo, wrote down on the offer sheet that we would get this amazing deal of $84 per night per person on any of the first tier resorts and that the Breathless Resort was on that list. So we asked how much and he quoted us $119, 000. We explained that:
1. While the $84 PP per night deal looked good we did not have that much travel planned to take advantage of it
2. We would be paying for this package long after we were dead.

So he dropped the price to $5000 and after some haggling for add-ons (1 week free in the first tier) and annual payments made for 2 years on the 2nd and 3rd tier we bought even though I saw a lot of bad reviews on Buyer's remorse and not getting enough deals to make up for the cost of membership. We on the other hand planned to travel a lot for the next 5 years and the deal (based on what we were sold) would pay for itself and more.

Fast forward to today, the deal ($84 PP PN) they offered for their tier 1 resorts is not a real deal as we have talked to the their Travel Agent and she told she had never seen that pricing opportunity. So we asked to speak to a representative to get this issue figured out. She said one would call us the following day and as promised we got a call from a Justino Mora who Identified himself as a manager and wanted to discuss our issue, we explained all of the above and he said they were growing so fast that sometimes it was hard to manage what the salespeople in the field were saying but no problem he would send us a new deal on a week in certain resorts (including the one in Cabo) to use but needed to accept and sign it in the next few days to validate it. So we received the deal which was for certain resorts,

This Certificate issued by Mediator grants Member the number of VIP weeks indicated below for 2 (two) people in a Deluxe Room type, subject to availability at any Participating Hotel in the All-Inclusive plan (food and beverage included) in accordance with the type and conditions of their membership as described in Exhibit B and subject to the terms and conditions indicated further on herein. 2 USD VIP Week valid for Years with a preferential rate of 1 $1, 600.00 and they would also pay for our tier 1 Annual payment for the 2nd year.

The entire deal is on the website we set up regarding this issue but the problem was to get the deal we had to search through availability and some of the resorts are 2 for 1 night Rules apply. So I guess that means we would have to buy at our UV rate the next 3 ½ days for us to stay a week. Some of the resorts offered were cheaper then the $1600 price he had quoted and to be fair there were a couple of resorts that were higher then the deal he offered but I did not ascertain if they were 2-1 requirements. So the deal was not good enough to make up the $84 PP PN deal we bought the package on. Right now we are chronicling everything on our website and hopefully we will see the great deals other people have claimed to have enjoyed.

In closing we, at this time, are not trying to get out of the agreement we signed but are looking to show the savings we were promised.

May 22, 2018
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      May 29, 2018

    While visiting Secrets Aura Cozumel, we were shown a rate of $570/week/room. This price offered substantial savings over the price we had actually paid for our room for that week. After a very convincing sales pitch, we signed on for a 30 year deal, costing us $24, 000. After returning home and actually receiving our contracts and access to the UVC, Lifestyle Collection and RCI websites, we have found that we were scammed. No Secrets resort anywhere at anytime is listed for close to $570 for a week. We were told that we would see discounts averaging 40% to 60% overall in resort stays. This is untrue. Contrary to what we were told, we also learned that there were additional fees for our adult children to use the RCI weeks if they chose to do so. We initially emailed to cancel our contract and ask for a full refund. We then were contacted by a Customer Service Manager, Carlos. We conference called to our salesman at the Secrets/Sunscape office where we had signed our sales agreement. Our salesman did not recall ever having mentioned $570/room/week. (I have three adults who will sign affidavits to the contrary.) We also discussed with Carlos the legality of the contract'/agreement. He said that since it was written via the Dominican Republic, we would have a hard time litigating the agreement. Our son, who is in his third year of law school, begs to differ. We have sent numerous certified and or registered letters to all parties named in our agreement, Carlos, GBS International, and the AMResorts executive officers. The letter clearly points out the unethical sales practices and and legal considerations to be held to account in the sales agreement. Since that time, we have received an email offer from Carlos. He states that the offer is their "gesture of appreciation" for us. We see it as their attempt to appease us, as we believe they have received our letters. The offers are still not close to what we were "sold" during our sales meeting and we are continuing our pursuit of a full refund with the cancellation of our sales contract.

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      Oct 17, 2018

    @Unhappy in Avon My husband and I just experienced basically the same issues. We originally signed on in November of 2017 while in the DR during our annual Thanksgiving trip. Due to us traveling at least 2-3 times a year, this offer seemed entirely too good to pass up. We were actually quoted a lower price than the $570/room/week. We were just under $300/room/week and were also told that all we had to do was call and they would also guarantee us discounted airfare. Well, suffice to say we signed up for a Gold Plus membership at the price of $27, 000. Also, at signing we were given 2 free weeks to use within the year. This past August we used one of our free weeks and planned on using the other next month over our annual Thanksgiving vacation. While we were there in August, we were roped into another "presentation". At this time, they informed us that the membership that we had purchased wasn't a "Gold Plus" and that with the membership we had we wouldn't be entitled to travel at Thanksgiving as we normally do. They also went on to tell us that we could only travel at certain times and were only entitled to certain rooms with this membership. All of this which was NOT explained to us in the DR. they offered to upgrade our membership at the price of another $19, 000. They said that they had quite a few complaints from people who signed up in the DR that were "mislead" I was infuriated and asked about the Corporate offices. They told me that there was offices located in Philadelphia, which is where we lived at the time. I went on to tell them that when I got home from my trip that I would be paying them a visit and would look into filing a Class Action lawsuit against the company (since there were so many other complaints). They changed their tune on price real quick after that and were "working the numbers" for us. During their "working" one of the salespeople also went on to talk to us about where we wanted to book our annual trip for this year. A few people recommended Breathless in Jamaica. In talking to the salespeople, they told us that with the "new upgraded membership" we could travel over Thanksgiving with no issues and quoted us a price of approximately $70 per night per person to stay at the Breathless in Jamaica. With that, we were swindled into signing a new contract for the "Gold Plus" for the amount of another $9, 500 (plus closing costs etc.). Two days ago, I attempted to book our annual trip for next month. When I went to the site to choose Breathless, I was quoted for the week $2100 per room for the week then I still had to get airfare. I went to Apple Vacations and tried to book the same exact trip INCLUDING my air and still came up cheaper than what I was being quoted by our "Vacation Club". When I was furious on the phone with customer service demanding to know what I had paid the total of $40, 000 for, all I got was a run around. Yesterday I contacted the UVC loan officers and got a copy of our initial contract signed in November and compared it to our "upgraded" contract from August. In November we DID sign a contract for the Gold Plus, which is exactly what they sold to us again for an additional cost in August. I am now trying to figure out what I can do legally and would LOVE to find others in order to actually start a Class Action against UVC.

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      Nov 28, 2018

    @Amy Mari We’re you able to get anything resolved? My husband and I recently signed up and it’s nothing that we were told it would be.

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  • Ru
      Nov 29, 2018

    @Unhappy in Avon Hi!
    If you could help me in anyway please let me know ...
    I want out of this nightmare.
    I spent many hours trying to figure out how I am getting out! Please help !

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