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Cancun Mexico, United States Review updated:

My boyfriend and I were offered $200 worth of free spa credit if we just attended a 45 minute presentation at one of their sister resorts in the area. Well, about two hours later we were tired of ###ting with this stranger and wanted to know the basics, or the low down on how much this extraordinary membership was going to cost us? Our sales rep specifically told us that with our membership we would be getting to visit majority of these all inclusive resorts on their Silver membership list and that every time we would attend it would cost us only $577 per couple up to 7 nights/ all inclusive. Even better we were told that our friends and family were also able to take advantage of that same deal and we could book up to 20 room at a time! Perfect.. the price, not so perfect but we wanted it so badly we had put over $1000 on each of our personal credit cards as well as had applied to an RCI card through UVC with hopes that the rest of what we put on this card will be a good enough down payment so that we can pay much less per month. Once we found out my boyfriend wasn't approved the sales team suggested that I try to apply as well. Before we could try mine I wasn't feeling confident and we almost walked out. Before we could do so, suddenly they decided to drop the initial price quote nearly 60%! Even better they then offered us the highest membership package (which meant we were no longer limited to only a few of their resorts, we were entitled to visit all, at the very same price of $577 per couple up to a week) We made sure to also confirm that our family and friends will still paying the same amount as us, it was confirmed, multiple times. They even threw in access to a free yacht tour as well. How could be pass this up? So I decided to then apply for the RCI credit card and ta-da! Approved!! Now, once that was all done they wanted us to sign about 65 pages of contracts. Every page we would sign they would pull the page so fast we never even took the opportunity to read. Not once were we able to sit down with a legal mediator to explain any of our legal rights as consumers. Also, in the end we were so exhausted neither of us thought to sit there and go over these pages ourselves to check for the rate of $577 as promised because all we wanted to do was go back to our resort and relax. So long story short, we get home from Mexico and to our surprise NO WHERE is written stating $577 per couple/ 7 nights.. etc. We even went to check the cancellation period, yet nothing was listed. All the contract kept stating was how if we were in payment default they are entitled to take 50% of the membership price and the rest will be terminated. We then contacted UVC where I must've spoken with 6 different reps all pointing me in 20 different directions and none towards the right one. Finally I was given the number for the quality analyst team called GBS International Inc., where they seemed to be working with me in the beginning then once I sent them an official cancellation letter they came back a week later with an alternative option. A more affordable membership plan so that I can avoid from cancelling. I insisted to them all we wanted to do is cancel altogether and again instead of sending us the cancellation form to fill out they promised the first time around, we get the same run around. Two months later we have been up to our necks in frustration. Between this time period we've disputed all three charges on his and my personal credit cards as well as the RCI card. We received two threatening emails from them stating we are in a breach of contract because of a default on a payment. In the contract it also says that if I find any reason the mediator breached any of its obligations, we are entitled to cancel within 10 days. We did contact them within 10 days and we received the run around ever since. Please understand, I never back out of a contract unless I truly find it was untrue to it's terms. This company is unethical and we need to put the word out before others make this same mistake. If anyone can help us resolve this issue, we want to cancel without being liable for any fees or payments. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Yours truly, helpless Jess

  • Resolution statement

    After discussing our situation with GBS Int'l Inc. they did their very best to help resolve all of our issues. We were very pleased how they handled the matter and will recommend Unlimited Vacation Club to our family and friends in the future. Thank you!

Dec 09, 2014
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  • Te
      Jun 13, 2016

    Hey did you ever get out of the contract..Am in the same situation waiting to see outcome...

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  • My
      Feb 26, 2017

    @Teresa Nivar-Trotta me too any help would be great .I'm waiting until monday then i get a laywer

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  • My
      Feb 26, 2017

    any answers?

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  • Uv
      Oct 20, 2018

    Same thing for us, we were told we would have 40 weeks at only $549/ week (7 days) and upon studying the contract after a few days no where did it say that.

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  • Se
      May 21, 2019

    I am interested in exactly what is meant by the company "did their very best to resolve all of their issues"? That sounds like one of those extremely vague "air" statements potential customers receive during their presentation.

    What exact steps did GSB Internation or Amresorts take to address false promises, misleading and fraudulent contracts, unscrupulous sales techniques and practices?

    Have they committed to retraining their staff or removing commissions based pay to dissuade sales team from screwing over customers just to increase their take home pay?

    Did these customers receive refunds?

    Here is a picture of their offer extended to my husband and I on 5/11/19. Since when is it okay to list out potential terms of a contract of a pad of paper then try to sneak at 50+ page preprinted contract (of course it didn't include all the separate promises from their sales team. How could it when they were giving those promises on the fly) to potential customers who are on vacation after holding us hostage for more than 2 1/2 hours after several staff promised this presentation would only take 90 minutes and that included a 30 minute meal.

    They literally had 4 separate staff members try to force us to agree no matter how many times we said no. Finally I just walked out because everytime I asked to just have my promotional gift we were promised they would try another tactic.

    Two employees actually followed us out begging us to stay, pleaded with us to sign a form on his tablet confirming we received our promotional gift or else none of them would be paid. So they are forced to utilize unsavory practices or else they will not be paid.

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