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My name is Robert Schirmer and I was an online student at the University of Phoenix University Of Phoenix / Axia College / Apollo Group
from 2005 to 2011. In that time I earned two degrees. The first being an associate of the arts in criminal justice and the other a bachelor's of science in psychology. In that time I had a new financial counselor every quarter and could never get a straight answer regarding my student loans and Pell grants. I was told my first degree would cost 22, 000 which I would not have to start paying back until six months after graduation. Upon graduating I was informed if I did not continue my education the loans would come due immediately so I re-enrolled for my bachelor's program. I was told that was only 35, 000 yet now I owe $101, 014.00. This does not include what I have already paid! I have called as well as sent written requests for detailed statements on what my student loans paid and what they did not, as well as where my Pell grant money went because I never received a dime of it! They have denied all requests. They refuse to send my transcripts and degree certificate claiming I still owe them $500.00. I was promised job placement upon graduation and that never happened either.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenix, AZI submitted another written request a week ago asking for my transcripts, degree certificate, and a detailed statement of what the school received from the federal student loans on my behalf. That request went ignored as well. I believe I was way over charged for the two degrees I earned and that I was lied to by the recruiters, my numerous financial counselors, and the school itself.
I have contacted the department of education but having difficulty getting the loans dismissed. My wages are being garnished and I cannot find work in my field of study because last I was told by potential employers was The University of Phoenix is no longer an accredited school. Not to mention that my degrees are considered “Junk Degrees”! So here I am still over 100, 000 in debt and trying to live on 1, 200 a month in wages because I cannot even use the degrees I have earned!
I have contacted
1) federal trade commission
2) state congressman / state senators
3) department of higher education federal
4) department of higher education wyo
5) state attorney general
6) better business bureau
7) contact your local and national news reporting stations
I am praying you can help!
Robert M. Schirmer
321 N. 4th St
Douglas, Wyoming

May 19, 2017
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  • Mi
      May 19, 2017

    Your situation, like a lot of U of P grads, is an unpleasant one. Over the last few years, I've seen more and more recruiters, HR Consultants and articles in respected publications, warning potential U of P students don't do it and advising grads to leave their education off their resumes/CVs, as it will hurt more than help. I'd file a BBB complaint and also a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of your state's Attorney General's office.

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