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Universal Nissan / sleezy car dealerships

1 OBTOrlando, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4079267000

I purchased a brand new 2009 nissan from Universal Nissan on a Saturday. I signed all the paperwork, traded in my car and left. After SIX days of having the car, I receive a TEXT MESSAGE from the salesman stating there was an issue with financing and I needed to come up with money down and I needed to prove all of my information. Furious that I received this information, which I deemed as quite urgent through text message, I called to dealership to speak to someone. After the third phone call and asking to speak to the General Manager, did someone finally came to the phone. After a 35 minute conversation that went no where, the finance manager told me that he would call me back Monday with my options. So now, I have the car for another 3 days. At about 4pm on Monday, I call them because of course they could not be bothered to call me. After once again explaining that I was not putting money down and getting no where I told, he tried to tell me he would work on it some more. Two more days went by and no one contacted me, until once again I receive a text message stating that I need to refinalize the contract or bring the car back. I call and can get no one on the phone. Thursday morning I call and at 9am and no one in the finance department is in. I call a total of 7 times on Thursday and are put on hold a total of an hour and 15 minutes. Finally someone decides to pick up the phoen when I once again ask to speak to the store manager. The original finance person I spoke to explains that in order to make the sale go through I need to put $1000 down. I tell him no because this has taken to much time out of my life. Then when I ask him to tell me what the rate would be if by some miracle I did decide to put the money down, he says he can't disclose that information. I said that I would be at the dealership the next morning at 9am and was either leaving with the loan finalized or my old car. I show up the next morning at 9am and hes not there. I tell the receptionist that I want to speak to the manager and what a surprise they don't know where he is. Another finance person comes out.
They try to convince me to put the money down and I tell the person that I stated on the phone last night that I was not putting any money down and didn't want to be asked. At this point I say go get me my car. They try to convince me to work something out. I let him know that I have never dealt with a more unprofessional group of people in my life. You do not communicate with customers on text message especially on such a pretty important matter. Not to mention what would have happened if the car would have been in an accident or I would have gone out of town. Needless to say they are going to attempt to sell the car as a new car and its not.
I truly believe this whole thing is a huge selling scam. You let a person take a brand new car home and drive around for two without financing. That is not only sleezy, but stupid. Don't buy from Universal Nissan!


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