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United States Post Office / scam and cheating

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I just wanted to say that I have always wondered if the Post Office is a government agency. Well my question was answered when I read that the postage rates are increasing again. First of all, I consider the system an office rather than an entity that provides a service of any kind. I am sure that you will all agree, we can get better service from a communist than we get from the post office, therefore I refuse to acknowledge them as a postal service. We are getting screwed again by a government agency that is raising their prices and not doing their jobs. I called the post office this morning and talked to a very nice lady that did her best to answer my question which was 'IS THE POST OFFICE A GOVERNMENT AGENCY?' Strangely, she put me on hold and I guess went to someone else to get the answer. When she came back on line she told me that the post office is a government agency. I thanked her for the information and let her go. I just wanted to tell everyone that the giant mystery is finally solved. THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE IS INDEED A GOVERNMENT AGENCY and is run by the same group of crooks that have been running our country and gotten us in trouble. The same greedy suckers that reward instead of punish big business for screwing the consumer. Anyway, we still will not get any SERVICE from the post office. Have a wonderful day now and get to the post office to buy the extra .02 cent stamps that you will need to use your .42 cent stamps that you just bought two months ago.

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  • Mr
      9th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes


    TO: Whom it may concern!

    CC: United States Postal Service
    475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
    Washington DC 20260-5801

    Attn: Manager Natalie Sorvari & Mary-Joe-sarcastic and condescending attitude
    CC: Northland District consumer affairs-unresponsive!
    100 S. 1st street room 121
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-9631

    COMPLAINANT: Mr. P. Tejeda
    Private Practice Investigations
    P0 BOX 600332
    E. St. Paul, Minnesota 55106

    Discrimination employee misconduct complaint re: Location One
    Seeger Square post office
    Seeger Square E. St Paul, MN. E. St. Paul, Minnesota 55106-3864
    Spanish employee misconduct: Jesse clerk #20

    Bill# 1000200267531

    Discrimination employee misconduct complaint re: Location Two
    Eastern Heights, Oakdale location (Bob) & older Caucasian window clerk Linda-verbally loud, defensive & rude! Oakdale, Mn location Supervisor Mr. Iverson

    Summery: On 9.30.2009 I attempted to go to this post office location to purchase some postage stamps for my five letters. Postal employee Jesse rudely and discriminately, disrespectfully greeted me! This is my third appearance at this location, which is connected to this small strip mall storefronts that also house/lease Rainbow foods grocery store. The outer appearance of this post office location is dirty unsanitary and disgusting. Spots-stains-spite-spew-saliva surround the entrance and concrete side-walk. Smashed bubble gum discarded cigarette butts carelessly littered and thrown.

    Jesse seemed to be in an ornery, foul, argumentative and impatient mood and was also argumentative and defensive with me! Addressing me as a child or animal! On further note Jesse also smelled like he needed a bath as he is an extremely oversized male that sits in a chair at the customer service window all day with an ornery and stern attitude. Customers/citizens should not have to be subject to this type of discourteous, dirty, misconduct and or behavior.

    This is the third post office within less then a years time around the E. Saint Paul Minnesota area that has been getting numerous complaints and negative ratings with it’s management/supervisor/employee customer relations and discriminatively run business! Including the Dayton’s Bluff location & Eastern Heights, Oakdale Mn. Caucasian male window teller (Bob) who wears visible droopy gold neck chains and appears intimidating to some customers/consumers. I verbally heard him call a Caucasian woman customer stupid in a joking disrespectful manner belittling her during a window transaction! Bob seems to frequently be in a cocky, defensive, stern mood during window customer transactions with other selective customers.

    Furthermore, at the Seeger post office location when I asked for a manager or supervisor on duty I was rudely and sarcastically given a name of Charlie. However, this man was unavailable for customer complaints/concerns at the time…So when I got to my home/residence I attempted to call customer service hotline for the USPS @ 1-800-275-877 Unfortunately, this number and department customer service computer’s were allegedly down, at the time, only to file a complaint, not to purchase postage and or track or to ship a package! I was told to call back later that night or tomorrow to file a consumer complaint. As of receipt of my/this original complaint over a week later after submitting a verbal complaint to Minneapolis Northland district Consumer Affairs manager Mrs. Natalie Sorvari t: 612.349.4401 who was to return my calls regarding a previous complaint months ago and never did! This Location and office/department has been recently unresponsive to my letters. However, I did manage to file another verbal complaint the following day over the telephone with a familiar over sarcastic and insincere woman by the name of: Mary-Joe hotline t: 612.349.6388 f: 612.349.3512

    Please properly, investigate

    Sincerely and respectfully a concerned customer/consumer Mr. P. Tejeda

  • Ab
      9th of Mar, 2015
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    On February 25th I paid the post office app. $6.00 in my neighborhood, to deliver a package frBerea, to Dayton, Ohio; They stated on the receipt that it would be delivered by March 3rd. Today is March 9th. I have called the number on my receipt, gone up to the post office in person, and gone to UPS. Know something? The person in my post office has 'NO IDEA WHERE THAT PACKAGE IS???" The contents cost me over $60.00. My profit margins on international shipping are MINISCULE. And now I have a U.S. customer that all I can tell him is: "I don't know where the post office's shipping of your package is...because...THEY DON;'T KNOW!). I work/live on social security. I don't move one stack of papers from one side of the desk to another, go home and collect $35, 000 + benefits; Sorry, this sucks.

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