United Parcel Service [UPS] / poor customer service

K'Liya Coopwood
Tracking number : 1Z 2A2 80X D9 7750 7199

A delivery person just came to my home, delivering a package. My whole house was made aware of this because of how he pounded on my door. I opened the door, as he was leaving the porch and had to call out to him as he still proceeded to leave (now back at his truck. As he approached and I was signing for the delivery, I attempted to inform him there's is a bell (so that he wouldn't go around beating on customers doors). He quickly snaps back at the same time motioning towards me very aggressively. He depresses the bell and I noticed he had mashed the bell back into it's socket, rendering it stuck and inoperable.
This is poor customer service and needs to be addressed quickly before situations escalate and get out of hand. I was able afterwards to dislodge the bell and it works just fine.

United Parcel Service [UPS]

Nov 24, 2017

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