United Parcel Service [UPS]dressage leather gloves for english riding

After waiting for these gloves for a while, since they were coming from Ireland, I communicated with the shipper to find out about the delay. Surprisingly they told me they had been delivered at the front porch of my house last Monday, April 17th, and sent me the delivery confirmation slip. I immediately contacted UPS. The customer service rep told me that the address on that package had been changed, and that it was delivered to the correct address. I explained that I had never heard of that address and that another person had my package. They left a message for the Stafford, TX hub to call me back. A girl named Erica called me the next day and told me that the address was changed internally, and she didn't know why. She promised to send the driver out to recover the package. The next morning, Wednesday, I received a phone call from a very rude woman from the claims departments stating that it was about the claim. I explained that I had not filed a claim, and that I needed the package. She confirmed that no driver had been sent to recover the package. She started arguing with me and she hung up on me. I called back later that night to file a complain against her, but no one could tell me her name, and they just told me that she had closed the claim and that was the end of it. Today I have spent most of my day talking to different areas in UPS.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TXAt the end of the day I spoke to a supervisor in customer service named Tanner, and there was nothing he could say, except that the package supposedly came to my name, city, state and zip code, but no address. I told him that someone had inserted the address where the package was delivered at, and that I really thought this was an inside job. Think about it, any employee that has access to an area where they leave packages with no address can simply call a friend or family member, have them contact UPS, give them a tracking number and the name on the package, and simply give them their address and have them deliver the package to their address. It's as easy as that. Then the employee can get the package and try to exchange the merchandise for money, or other merchandise they like. Mr. Tanner did not know if they had an internal affairs department in UPS, nor any other department that could help me. He said that they had attempted to get the package and the person from the house where this package was left denied receiving any package. Of course not! It's a scam. Be aware out there, UPS is a really screwed up company. When this supervisor read me the notes from all my phone calls, basically it was lie after lie. Even after the complaint I filed against the claims dept. woman, there was a note saying that they had called me to apologize to me today, and I have not received any phone calls from UPS. They are liars, and a very irresponsible company. I will never, ever do business with them again, nor I will order anything that uses them. I still think this is an inside job at the Stafford, TX hub.

Apr 27, 2017

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