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My package with tracking # 1ZW056E80387894616 disappeared after being checked in. It is an Aviation GPS IFly 740. I never purchased insurance on this item valued at $900. however the box had my address and contact information as well as the recepients address and RMA number inside the box. Boxes just do not disappear while in your possession unless an employee stole or misplaced it within the facility. I need the person who signed for this package to be held responsible and payment to me initiated as this is clear that UPS has had it in its possession till the last delivery point. Im very very upset becuase i have always trusted UPS and done business faithfully through you, but the one time i send a high priced item is the one time you misplaced it. Im a business owner and I hope you realize that even though in the grand scale of things you may think i'm insignificant to UPS, well tens of thousands of future dollars of mine will be routed elsewhere due to this breech of confidence. Im hoping and expecting some positive news. It is absolutely unacceptable on the part of UPS to offer tracking, yet not want to be accountable for negligence or theft of an employee working within the Mackinney Texas facility, and expecting the customer to ensure against theft of UPS's own employees. I would have no beef with UPS isf this was indeed a random act of God(plane crash, truck crash etc.). I am submitting the cost of this item but better still, i want my GPS back that your facility mishandled and misplaced after checking it in. Im asking UPS to do the right thing, or definitely lose my business for life. I thank you for your kind consideration in this matter. I just came out of an accident which cracked my GPS screen which would cost me $200 to replace. Im asking for the difference in cost. The $100 being offered me currently is a spit in the face. I did not lose this item. A UPS employee stole it or misplaced it. Please do the right thing and take responsibility.
The serial # on my GPS is #VH16050013. I hope you have it in you to help make this unhappy, vexed and angry customer happier than he currently is, and I hope you recognize the value of keeping me on as a customer for life, or losing my business. Thank you.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]
United Parcel Service of America [UPS]

Jul 25, 2018
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  •   Jul 26, 2018

    It’s your fault for not insuring the package. If it isn’t insured, they’re responsible for the first $100 only. Do you trust the seller? Their warranty has a typographical error in the first sentence. I’d not trust a company that can’t proofread their own documents.

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