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I have been dealing with this co. for 8 months now, they would not inform me of the situeation of my Loan Modification, and everytime I called they would tell me that they were just waiting on the Bank! These were all lies, My loan Modification was cancelled because they failed to submit documents that the bank was requesting. I always send them my documents right away. They did not inform me of this and now my house is up for sale from the Bank. I have requested a refund of 7, 000. and they keep telling me someone is going to get a hold of me. A week now and no one has called me, at one time they said that they had other prioritys and that a refund of my money was not a priority, they will not transfer me to their supervisor and they will not return my call. There is got to be a way to stop these thiefs!!!

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  • So
      Jun 25, 2009

    United Law Group saved my home. They didn't promise the the world. They are a law firm, not miracle workers. If you hire an attorney to sue someone there's no guarantee that you'll win the judgement. Taht doesn't mean the firm isn't working. It took 8 months. 5 months longer than I expected. But they worked at it and it paid off. United Law Group is a good firm.

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  • La
      Sep 05, 2009

    United Law Group has been sued in California in a national class action. Read the complaint here.

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  • Sc
      Sep 22, 2009

    This law group is in way over thier heads with the loan modification business they have taken on. What may have seemed like the next goldmine revenue stream for ULG in 2008, has now blown-up on them because all banks are currently standing-off on making any loan mods...afterall, these banks will lose money if they do, and just as the economy is showing signs of recovery...the banks will not budge at this point...the opportunity to legitimately have a loan mod done under any circumstances dried-up in late 2008 early 2009.

    The customer support for ULG loan mod customers has now degenerated to a brisk phantom "hang-up" after passing through the bogus menu options...if you want any kind of closure to your business with ULG, your only resort is to drive down to the office and politely, persistently demand to see your negotiator or a customer care manager...

    I am in the same spot most are on this site 9 months and a refusal came back from my bank in July...I have not heard from them since. Mission impossible attempts to reach them by phone has yeilded a very low success rate, and when I do get through, I get a promise for a call back, or a canned response aimed at freeing the phoneline as quickly as possible.

    The documents we all signed to get into this basically states that, ULG really never promised ANY results, and that we as consumers were proceeding at our own risk...there will be no refunds, just hard lessons learned.

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  • Ba
      Mar 17, 2010

    It shows nothing.. they use all these multiple government agencies as a SCARE TACTIC!! ICE was there?? C'mon is this some Drug Cartel that they have to bring 10 different agencies into a "Business" in Irvine with there guns drawn?? I heard they where pointing there hand guns in the faces of female employees.. I mean C'mon! This is Ridiculous!

    How many people in jail are mad at there attorneys and want a refund?? Everyone has to remeber that ULG didnt sign your loan documents with the bank as a personal gurantee to get your home. WE DID! So we want to blame everyone as to whos problem it is and as a last attempt we hire a LAW FIRM for $1750 to try and get us out of the mess we put ourselves into. As well as not making payments on the home which we live in for over 10 months?? Everyone has to pay rent? What gives us the right not to pay ANYTHING for the home we live in then place ALL our blame on ONE LAW FIRM hat we tried to use to get us some more time in our house FOR FREE!! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE REAL PROBLEM and thats the banks!!!

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