Sessoms & Rogers Complaints & Reviews

Sessoms & Rogers / judgement

Jan 14, 2019

These are the biggest low life excuse for human beings i've ever seen or dealt with in my life. I dont have any business with them but have friends and family that unfortunately do. I honestly don't see how these non caring morons sleep at night. They will not work with anyone and do their...

Sessoms And Rogers / sessoms & rogers are dishonest and harass to no end

Jan 15, 2012

Credit Card Companies increased my fixed rate from 3.8% to 29%. I refused to pay. Since then Sessoms & Rogers has taken my real estate. They still call me 4 - 10 times each day. Just delivered another court summons to exempt which I refuse to do. Sessoms & Rogers are dishonest and harass to no end.

Sessoms & Rogers / lied about judgement

Feb 16, 2011

Bank of America trippled my interest rate without cause and tacked on about $1000 that I did not owe. They would not take payments and insisted on payment in full despite the fact that they knew I was unemployed. I couldn't pay, so they sued me. They used Sessoms and Rogers. I worked...