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United Automobile Insurance / Will not Honor Claim

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Phone: 972-701-0500

August 23, 2008

RE: Claim [protected]
United Automobile Insurance Company

July 19, 2008, I was pumping gas at Valero Gas Station located on the corner of John West and La Prada Road when a van struck the front end of my 2008 Hyundai Tucson. Due to the damage only being scratches I opted to not make a police report because the damage was minimal and I only asked for a copy of his insurance card. Two weeks later I went to Bankston Dealership located on NWHGWY and Abrams for my estimate which came to a total of $368.51.
Ever since the estimate was completed and submitted to United Automobile Insurance Company I have since been waiting for them to complete their investigation over this incident. Their investigation concludes of the policy holder to contact them and get his side of the story (quote Debra). I have been waiting for over a month for him to get back with his insurance company and state ‘yes this incident took place on July 19’ but that seems unlikely.
Debra at United Automobile is supposedly handling my claim number. Overall the entire staff that I have spoken with about this claim seems uninterested in resolving this and has not made any attempts to get the ball rolling with processing my claim. I even mentioned that I would contact my insurance State Farm to let them know what was happening and Debra commented that it “wouldn’t do me any good because the estimate is under $500 and my policy probably has a $500 deductible.” After listening to her make this statement I became gravely concerned that this Insurance Company is not diligent with taking care of claims in a proper manner.
I am forwarding this information to the public in hopes of exposing this company for how it handles claims. From what I have been through with them they come across as very mismanaged and unprofessional. Even though my damages are $368.51, it is the principal of the matter to honor the claim filed and pay for the damages. If anyone can get this company feathers ruffled I know it’s the free press! Your help is much appreciated!

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  • Wi
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    I am having the same issue. Both of my vehicles were hit in my driveway on June 7, 2008 by a van load of illegal aliens from Honduras. I was watching television in my house and my wife and son were asleep. The brakes went out in their van and they thought my truck and SUV would be a good place to crash. The McKinney, Texas police department came to the scene and arrested the driver (no Texas Drivers License). I was assured by Captain Ron Jones of the McKinney PD that this van was insured at the time of the accident. The insurance company on the proof of insurance card was Auto Assurance Professionals in Irving, Texas. After numerous phone calls to get an adjuster out and numerous promises from Auto Assurance that they would pay the claim, nothing happened. I finally drove to the location, on August 18, 2008 and spoke to Maria. She stated that they do not pay claims and that I needed to contact United Automobile Insurance. Hogwash!!! This Auto Assurance Professionals business needs to be shut down! This is a place where illegals go to pay for one month of insurance in order to get proof of insurance for the annual Texas Vehicle Inspection Sticker.

    I have been in contact with United Auto since August 21st. My claims adjuster is Maricella Martinez. Ms. Martinez is also stating that they need to investigate further and need to find out who is at fault. The police report clearly states who is at fault. She has also stated that they cannot get a statement from their insured. Well, ... it is very difficult to locate an illegal alien. Thus, insurance should not be written to illegal aliens.

    Anyway, I finally had an adjuster from United Auto look at my truck yesterday and his estimate was half of what my insurance company (Farmers) and the body shop estimated. My SUV only needs $468.03 worth of work and United Auto is giving me the same $500.00 deductible story. The adjuster said he would have to get special approval to give an estimate on the SUV.

    So, four months later and I am still trying to get my vehicles repaired...

  • Sa
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    I'm going through a claim right now and rather than paying a couple hundred more dollars for dealer parts, I had to wait for the dealer to order cheaper parts from one of the insurance's after market parts vendors. It also took a full 5 business days for an adjuster to go out to the dealership, and there is no emergency number for weekends. I had my incident on a Sat night and had to wait till the following Monday to even file the claim. It's been 3 weeks and after fighting with the insurance because they didn't find everything wrong with the car the first 2 times that they went out, I am finally getting my car back. I am now in the process of switching insurances. I do not recommend this insurance to anyone that wants their car back within 3 weeks with no hassle.

  • Sa
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    i ABSOLUTELY agree!

    I was in a car accident in January 08.

    I was literally at a full stop to turn into my job's parking lot when I was hit.

    This was my first car accident and damage didnt seem too bad, so we didnt call the police to file a report. (stupid me- first mistake!)
    While we were looking over our damage, I got on the line with my insurance company and they took all her information. They told me they would be in touch with me.

    Then, as I drove off I heard sccratching. When i got out of the car, I soon realized my muffler was dragging! I called her insurance company to tell them i needed them to get someone out there, since she had already assumed liability- THEY NEEDED TO FIX MY CAR!


    I had to get a rental car, and they agreed to reimburse me, again, because they assumed liability. I paid out of pocket because rental was not covered on my policy, and i have submited the reciept THREE times and have not even recieved NOT ONE phone call back! Maria (the claim adjuster) was either away from the desk or out of the office and nobody in the ENTIRE office could/ would help me! I left message, after message, after message. No call.

    Needless to say, here we are a year later and I have not received any reimbursements or phone call for that matter.



  • Dc
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    I was in a wreck October 23, 2008. At a stop light a car rear ended me hitting me into another car in front of me and then instead of hitting the brakes, the car behind me hit me again -TOTALLING my suv! Of course the person behind me had United Automobile Insurance and as you can imagine it is now February 15, 2009 and i am still waiting for my settlement check and my bodily injury check! The first month of my claim the Insurance company never contacted me and when we did finally get ahold of them they refused to take liability even though in the police report the car behind me admitted to hitting us and that they were not even paying attentin when the wreck occured! So UAI finally started to process our claim and told the body shop to go ahead and try to fix my car when the body shop originally told me it was beyond repair. Now UAI is trying to say that I told the body shop to start repairing my car. Even the body shop is arguing that I didnt tell them to start working on the car and that UAI told them to. The total damages to my car total over $8, 000 but they only want to give us half of that and give the other half to the body shop. I even got my insurance company (Allstate) involved and they got me a rental car for a month because UAI wouldnt pay for me a rental car. When discussing that I deserve the full amount my car is worth the woman that was in charge of my claim (Erica Subberath/Subberuth (check spelling for last name) starting laughing and cussing to my step father over the phone (the car was in his name). My mother contacted the Texas Board of Insurers and gave them our complaint and when United Automobile Insurance got contacted about it they completely lied about every detail of the claim and said that it was us that wasnt returning their phone calls and dragging our feet trying to resolve the claim! The body injury claim guy (Richard Green) that we were dealing with didnt call me for two and half months after the wreck. I was taken away in an ambulance from the wreck and they had no idea if i was alright or not, dead or alive.. and didnt seem too worried about finding out. I didnt have any broken bones or anything but it did keep me from working at my job for two weeks which is a big cut in my income being an independent college student. I had to have help getting up out of bed or getting into bed, standing up, getting dressed, etc.. because my body was so badly bruised and whiplashed. I FINALLY got my statement recorded with him two weeks ago on a monday which i was assured that i would hear back from Mr. Green at the end of the week but still, two weeks later going on three, have no heard back. I have left countless messages on Mr. Greens voicemail to contact me as soon as him can but still have heard nothing back.

    We are finally going through our own insurance (Allstate) and they are going to take my car and giving me the full $8, 000 for the car, therefore United Automobile is going to have to pay the body shop whatever they owe them and still give me my bodily injury check.

    If you have to deal with this company my heart goes out to you and buy lots of advil and maybe take up boxing or something to get all your anger out after having to talk to these incompetent claim adjusters!!

    Its going on four months now and im praying i dont have to deal with these people ever again! Please stay away from United Automobile Insurance!!!

  • Ho
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Please report this company! they are getting away with crimes. I am victim as all of you are. I have reported them to TDI, BBB, ICE, TDI Fraud Claims, and about to contact the IRS Fraud division -

    Join me and stop being a victim! i was rear ended at a red light!!! i was obeying the law - this company will not even talk to my eye-witnesses. They told me that "no matter what i do, they will deny my claim" - they told me that "they deny rear-end cases ALL OF THE TIME"

    This is criminal

  • Ho
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Also, the man who hit me, could not speak english and had a 30 day policy. This is a pattern. I am in houston. PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS - I AM DOING MY PART TO TRY TO PREVENT MORE VICTIMS LIKE US.

  • Pi
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I seriously don't understand how this company can continue to screw people over! Are they not held accountable to anyone? They have been reported numerous times yet nothing is ever done! I'm tired of these illegals being shielded by this company. If they don't have to follow our laws, then why should anyone else?

  • Fo
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    you should see the parillo family $40 million mansion in is fabulous!...they contribute to political parties and actually flew the ex illinois governor ryan on their private jet to florida to see a basketball game, unfortunately he is now in jail for corruption and wow the patriarch's grandfather was al capones attorney at one time and a few years back had a short story written about their claims handling titled.."bad hands people", but stay at the dallas ritz carlton and im sure they dont think they are bad people.

  • Do
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I hate this insurance company.

    I pretty much had the same problem all of you had. One of their "insured" hit me and the police came to the accident and he got a ticket.
    He was "kind" enough to give me all of his information: name, insurance company, policy number, AND personal cell phone number.

    I called United Auto and gave my statement the next day. I did not hear from them or my adjustor "Josina Garcia" for a week. I called back a week later and my adjustor would NEVER answer her phone. I spoke to some other lady who told me they couldn't get ahold of their insured and if they didn't get ahold of him in 30 days the case would be cancelled or something like that. I could not believe what htey were saying. I also couldnt get a hold of their insured I would call every hour every day for 3 days straight and NOTHING. I gave my mom his number and she called him and he answered her! When she asked him if he knew who I was he said "why?" and she said "i'm her mother" and he hung up! I called the police department and told them I thought he was trying to evade this and if they could help me. The lady who answered said to call back later an someone could probably help me get a hold of him :D I IMMEDIATELY left him a voicemail saying I had already spoken to the police and if he didn't call United Auto the police was going to be involved. The next day his insurance called me and said they "finally" got his statement. Ha!

    My car was TOTALED and they only gave me about $2, 000...the damages to my car were worth A LOT more.

    I went to the hospital after the accident and I don't have health insurance and my bill was $5, 000. United Auto said we could come to a "settlement." I DONT THINK SO. Your insured was at fault, I sent you a copy of the police report saying he got a ticket and everything. I have no need to pay for ANY of that money. That's what you are for United Auto. Let the suing begin.

  • Ro
      17th of Oct, 2009
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    Hi Everyone:

    There is a way you can fight back when you have to deal with companies like United Auto Insurance. Having an attorney fight for you for just 35.95 per month. Anyone that see this comment please call me so you can fight back using an attorney. Call me and I will give you the details, Roger at 281-879-9948 or email me at Thank you in advance for calling me.

  • An
      7th of May, 2010
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    I was in an accident as well. Here is my story and I hope it helps someone else.

    I was in traffic and a lady turned in front of me and hit my car. I injured my head in the accident.

    The police officer WITNESSED my accident and in the police report put her at fault.

    I have now obtained an attorney and I am suing them.

    If you find out at the scene that this insurance company is who that person is using... just save yourself some time and get an attorney. They give the same stories to everyone. They are not wanting to honor claims, they do not want to help you and ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    The medical adjuster pretended to be my friend and while she seemed nice... forget it.

  • An
      7th of May, 2010
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    Please use a reputable attorney. Someone offering services for $40.00 a month does not sound reputable.

    Most personal injury attorneys will fight for you if they think you have a case and just take a percentage of your settlement. No up front costs.

  • Ce
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    Same thing here. They are making outrageous claims and presenting them as facts just to claim70% liability. Considering their policy holder ran in front of my car, after running a stop sign, the are 100% liable. They pretty much told me they can assume anything regardless of what the police report says, and arrive at their own conclusions. The person I was speaking to seemed pretty agitated, would talk over me, an cared very little for what I had to say.

    As everyone has said, this company makes your claim a horrible ordeal. We are now looking for different routes to get this resolve.

  • Un
      17th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am having the exact same problem! My husband and I were driving home from the store on 6/6/10 and we were side swiped by a United Auto insured driver. This driver in the process of leaving the scene in turn hit a motorcycle throwing the man from it. I have been dealing with this company ever since! I have had my car damage estimated at 3 different dealerships, then they tell me that they don't have anyone in my area to come out and appraise the damage so they want me to take my NEW Chevy Trailblazer to some mom and pop garage to have the damage estimated! I told them that I would but I wanted it to be repaired at a Chevy dealership with genuine Chevy parts. The girl on the other end of the line proceeds to tell me that I will get my car fixed there or I can take the check and pay whatever else to have it fixed where I wanted. I got the estimate and sent it back to them and asked them when I could expect my check to arrive so I could make the appointment to have the reapirs made and was then told that they haven't even accepted liability for the claim yet! This is 10 days after the incident and there is a police report stating that it was their drivers fault! They then proceeded to tell my insurance agent that the estimate from the place that they told me to go to was going to have to be reviewed by their "in house appraisers" and that they would let me know what the total was going to be after that! I am about to just say nevermind and pay my deductable and go through my insurance company (Farmers). This United Auto Group is a nightmare to deal with and now that I have done everything on my part to get them the info that they needed to complete my claim, it has been 3 days and my insurance agen nor myself can get anyone to answer their phones, we leave messages and no one returns our calls. The voicemail says that they will return your call in 24 hours but that is a total lie. We then resorted to calling this perticular womans "Supervisor" and he is just as much of a deadbeat as his employee!

  • Wa
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    OMG! How many inresponsible people out there. Last saturday I was inpact in the back of my truck while i was waiting for te ligth to change fron red to green. Guess what a lady hit me in the back push my truck i hit another car she provided the United Auto policy num. On monday i called talk to the united claims dept and place a claim they gave my a claim number and told me to contact the other parts involve so they can call and make there statement. My truck is in a storage so yesterday i call back the insurance to see how everything is doing and they told me they denied the claim because the ladys insurance was cancelled so she dont have any type of coverage. jajajaja How in the world they give you a claim num. whenever you tell them the policy num they should know rigth away when the computer pop the number and they can tell you if the policy is active or not active. Now i can't pull my cay from the storage because they want to charge me 800.00 to take it out from my pocket and then what. please if you know more and can help me give me a call 832-297-7878. what about the United auto responsability. I will go anywhere to work this out.

  • Ch
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    cheap tricks
    I am having trouble getting my car worked on by anyone but their preferred shops. Steering is illegal but here is how they get away with it. They have a contract signed by their preferred shops to work at less than market hourly rate. In minor damage repacement is not allowed, it must be repaired. When you take it to another body shop the estimate is higher and United won't budge from their estimate therefore steering you to their preferred body shop.
    I talked to a preferred body shop manager and he stated United is the most difficult insurance to work with and he cannot wait for the contract to expire.

  • Sk
      5th of Aug, 2010
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  • An
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    I am not a customer of this company and they are treating me like crap when their insured was found to be at fault. This company has no morals and even if that gentleman paid his deductable they wont pay. After Katrina several people sued this company ecaise they would not honor claims and WON an undisclosed settlement.


  • An
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    Stealth... They advised me to get an attorney.

    Which I did and funny thing is after filing suit...what happened? The point is people should not have to get an attorney to get a claim paid when it has already been determined by a court of law their insured is at fault. My uninsured motorist clause does not cover this accident and State Farm will not do the talking if the other person has insurance. By filing a different claim my premiums would rise and I should not have to pay higher premiums because their driver cannot drive

    You continue to live in that world where the insurance companies are the good guys. Some of them are but when one of their insured's hits you...I will be happy to give you the name of my attorney because you will need it.

  • An
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    If you have full coverage...not liability.

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