United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] Customer Service


United Automobile Insurance Company

1313 NW 167th St.
United States - 33169-5739

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 344 2150(Claims) 13 7
+1 888 987 8242(Automated Policy Status and Payment) 10 3
+1 866 461 9413(Arizona, Nevada & Utah) 2 0
+1 800 255 9887(Arkansas, Mississippi & Oklahoma) 1 0
+1 305 940 5022(Florida) 11 6
+1 866 913 6866(Georgia & South Carolina) 40 12
+1 866 636 8244(Illinois & Indiana) 2 3
+1 866 223 0668(Texas) 6 7

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] Complaints & Reviews

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / non payment of deductible I paid for repair of my vehicle using my insurance company due to accident caused by their driver.

Oct 04, 2019

On Jan 7, 2019 I was sitting at a stop sign when the driver covered by UAIS traveling east bound turned in front of another vehicle traveling west bound and was knocked into my vehicle. The UAIS driver was ticketed for failure to yield the right away and at fault. When I reported the...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / won't pay claim

Sep 24, 2019

No Communication at all and denies my claim since they can't get a hold of their insured. This is a terrible company! absolutely terrible employee's. Their insured hit my vehicle 8/12/2019 in Denver Colorado. I made a claim that same day and sending in all the paperwork and pictures they...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / Automobile

Sep 02, 2019

On Friday morning a person insured by this Company crashed my car in the city of West Palm Beach, since that day I have been calling the offices without result, to file a claim, they do not have a number for claims that works 24 hours and neither an email where to write. Any additional...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / auto insurance claim

Jul 30, 2019

I had an accident with my vehicle of which I was not guilty. I have been in the process with them for more than two weeks for the repair of my vehicle and they are not even able to answer the phone. I have already been to the insurer's premises twice and all they do is go around in circle...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / employee

Jun 14, 2019

The investigation officer (lee Suarez ) who was working on my claim was very unprofessional. He was forcing me to agree to somethinG that I didn't want to agree on a recorded line. I would tell him no I do not agree he will tell yes you agree because I can prove this and that. You are not...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / "payment not received"

Jun 06, 2019

I am a body shop that worked on claim # [protected]...2019 Hyundai Ionic belongs to Cynthia. on April 13th 2019. I delivered this car by trusting customer who said payment will be here 28th April, 2019. I did not received no payment on this vehicle... I am calling the Insurance company...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / you took my money and canceled my policy without letting me know.

Jan 06, 2019

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC]I signed up with your company in October 2018. I paid you all 177.06 which I have disputed with the original contract and showing you canceled my policy. I am a full time student and I could have gotten into a lot of trouble for this. Why would you take my money and then cancel the policy...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / claims

Nov 16, 2018

Can't get anyone to return a phone call. When I reported the claim I was given the adjuster's name and extension, but I neglected to ask for his fax # (so I could fax a copy of the police report). Hasn't returned four phone messages. I was assigned an appointment for an appraisal at a body...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / claim department

Jul 20, 2018

My name is christine cineus. my husband got to accident on july 14, 2018. we made a claim on monday morning with Armondo Casaraes ext.32422. I called him everyday no one had come to see the car and never solved my problem. i want someone else to represented my case instead. Im a mother of...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / the website has been down

Jul 15, 2018

I have been trying to pay my insurance for 3 almost 4 days now. My original agent tried as well and it wouldn't go they due to the website being down. This is crazy. I'm not a happy camper and when they open tomorrow they better fix my adjustment as my insurance was supposed to renew last...

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / personal auto claim not solved-2017 nissan morano

May 10, 2018

My name is Vickie Holley, your insured name is John Hemphill (policy#08-TXS-[protected]), on april 22, 2018 I reported a claim to your calm department and was assigned claim#[protected] and adjustor name is Elekta Edwards. I have taken my car to Central Houston Nissan and they took...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / claim

Dec 21, 2017

I was involved in an accident on my motorcycle with a policy holder From UAIC - UAD [protected]. Claim# [protected]-001-601 adjuster Mrs. Lesley Patino has been called over a week leaving messages about the status of this claim. Although we are in the Holidays i understand how busy...

United Automobile Insurance Services / vehicle insurance

Nov 08, 2017

I had just found out at Friday October 13th at 6pm that my 24 year old son had passed away, As I was an emotional wreck, 5 hours later at 11pm I send my other son two blocks down the road to go get food from Whataburger and someone that did not have insurance slams into him and totaled my...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / constant robocalls using fake phone numbers

Aug 29, 2017

This company robo calls me using fake phone numbers as caller ID of people unaware that their phone number is being used. My phone number was used a couple of times. I get an average of 2-4 calls a day. Each time I check the number on Truecaller it show a private person owns the number. Today I...

United Automobile Insurance Group / auto insurance

Jun 14, 2017

My vehicle was struck by an undocumented, unlicensed driver insured by UAIG. I have thus far been unable to resolve my claim because UAIG is unresponsive. Their phone system disconnects after I have been on hold for 30 minutes, when someone tries to answer, or when put on hold or...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / payments for my car jerry watson had uaic ins

Nov 05, 2016

My name is Doris Holland on sep 25 damaged my car and mail box. I got two different repair jobs one was 1500 hundred dollars the other was 2250 they sent me a check for 907.33 and was no good it was not sign my bank Simmons first sent it back and charge me more money. I hope someone can help...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / claims & the level of service issues

Mar 21, 2016

My car was involve in a hit and run accident ..I'm out $1300 rental cost which by the way my policy does not covers, car note $400 month which im still not using currently the auto body shop is holding my car hostage...United automobile by the way advise i owe $400 on top of my...

UAIC--United Automobile Insurance Company/Auto Insurance / payment of insurance claim and damages

Oct 30, 2015

In early July, 2015, we rented a car from Dollar Car Rental in Bentonville Arkansas. We were there for a family reunion, and therefore did little driving. We had the car for one week. and near the end of our stay, while we were having dinner in a local restaurant, a gentleman backed hi...

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) / denied claim submitted for my vehicle and rental due to their client fault.

Oct 02, 2015

On 3 August 2015, the driver of a vehicle insured by UAIC failed to yield after stopping and pulled out in front of my vehicle causing my driver to strike his vehicle in the side. The police was called to the scene and did a report and ticketed the other driver that was insured by UAIC. I...

Uaic Insurance / auto insurance/clam problem

Sep 17, 2015

Really terrible insurance company. My car was damaged. Claim submitted 3 weeks ago. No contact at all from the company. I have called the adjuster, Alliaya Gregg, several times. Always get her voicemail and leave a message asking for an update on the status of the claim. She NEVER return...

United Automobile Insurance / unpaid bill on their part

Jul 24, 2015

About a month ago I was rear ended at a standstill on glades road and I was injured a few days later and had to take off a week of worth and go the the doctors a week later. Needless to say I had some bills including the doctors and my car building up storage fees without an appraiser...

United Automobile Insurance / not paying for clients damages

Jul 24, 2015

Do not get or even deal with United Automobile Insurance if you do not have to! I recently got rear ended by one of UAI's client and it has been a month since their agent has even sent out an adjuster to appraise my totaled car and they still haven't paid. Its simple you hit...

UAIC / horrible claim service

Mar 18, 2014

This is the worst insurance company! My vehicle was hit by one of their insured and it has been 6 weeks and still no resolution. They will do everything possible to avoid paying settlement for a claim - lie, delay, procrastinate, etc. Believe me nothing is beneath them. I unfortunately wa...

Uaic Insurance / total loss!

Oct 18, 2013

My 2001 Suburban was hit while parked (Yes Parked) in my driveway by a 2007 BMW driven by two teenagers who didn't have permission from their parents to drive it. Totaled my Suburban. I contacted my insurance and then they contact UAIC and now I am demanding they replace (not pay me...

Uaic Insurance / total loss


I was in an accident and their issurer was at fault. their insurer had liabilty and both of our vehicles were a total lost. The lady turned in front of my car and we collided causing me to be knocked unconsious and have severe injuries throughtout my body. Police ticketed the lady which...

United Automobile Insurance / denied claim


I have had enough of their stalling, lies, promises and rudeness. Something had to be done about this so called company... Asap. Before they screw others!!! I have never had so many problems from an insurance... From any company for that matter!!!

united automobile insurance services, AMCO / poor service


Just like everybody to know that this insurance carrier is one of the worst ever!! Dont let people that you know purchase insurance with this people because they just feeding a big monster that takes their insurers money and when it comes to take care of a claim they just give you the run...

United Automobile Insurance Services / theives


Wow some [censored] ran a stop sign and I tee boned him and his insurance company is you guess it the worst insurance company united automobile insurance services wow didnt know it was possible for to be this #ing #ed and a piece of # for a month they lied to me saying the guy didnt have...

United automobile insurance company / no good insurance policy


I brought an automobile insurance policy from united automobile insurance company. When I purchased the policy I was told three times that it was full coverage everything except roadside assistance. The lady kept going over and over saying that you have full coverage. She told me to go to...

United Automobile Insurance / repairing damaged truck


This insurance company is a poor excuse for even calling themselves insurance company. I do believe they'll insure any one. It took this company three months to pay for the damages that was done to my truck by one of their insurer. There insurer hit my truck and fled the scene. They...

United Automobile Insurance / unpaid claims and poor service


My car was hit by one of United Automobile Insurances' insured on October 30th, 2010. My family and I went "around and around" with this insurance company for a few days on whether or not their insured had insurance with them. After about 3-4 days after we called them back, we were...

United automobile insurance company / customer service


On Oct. 2nd 2010 my car was rear ended by a policy holder of United Automobile Insurance Company. I had to be taken to the Emergency room for some minor injuries. After missing work the next day due to my injuries and a lack of transportation, I was finally able to get hold of the police...

UAIC--United Automobile Insurance Company/Auto Insurance / claims management


A quick summery: If one of their clients damages your car, the only way that I have found to get a fair settlement of a claim is to have your car repaired and get a cheap rental car while yours is being repaired. My car was "rear-ended" by one of their cliants. UAIC sent their adjuster...

United Automobile Insurance Co / car repairs


Don't buy insurance through this company and hope someone who does never hits you... They rip off folks that their clients hit!!! This company does not have a 24/7 number you can call for claims as some links say they do... Only monday-friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm est. Their client...

United Automobile Insurance CO. / fixing damaged vehicle


My vehicle was parked and was hit by someone who was insured by UAIC .I have a '99 Mercedes E320, Itook my vehicle in for an appraisle from Three different Collisons Business's.There was a $500 different among the Three.UAIC had some one come out and take a picture of the...

United automobile insurance company / the way my insurance claim has been handled


I have been dealing with this claim for more than two months now with UAIG, after a flood occured in Miami Beach and my car took on water, we immediately called our nearest agent and filed a claim, our vehicle was towed to a UAIG authorized shop, they said nathing was wrong with the car...

UAIG / stolen vehicle


My vehicle was stolen from in front of my house on 05-11-2009. I contacted my local office in Plano, TX spoke to a Melinda, Tammy and Jennifer on the phone with a conversation today with a Christine. It seems to me like many others out their that this Insurance group does not believe in...

United Automobile Insurance / worst insurance company!!


I was in a wreck October 23, 2008. At a stop light a car rear ended me hitting me into another car in front of me and then instead of hitting the brakes, the car behind me hit me again -TOTALLING my suv! Of course the person behind me had United Automobile Insurance and as you can imagine...

United Automobile Insurance / lies about prem. payment


My name is Lynda Baxter and I reside in Dallas, Texas.I took out a policy with United Automobile Insurance in June of 2008. I am sick of receiving late notices about my premium, because I have always paid and it is not my fault that the agent that is used by this company is too sorry to...

UAIG / bad service


Customer service is non-existant. The claims office nearest me closes earlier than they advertise, so one must play a cat and mouse game to get service. If one office closes because of inclement weather, how are their policy holder supposed to get in touch in the event of an emergency? My...