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United Airlines / Hertz Rent A Car / consumers get ripped off in this country without any recourse!

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United Airlines O' Hare airport, Chicago Ilinois, Hertz renta car. My 4:55 flight was cancelled on 7-29-07. Then my 8:00 PM. was cancelled. I spent 24 hours at O'Hare before leaving I finally left on 7-30-07 at 8:00 am. They told us it was weather related. There was nothing wrong with the weather. It turns out that pilots had a sickout on Northwest airlines and it probably was the same reason at United. I also rented a car at Hertz and because my flight was cancelled, I brought the car back three hours and they charged me an additional $114. as an extra day. It seems that consumers get ripped off in this country without any recourse. Then I had to spend an additional $30. for parking at La Quardia airport.Then my wife was docked a days pay for not showing up for work on Monday. The total expense for the flight delay was over $350. for my family, and you can determine that this happened to others as well.

Thanks for letting me use your website to show my anger.

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  • Ua
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is policy - if you flew more than once in a lifetime - you would read and understand airline policy and T&Cs before you agree to them (i.e. via your purchase of the ticket).

    Pending MP status, ticket fare basis, etc - different benefits are provided for delayed and cancelled flights.
    Try to read, comprehend and act responsible before moaning about what you didn't get... and think that you are "entitled" to...

    UA is a good airline - and may make errors (but they don't control the weather or FAA requirements) - but they also compensate if they are wrong or are supposed to (either via Contract of Carriage or via keeping revenue generating passengers happy - these latter category applies to those who generate $50k+/year not your $500 one time tickets)...

  • Sj
      7th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    airline has nothing to do with you over keeping your car, you should contact renting company next time if somthing like this happens. if you were already at the airport and found out that your flight is being delayed then you were suppose to return car on time... and how can you be sure there was no problem with weather, plane is not just being in point B from point A, it has to go through different areas where weather can be bad... next time rethink what you're going to say and don't confuse people... it wasn't united's faoult that you had to pay extra for your rental car. sorry that happened though but united is a good airline. i only fly with those guys

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