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I asked a trusted family member to get $50 petty cash for a city business on January 20, 2017. I issued a check for that amount. When presented, the bank clerk messaged someone in the bank (I assume) and the result was they were unable to cash it because it wasn't made out to someone specific. The clerks at the windows went to school with the person I sent so I felt it wouldn't be a problem with identity, etc., And if someone was doing something illegal you wouldn't want to be known, right? The check was from a different bank, but we have accounts with Umpqua, also. I received no phone calls, but a member of the board (not on the account) was called and told of the incident and she in turn called and questioned me about the details she was told. I thought the privacy laws prohibited leaking information like that. When I called the bank manager she eventually called me back. She was rude, defensive and accusatory. Asking why I was making a big deal of $50, saying how could they be sure this person didn't have a stack of checks illegally, saying small towns with small businesses are being defrauded on a huge scale which I take as an implication of my honesty. I was having dinner with my husband at the time and he asked for food and she said who was talking.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Moscow, ID When I told her she said she would not speak to anyone else about bank business??? She also demanded to know what the money was for, said she had every right to speak to someone not on the account, but on the board, told me I should have sent the person with the check to another bank and then again asked why I was making a big deal about $50. Rene is the most hateful person I have ever tried to deal with. I told her it wasn't about the $50, or them refusing the transaction it was about calling someone not on the account, and not calling me or another signer. The person called is a neighbor and friend to the clerks working the window and maybe Rene's friend, too. When I mentioned the people on the account weren't called she said why should she call me because I signed the check and that she had called another person who allegedly didn't answer so she was left to call someone outside the account parameters. I said it were any other bank, there would not have been calls made based on personal affiliations because of privacy concerns. I thought if there were concerns a courtesy call would be made to anyone listed, and since the transaction was declined it should have ended there. I have the right to question decisions made for or against at any time and I should not have to be exposed to derision, implications of fraud and embezzlement or be demeaned by bank reps. To end the call I asked the manager, Rene, for a number to call for customer service in order to get a straight answer about her ethics. She said she wasn't comfortable giving me that information and that she would take it up with my boss. So, if you are looking for a bank that provides privacy and any sort of common courtesy don't go to Umpqua, Washington Street, in Moscow, Idaho.

Jan 23, 2017
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  •   Jan 23, 2017

    So someone not on the account was asked to cash a check with no one's name on it and you can't understand why they wouldn't do it?

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