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As a former employee for ulta, I would love to complain about the mistreatment of all the lower employees of this location by the store manager. I have never been so rudely treated by any manager in my life! I had only been working there for 2 months, I did have some serious illnesses and could have wound up in the hospital. I had brought my doctor's note to my store manager the day I could return to work, she accused me of faking it. As I work throughout the day, more than two of my coworkers had come up to me telling me that the store manager had started talking (Pardon my language) crap about me to other employees which we're higher than me. Which is total nonsense for a quite a bit older woman to be talking about me in that manor. I never really heard anything she had said exactly but all I know is that she told everyone I had been faking all of my illnesses. Probably about a week later, I was working and I had been doing what I usually do, running the register and all that. She pulls me off and asks me to "face" the store and then she has the nerve to ask me if I knew how to do so?! (I've worked retail for about 4 years now and i'm pretty sure I know how to do it, let alone the fact that I started working there doing the truck loads every friday morning at 4am) as soon as I get off the clock, I had to do some shopping before I left, of course she rings me up, sees everything I had bought and as we walk to the door she checks my clear bag, then she asks me to pull out everything, including my victoria's secret lipgloss (Assuming I had stolen it from the store.. It has clearly been used more than a few times sorry!) — I forgot to add that I had given her a months notice that I was moving to a different state the following week of this day she mistreated me so bad. My coworkers are telling me bye at the door and she has the nerve to ask me if I was working the next week. (Sorry ma'am i'm moving to a different state..) and I had to tell her right there and she had the look in her eye like she wanted to hurt me or something. But, yeah, I have never been so mistreated in my life by my own manager. I would love love love to take this to corporate but I have no idea how to get it there. Oh and by the way, more than a few people have quit because of this lady, she was a brand new store manager to this store. I had only worked there for 3 months and they we're the worst months of my life in retail.

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  • Ye
      19th of Jan, 2011

    I know how you feel, you should read my complaint, (Earthbound Trading messed up company) your manager and mine sound the same! Well best of luck to you in the new state!

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