Ultabeware of crazy dallas manager

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Guess what happens when a manager wrongfully accuses a customer of stealing? Nothing!!! They keep their job. The customer for the horrible experience..gets an oops sorry! Marrissa Colfry is the sorry excuse of a manager who accuses innocent customers of shoplifting. BEWARE OF SHOPPING AT THE PRESTONWOOD LOCATION.

Is it possible someone is trying to cover-up some employee thief?

Hey Ulta, do you really give bonuses to employees that catch shoplifters? Maybe a few lawsuits will change the way you look at your customers and your company policies!!!

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  • Da
      Sep 23, 2009

    I know of this incident and I assure you that it was simply a case of bad judgement. To speculate about employee theft is absolutely ridiculous and I think its time to move on with your life. People do make mistakes, as the author of this complaint should know since she has a previous shoplifting conviction... besides the point, the party involved was disciplined and will assuredly be more cautious in the future...

    I understand it must be frustrating to have to be accused of something you didn't do, but taking it to the next level with threats of lawsuit and demands for the managers head says more about your demeanor and temperament than it does of the accused. One person involved learned a lesson and another learned vengeance...

    oh and I'm pretty sure apprehending a shoplifter is against company policy so the idea of a reward for such an act is ludicrous... get real lady

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  • Sa
      Nov 03, 2009

    agreed daddyQ! If anyone at Ulta is confronted with suspicion of theft, there is a reason, and it's not taken lightly. There is zero reward. We at Ulta are extremely watchful, because as an employee, Ulta is my home and if you steal from my home, you steal from me. Tsk Tsk Tsk, previous shoplifting convictions and you still haven't learned your lesson? Get a clue..

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  • Sm
      Jul 23, 2011

    OH PLEASE!!! Salonstyler and daddyQ, if EITHER of you were confronted

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  • Sm
      Jul 23, 2011

    OH PLEASE!!! Salonstyler and daddyQ, if EITHER of you were confronted by an employee accusing you of thievery, you would be just as upset. I can tell you if this had been me, I would not sleep until you had your day in court. This type of 'mistake' deserves IMMEDIATE termination, NO EXCUSES!! The whole thing sounds to me like harrassment and I hope ULTA BAD takes you for all you're worth, job and all. POS's.

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