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Ulta Beauty - I received the worst hair cut from maggie at ulta

I received the worst hair cut from Maggie at Ulta (Union Gap, Washington Branch). I went back 3 weeks later, only because I needed to get my hair fixed. I went back so Maggie could correct the chopped job she previously left me with, she made matters worst and chanrged me $45 more. When I complained about paying $45 for the bad hair cut all she would say is she has 10 yrs experience so thats how much she charges. Well I think times have changed and she needs to go back to beauty school. I will never go to Ulta again because I feel they are not honest and all they care about is the profit line and not the customer.

Ulta Beauty - the employees at this location are a disgrace to sales

Not only does the sales staff ignore you if theyre busy having a conversation, or complaining about another customer, but then being of minority you get followed like you're going to steal. I used to shop at the u-hills location often, I regularly purchase fragrance and dermalogica, as well as studio gear and smashbox make up. So when I shop, I spend. Yet lately Ive been followed around like Im going to steal, I even hear associates telling other employees to follow me ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME! ) My last visit I was blown off by who I was later told is the store's general manager, and then again was treated rudely by Ashley (next time youre going to be rude don't give your name). The employees at this location are a disgrace to sales. I dont plan on returning, I would rather pay extra for shipping online, or deal with the malls for Sephora.

Rude, obnoxious employees. They're either too busy gossiping or planning their lunches to assist employees. And when they have to help when, they are condescending and snotty. Uneducated idiots and they think they're the most special people on the planet.

Ulta Beauty - I was very upset because of the poorly written certificate

I received ulta reward certificate that entitled me to a salon service up to $35.00 because I earned a level 8 that quarter. I had spent $200.00 at the salon and when I handed them the coupon for the $35.00 off they said I couldn't use it that day being it was the Sat. before Easter. I did not see any blackout dates on the certificate and that was the last to use the certificate. I could of used the certificate for items in the store but b y then i was very upset because of the poorly written certificate. I also discovered the point expire after each quarter, so I wasted what could of been a salon service I could of used on a different day.


I used to work at Ulta. I know that Easter/Xmas/New Years/Prom season were always super busy but I've never heard of a policy denying someone a coupon for a busy period!
The only thing that I've heard of like that is a policy that states the employees are not able to use our discount on weekends and holiday periods since they want to fill the salon with full-paying customers.

Call/email customer service and say your points expired and that this Ulta denied you the use of your rewards. Usually, they will send you a letter with the unused points from the previous quarter-assuming you didn't cash them in already.

I once had a customer who never received her point certificates for the entire 3 years she had been signed up and had accrued a balance of over 100 points! She had a lot of fun "shopping" that day-hair done, three fragrances, and lots of little stuff. What I'm trying to say is, although Ulta has *many* faults, they do keep pretty good records of your points/point usage so stay persistent! I hope you read this, and best of luck!

Ulta Beauty - credit card charged 5 times with no order ever going through and no error message received

Very frustrating dealing with ULTA .com. Credit card charged 5 times with no order ever going through and no error message received. Told by ULTA would take 3 days to come off my credit card. It is 3 days now and it is still there. Customer Service rep very rude and no responses to my emails sent Sunday night and Tuesday morning. It is now Wednesday night!!!

Ulta Beauty - poor customer service

Ulta has the worst customer service i have ever received...i work in retail, and i understand all the obstacles that come with the job. I recently visited the Elkridge, Maryland location with 2...

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Ulta Beauty - I got completely different items shipped to me

I ordered a few products from ULTA .com as Christmas gifts for my friends. I got completely different items shipped to me. Called customer service, they read from a script, was of no help. Took all of the items to an ULTA store, they could not help me either. There's some discrepancy between their online ordering and shipping systems. I compared the sales and packing slips. The SKUs are the same on both, but the items/item descriptions do not match up. Unless this is fixed, there will be lots of unhappy customers.

I have to give props to Ulta.com customer service and also UPS. I had to call Ulta.com on MOnday to get my issue resolved, then later again n the day to get a status update. They did send me a couple of emails later this week and I got my order within 5 days, so my kudos to Ulta.com and to UPS. I have a few suggestions for anyone who may be in a similar position:
If you need service from Ulta.com just call them. Apparently they are too busy or short staffed to respond to customer service emails. Also be advised if they need to get a manager approval that they may not call you back for a couple of days at least, otherwise you should call them for an update.
UPS came through! Never had a problem w/the before. I think Ulta.com needs to change their shipping. the box they use says ULTA.COM in huge letters on the side, so anyone who sees the delivery driver carrying it and dropping it off at the house can get a general idea what is in it. I think this is an invitation for someone to steal the box! I think people are more inclined to steal the box when they have an idea what may be in it. Really does ulta think plastering their names on the side of cardboard boxes is effective advertising? Ridiculous!
Waiting for a partial refund from Ulta.com (up to 30 business days!) hopefully it will not take that long.

I generally agree with your sentiments but I am hestiant to post details since I have to call them Monday to try and get this matter resolved. Generally speaking I don't think I will do business w/them again due to poor service and multiple errors and frustration.

Ulta Beauty - ulta will not even exchange a fragrance without a customer receipt

Ulta has a slick way of upping profits by knowingly not accepting exchanges in their store that without question have been purchased there. The question isnt if you purchased it there, because their...

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Ulta Beauty - I will never shop with ulta again

Three days ago, I tried to place a simple online order that consisted of a hair straightener and a free sample bag that was a special one-day deal. After going to the check-out, and hitting "submit...

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Ulta Beauty - I had loved ulta in the past, but now I strongly urge all my friends not to shop there

I really do like the products that Ulta carries and have spent hundreds of dollars at that stores. The employees at the Ulta in Woodbury MN were always decent- nothing to praise or complain about...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - maybe a few lawsuits will change the way you look at your customers

Guess what happens when a manager wrongfully accuses a customer of stealing? Nothing!!! They keep their job. The customer for the horrible experience...oops sorry!

Hey Ulta, do you really give bonuses to employees that catch shoplifters? Maybe a few lawsuits will change the way you look at your customers.

Accusing a customer of stealing is a serious offense within Ulta's Company Policy. The company has SO much red tape and guidelines in regard to stopping shoplifters that it is nearly impossible to actually recover any loss. Unfortunetly people are human and not without fault. With that being said however I have personally seen associates let go for falsely accusing a shopper of shoplifting.
As far as recieving a "bonus" for apprehending a shoplifter..absolutely no bonus there. It is part of our job to keep the cost down for customers by deterring loss. With bad economy comes an increase of theft sadly enough. Im sorry for your experience and trust me there are sever consequences to these kind of actions behind the scene.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - did not make the refund policy

I purchased a starter kit for liquid keratin. It didn't work so I took it back. It cost $69.00 plus tax. the clerk at ULTA (I live in Austin, TX) would not give me a refund because I had used more than 3/4 of the small bottle of product. I told him, that because of my hair type and length, I had to use as much as possible but that the larger bottles were almost full. He wouldn't hear of it and told me to go online to customer service which I did. ULTA emailed me a day later telling me to contact the manufacturer. I emailed ULTA telling them the manufacturer did not make the refund policy, which is unfair. I have not heard from either one of them. I'm filing a complaint with the Texas Attorney General for unfair practices and the Austin Better Business Bureau.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - ulta.com - bad customer service

I recently purchased some Dermalogica products on Ulta.com. that I was so excited about. I spent over $140 on the products. One of the reasons why I ordered them on Ulta was because their Advertised Specials showed that I would receive a free Dermalogica Microfoliant with any order over $40 thru April 3 (two weeks away). I didn't purchase the product, specifically b/c I knew it would be coming with my order.

Well, I received my products in the mail, but no free gift. So I called them and inquired about what happened and if I could still get my free gift sent to me. The woman on the phone was nice, but pretty clueless. She didn't know how to navigate the website and asked me SIX times what product I was supposed to receive! After thirty minutes on the phone, she told me that she had all my info. and that customer service would call me back tomorrow about my order. What! Isn't the point of calling customer service to talk to someone in customer service?!? But whatever, I said "Are you sure someone is going to call me tomorrow?" She said "Yes, absolutely." So imagine my surprise when I didn't receive a call the next day. So I tried to send an e-mail instead. A couple days later they e-mailed me back with a blunt response. "Sorry for the inconvenience. The advertisement states while supplies last and we ran out. Sincerely, Ulta.com"

The page I was looking at (which was the virtual advertisement), DID NOT SAY "while supplies last". Why should I be held responsible for their mistake? So, I called customer service again and the customer service person tried to give me the same spiel as the e-mail response I received. Her response: "If I give this to customer service, they are just going to come back and say that we are out of the product."

I kindly asked to speak with a manager. I told him that one of the reasons why I purchased the products was so that I could receive the free gift. The manager said, "Well, I am looking up the product right now and it says we are out. You can return the product online or at the store for no charge if you would like. There isn't anything I can do." I was so pissed!! I responded, "That seems like a lot of trouble for something that wasn't my fault. Can you send me a free full size product of something else?" He said "No". Finally, after a lot of trouble he agreed to send a $10 gift card. In the future, if I ever need to order body, skincare, or makeup supplies (which I do quite often) I will NOT choose Ulta.com. They only caused me frustration and totally wasted my time.

I couldn't agree more!

I was promised a phone call by an Ulta.com supervisor by the end of the day. Like a fool, I waited all day for the phone call but no one ever called. They have absolutely NO concept of the term "Customer Service". Hope they lose enough customers due to their poor customer service that they end up having to file for bankruptcy.

The exact same thing happened to me. Classic bate and switch. They have a big advertisement on their website that tells you you are going to get this free gift with purchase (some of them cost just as much as the item you are purchasing). Then you place your order and never get it in the mail. Surprise surprise! This happened to me and happened to one of my friends. They assume that you will not complain and wind up getting away with it. In addition to the fact that you now have you wait 24-48 hours until a manager gets back to you when you call customer service and when they finally do (if you are lucky enough to answer your phone when they call) they are very rude, talk over you, talk in circles, and then only offer the $10 gift card and claim that is all they can do otherwise they will get in trouble. BULL! I had ordered a Pur minerals pressed powder and a free chisel brush was being offered with the purchase. I just happened to take a print screen showing my basket with the free gift. When I spoke with the manager (who insisted on seeing proof) I sent her this print-screen. Well all of a sudden her e-mail doesn't work and when I explain that it said free gift with purchase underneath the item she says "Well it didn't say what the free gift was." I told her that the advertisement said that free gift was the chisel brush with the purchase of a compact. She then told me that it could have stated that there was a minimum purchase requirement and that it might not have been a full sized brush so all she could only offer the $10 gift card. I told her that was unacceptable and that it didn't make sense to get a $10 gift card in lieu of a $23 chisel brush pre-tax. She said I had no proof of the free gift and that it "fell out of my basket" it was not Ulta's fault. I then asked her for proof of the minimum purchase requirement and that to prove that it wasn't a full sized brush. She couldn't and then told me that was all she could do. I am planning on calling them every day until they send me that brush. I have been a loyal customer for almost 10 years but will be shopping at Sephora instead as they offer better samples and free gifts than Ulta.

Lack of response to their customer service emails. I have sent them several emails and they do not respond! Also I ordered an item and I have not received it yet. Their email to me said the order was shipped, but no shipping info. was relayed to me. Also they overcharged my account but I will be calling them later today and update.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - I think the boy at the check out counter needs a little more training and a to learn to be less rude to your customers

I was at you Mesquite Texas store yesterday July 8 2009 and had a Master Card gift card for $50.00 I had two "Clean" brand products to purchase for 62.12 I told the boy at the front counter that I wanted to pay the difference in cash. He did not know how to do the transaction and I asked him to get someone that knew how to handle the gift card and cash. He said that he knew how to do it and there was no money on the gift card. I told him that I had just called the card company and they verified that there was indeed $50.00 on the card. There was a coustomer behind me that was trying to tell him how to use the card but he just wasn't interested. I left the store without the clean products that I really wanted. I had driven 15 miles to the Ulta location to get them. I was able to go today and spend my gift card with NO problem at Sephora. I think the boy at the check out counter needs a little more training and a to learn to be less rude to your customers.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - terrible service

I decided to go with Ulta for my wedding needs. First, I wanted my hair colored and highlighted. My only explicit request was medium brown hair-- NOT BLACK. Well. Black is what the idiot dyed it. She was later scrubbing my hair raw with this product they call a Malibu trying to fix her ### up. The main stylist/colorist said she was "unable to" color my hair a light to medium brown without red in it. My hair is naturally dark, but not black, so I don't know what her problem was--I've had it dyed that color many times. My hair was later colored by another salon and was in very poor condition due to that idiot's handy work.
Next, I kept asking for a professional make up artist, which they claimed they had. I did a "practice" run with a girl that appeared 16 and seemed to know nothing about makeup and then they tried to charge me for it. I ended up getting my makeup done by the stylist (who isn't a makeup artist, just a general beautician) although I'd been promised a professional--I could have done it myself for that kind of money. Finally the coup de gras. I had wanted both my veils on top of my head--next thing I know, the idiot has placed the 2nd Cathedral veil at the nape of my neck where it doesn't open up after having done my hair already and I was running late.
No time to change it up. I was livid. Now every time I look back on my wedding pictures I cringe at how much I hate how she placed my 2nd veil. I HATE my pictures.I look like some parrot with a towel draped at my neck. It looked like ###. I was so busy and stressed that day and running late I had no time to change it around. I would never ever recommend Ulta and their group of ###s to anyone.

Married in June 0f 2009

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - child

went to have my 2 grandsons hair cut and the cost was outragous first of all. they charged 25.00 each. the service was horrible and my grandsons hair looked worst than when we went in.it was gapped...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - absolutely horrible experience

I hope I am speaking about the right person. This person is a heavy set japanese looking woman about 40. She states she is the gm of the store in Tucson, Az at the Park Place Mall. This person should NOT be in customer service nor in any line of service. She is one of the most arrogant, rude, women I have ever met. She treats her customers as if they owe her something, doesn't have the time of day for them, and feels that she can do no wrong. My experience in the store was absolutely horrible. No one paid any attention to me and the only time I asked for help, I was treated as if I were an imposition to the store. I asked for help on selecting a shampoo and I was made to feel as though I interrupted the daily chat session at the cash registers. Disdain and rude behavior is not what I came for, assistance was. I will never step foot into an ULTA again, nor will anybody I can warn about this vile store. It is nothing more than a poorly run Walgreens, and who would get their hair cut at Walgreen's? This dirty, disfunctional place should be banned from the Park Place Mall and go back to residing next to Pets Mart. But then, who would take their pet to an ULTA? I hope that you discipline your employees or at least let them know they are not meant for servicing customers. Unfortunate shopper in AZ.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - manager rude to me and own employee

I was in not too long ago at the Upland, CA location. The sales associate (Jessica) who had rung me up had been extremely helpful not to mention very sweet and kind. I had been in to return a few...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - bad experience

For the 2nd time in less than one month, i've had a bad experience with ulta. Both of my complaints involve the lack of stock of advertised items. The first disappointment came when I went in on a tuesday evening after the sunday sales ad came out. Several advertised items were already out of stock. I was told a truck should be in on friday, I should return then to see if any of the items came in... Well guess what??? It happened to me again this week. I went in on monday morning 8am (Holiday hrs) to purchase a few things that were advertised. I was successful with one item, the other 2 item's were completely sold out. When I asked the associate if the 2 item's were sold out, she said "i'm sorry, yes they are, but we will be getting a truck in on wednesday. You can check back then."

No thanks, I will not waste anymore of my time!

Oh my God! You mean popular items sold out in two or three days during the holidays?! Grow the hell up! Are they supposed to hold items for your "pwecious snowflake" self? Have you ever worked retail, OP?

I worked retail to put myself through grad school and I vividly recall customers lining up at 4 a.m. every Sunday during the Xmas shopping season to snag the most popular items in that week's ad. Have you though that maybe, just maybe- other customers wanted those items more than you and were willing to get to the store before your trifling, lazy, and sanctimonious [censor]?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - simply crazy

On July 22 I received a hair relaxer from one of the hair care specialist in the Ulta salon. The initial consultation went well so I assumed that I would be able to trust this stylist. This assumption proved to be a huge mistake. I received numerous chemical burns to my scalp due to the stylist stepping away and answering a phone call in the middle of my service (For those who are not familiar with hair relaxers, there is a small window of time that a relaxer can process; if it stays on ur hair too long, it can result in irritation and scalp burns) Since chemical burns are not fully visible until after 24 hours, I was not aware of the severity; however when I fully examined the extent of my burns I called the salon promptly to speak with the manager Michelle. To add insult to injury, Michelle was not willing to give me a full reimbursement and when I showed her my scalp and pictures she seemed less than concerned. The only way that I received all of my money back, was to call ulta headquarters (four times) and speak with christian who then had to call the store manager to force them to give me a refund. I am truly shocked and disgusted at the fact that I, the customer, am burned from a neglectful stylist and then refused reimbursement. CRAZY!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ulta Beauty - terrible customer service

I ordered merchandise from Ulta and it was damaged by UPS. UPS returned the items to the company. I never was notified of what happened and had to track the package to learn of the damage and the return. I then contacted "Ulta customer service" via e-mail 3 times with no response. Next, I called and was told they didn't reship items. Mind you, this was not an item I returned. I was also told I would receive a credit in 24 hours 36 hours later, no credit. I called back and was informed that I would receive a credit 30 days after the date they had received the shipment. I could possibly understand the delay if I returned items myself, but this is poor customer service. I don't receive my items, I didn't receive notice of what happened, and it has been over a month, and I am still waiting on my refund.


I have been an Ulta customer for years and have always been a big fan of Ulta stores and their products. I was a fan until recently when I had to waste a huge amount of time trying to track down an order that was shipped to the wrong address and receive a credit for my missing order.

On November 21st I placed an order for $128.82. After waiting for a week and still not receiving it I tracked the package and realized that Ulta had send my order to an incorrect address. I tried to contact Ulta by phone on 5 different occasions and gave up each time after waiting over 30 minutes on hold! I left my name and number on 3 different occasions and no one from Ulta called me back. Waiting on hold for that long is completely unacceptable, especially seeing as the missing order was Ulta�s mistake. Finally on 6th attempt I waited for 42 minutes on hold and finally got to talk to someone.

The lady on the phone told me that my package had been send to an incorrect address and would be credited back to me. She told me she would have to redo the order. I was charged again for the new order. I finally received the 2nd order but a month later have still not received my $128.82 credit for the lost order. I am so frustrated. I�m writing this letter while I am again on hold trying to get to customer service. It has already been 40 minutes that I�m on hold. I can�t believe what a pain it has been trying to order online with Ulta. How can you allow a customer service line where the wait time is consistently almost an hour? I can understand that mistakes happen and Ulta send my order to the wrong address but not receiving a credit after waiting for a month is ridicules. It was Ulta�s mistake! Why has this still not been taken care of!!!

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If this is not remedied immediately I will never shop at Ulta again. I�ve been writing a Blog about my experience. Please let me know when my money has been refunded.

Ok well I have to give Ulta and UPS credit. I called Ulta Monday and the person I spoke to said she will give me a call back after getting manager approval "as soon as I get the approval I will call you back." So I said ok and thanks. I came home later that day and no call so I called them again. 2nd person I spoke with was better, she advised that I should have gotten an email and that the 1st person should have told me that it can take up to a day or two for them to call me back, which she did not.
Anyway to make a long story short the 2nd person I spoke with said the manager had approved the request (no return phone call though!) earlier in that afternoon. They had resolved my matter but I had to ask again about a refund since I was overcharged on the order. 2nd person did whatever form she needed to fill out for this and I got an email later in the week saying they were processing my refund but that it can take 30 business days! Basically 2 cycles to show up on my card but I really don't want to chase after them in 60 days but I have a feeling I may need to. HOpefully they will just do it sooner because I don't feel like dealing with this. My best advice to you is to go into the store if you can.
If you cannot and you buy from the website then if you have any issues just call them. Don't bother emailing them, it seems like they are too busy or short of staff to respond to their incoming service emails. Kudos for resolving part of my issue buy my verdict is still out regarding the eventual refund. Suggest they hire some additional staff in their service dept. maybe even just to respond to emails from customers if they are so swamped.
UPS came through on the 2nd try just fine. I think someone stole the package since it says ULTA.com in big letters on the side of it, so anyone who saw UPS delivering it to my place while I was not home could guess what was in it so if this may have tempted them to take it from my doorstep.

Thanksfor the information. I had a similar problem with ULTA and UPS. Ulta over charged me and UPS Basic basically blows! Said I got my package but it was not there when I got home. In UPS defence I have never had this problem with them but ditto on the email problem w/Ulta.

I emailed Ulta 3 times this week and they never responded to me! One email was sent through their "contact us" portion of their website, 2 other emails to their service address that was in my email. Mind you this was AFTER I had already placed an order with them in regards to a billing error.

I don't think I am going to try and play their game. I need to call them Monday to speak to someone but I think I am just going to call my CC company tonight to dispute the charge since I never got delivery and since Ulta overcharged me. Besides I have a bad feeling I will be waiting like you did for over a month for a refund and I would rather take the issue up with my cc company instead of waiting for Ulta.com to get back to me, like when next year?! Ridiculous hire some more help if you are so swamped in your service dept. Avoid Ulta.com at all costs! Going into the store is a hassle b/c the girls are always trying to push some over priced junk on you. You just can't win on friday the 13th it seems! GRRRRR!!! I am so angry I am shaking!

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