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This is my second E-mail relating to the same undesirable Ulta experience that still remains unresolved at this time as I stated I my first email which as I’m told was deleted since I called about the same incident I brought my daughter into your store in Tucson AZ #199 to purchase a FHI flat Iron we went to your store because she had seen your ad 8/8-8/28 to showed a CHI on sale and that’s the she wanted She also note that in the same ad you had an “Ulta Deal” purchase $17.25 of product and receive a gift cosmetic bag with product included with a $88 value …
Well as we checked out and my daughter inquired about the bag the clerk told her “ oh we ran out this morning” and continued on collecting the money (the signs were still on the floor) as I stated in the first email I don’t think that type of customer service is how your company will survive selling $100 flat irons that I could have bought online For $67 (and knew that before driving to town) the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tucson, AZcom/s/177-2831741-8764853?ie=UTF8&tag=mozilla-20&index=blended&link_code=qs&field-keywords=fhi&sourceid=Mozilla-search
This fact is life and we will all deal with our decisions and to purchase from your company was a decision we made that day …
The biggest challenge through all this is the lack of concern from your company over this to date still no contact I am told to “give it a couple days “ that’s a BS line from a very poor call screener Debra, Absolutely useless, Then there is the district manager Tara still no communication same class as Debra …
As I told Debra you claim to have 356 stores in 36 states so it is hard for me to believe that in the middle of an ad 8/8-8/28 (we were there on the 18th ) Your out of product in every store and no way to full fill the terms of the special, Either somebody grossly misjudged the effectiveness of your advertising or this is common practice for your company but since no company representative has taken the time to email back it is very challenging … simply ignoring your problems won’t make them go away
I am again requesting contact from your company or another level person I may contact

Mike Maness

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  • Ki
      May 12, 2017

    i have had the same issues with the sales reps at an ulta in my neighborhood. i dont know the store number but it is located at great northern shopping center in north olmsted ohio. the sales girl was so rude to me. i never have a good experience at ulta. i worked in high end retail for nearly my entire career. there is never an exception to the rule of treating customers well. this girl had terrible hair and hardly looked like a beauty consultant. in fact if i had seen her on the streets, i am assuming she would be more frumpy than a double dose of a roseanne marathon on a sunday afternoon. she was outright rude to me but not only mocked my question she told me it was weird that i didnt know the line of hair care i was looking for. i felt as if she was treating me like i was stealing something. i was planning on spending a couple hundred dollars as i transition my makeup and hair care routine witht the season change however i left my bag in the middle of an aisle and left the store totally pissed off. whoever hired this sad girl is obviously blind and deaf. she may have been hired based on her terrible looks and her huge round derierre.. i mean clearly someone felt sorry for her or they were afraid she would stare them down with her madusa face and they would turn into stone..

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