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I placed an order online 12/02/2018. I was using 1200 of my points for the purchase and the remainder was going to be put on my Ulta card.
The next day I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled due to a "glitch in the system". Not my fault, as any other business would honor the price.
They took 1200 of my points away at that time as well. I called customer service 12/03/2018 to speak to them about my points, where she told me my points would be back in my account in 24-48 hours. My points are still not available. I called back today, 12/4/2018 to find out the status and now I am having to wait an additional 14 business days, which is absolutely ridiculous.
This is terrible customer service on your behalf and I am very upset.

Please put my points back onto my account asap as I am using this for Christmas.

Dec 05, 2018
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      Jan 24, 2019

    I feel that ulta is doing unfair deals with their "buy 2 get one free"deals. Example: I was going to order online 3 shower gels at $9.50 each so that would have been $19.00 for all 3 (including the one free one) and 3 body butters at $21.00 each which would have been $42.00 for all 3 (including the free one) So the final total should have been $61.00 But instead what they did was charge me full price for all three body butter which makes that cost $63 for the body butters and than $9.50 for the shower gel which makes the final cost $72.50. A difference of $9.50. What they are doing is just subtracting the lower priced items. That is not a "buy 2 get one free deal" So I never did order.Contacted them via email and was told they could not find my order to verify that. I told them that was because I never placed the order after seeing that mistake.Twenty four hours later I have not heard anymore from them. I guess I can go to the store and have them ring up two different orders if that is what I have to do to get that deal.

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