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Uhaul Repwest Insurance / storage unit

1 PO Box 24463Phoenix AZ, United States
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ON October 14, 2015 I submitted a claim to Repwest Insurance company as I was told to do by the manager at Uhaul storage. The insurance company had removed furniture, beds etc. from our unit without our permission. They contacted us after they had done it asking us to meet them at Uhaul to discuss our claim.. When we arrived they were gone and the manager took us to a 26 foot uhaul truck that was full of our belongings. We were told that everything had been destroyed and must be removed from the unit. We were assured that the insurance company would be contacting us and we would be compensated for our things "not to worry, that Uhaul and Repwest were going to make it right". Our claims adjuster replied to my initial claim by email giving me the list they had made of our destroyed and kept items, which was not correct. Several items were missing from the list all together- our new pillowtop king size bed for one. She asked me to right down the value of all of the items. I did this and sent it back to her she claimed she could not open it. The next day I sent it again as well as faxed it to the insurance main office. I never heard back from her, when I contacted Repwest they informed me that our case had been closed due to non response or non pursuit. I denied that claim, the evidence of the fax was in our file so the case was reopened - but there remains no contact from our claims adjuster. I have called numerous times and all they will tell me is that our insurance policy did not cover flood. My husband contacted the Uhaul manager and he informed us that everyone had been paid except us and 2 more families and that someone would contact us immediately. No one ever did so my husband called the same manager back and now he says there is nothing that he can do. So...$10, 000 worth of furniture was taken from our unit and there is nothing they can do. We have done everything possible, even as far as to not hold them responsible for the 100 year old antique vanity that's been handed down in our family but just to figure replacement cost for new vanity. We should have called the police and filed a report when our things were removed and it looks like that may be what we have to do. We didn't see any mildew, we couldn't really see anything except a truck packed full of our belongings. This insurance company is a scam and should not be allowed to take from people anymore. Not only did they take money from us every month for a policy but also 10, 000 worth of furniture has just disappeared from a storage unit that we had to pay for every month. This is a very serious matter - from what I can see we are not the first people to be scammed and taken advantage of by this company. Someone please help put a stop to this injustice!

Jan 7, 2016

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