Adesso Valve / Maasdam Valves Complaints & Reviews

Adesso Valves / Unpaid Invoices or Non delivered materials

Dec 24, 2014

Voor alle bedrijven die nog geld tegoed hebben van de scam artiest PIET HOFMAN en zijn Roversbende Adesso Valves BV!! For all companies who have outstanding debts or outstanding materials which are partly paid and never delivered from the scam artist Piet Hofman of Adesso. Het verhaal...

Adesso Valves Bv / outstanding invoices

Nov 03, 2013

Adesso Valves BvWe have delivered raw materials required to make valve bodies in ASTM A350LF2 almost 1 year ago, since than we have had many telephone conversations with their account department, the buyer and ultimately Piet Hofman. We had heard so many lies that we do not even call anymore and want to...

Adesso Valve Bv / Non-Payment of Delivered Goods

Sep 20, 2013

A titanium stockist and distributor located in Germany, have begun legal action against the companies, TRI-UNI Nederland BV and Adesso Valve CV. We delivered titanium goods totaling in value 21.294, 53€. They paid 10.655, 68€ before delivery and the remaining 10.993, 85€...

Adesso Valves Vof / bad company for employees

Aug 19, 2013

I am a malaysian Engineer and was employeed by Adesso Valves for several months and this company has no business ethics whatso ever, The owner promised me from the beginning that Adesso would issue a working visa for me and that my family could come over and that Mr Pieter personally would...

Adesso Valve / Non payment for delivered materials

Aug 07, 2013

We are a dutch small machine factory who has done sub-manufacturing for Adesso Valve in Rotterdam / Dordrecht and after several months we are still unpaid, the owner Piet Hofman is a con man an has more lies in his sleeves than chapters in a book. We are wondering aloud, how is it possible that...

Adesso Valve / Fake Products

May 03, 2013

we ordered some valves from Adesso Valve through a trader in earlier 2011, but the valves were not delivered until mid of 2012, more than 11 months delayed. Worse, we requested valves in duplex 2507, but PMI inspection showed all valves were actually in SS304 and carbon steel. The...