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Ugly Duckling / Drivetime / sold me a lemon then garnished me

1 Memorial Drive Dealership, Atlanta, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 404-418-6846

I Bought My Car from Ugly Duckling in 1997..It was a Blue Ford Contour ..I kept the car approximately 2-1/2 yrs ..Was on my way to work the 1st time the Engine Blew going up 400 in Alpharetta..Motor just went dead .got it off the road..tried to crankit untill the Battery went so dead it wouldn't even turn over anymore..Had it towed back to my home and called then the next day they had it towed to the Memorial Dr location..Was told that the motor had blown and I would have to pay half on another motor for them to replace it ...I refused at first but saved up the money after letting my car sit on thier lot for Over 1 Year and still making payments ..They sent it to a place called the OIL PIT to be repaired ..It took them about 2 weeks to replace my Motor and get me up and running again ...But in the mean while had not missed any payments during or after the whole Year ..It ran good for appoximately 6 months ..I had drove it to work that day and when got off from work and was about to leave ...So got in it attempted to start it and Again it would not Start ..Attempted to start the Car till the battery was Dead ..Then had the Security attempt to Jump Me off ...But would not Start ..Had to call A Tow Truck to Come Get it again ..This time took it directly to Drive Time (Memorial Drive Location ) they Put It in the Back lot ..Said untill could get the Work Order wrote up to have it Repaired..After complaining and Pleading my case with the Store Manager about the Car and how I was done the !st Time they agreed to Pay All Expenses For A Repairs no matter what .. After about 1 monthI got my Car Back it ran better than it ever ran before even when I bought it ...I Had the Car aTotal of 2Yrs and 6 Months and after 2 New Motors And almost 2 Yrs of Lost Driving Time (Being on the Bus where had to catch 2 buses and 2 Trains just to get to work every day in Alpharetta)..I lost my Car on a Bogus Trick ...I had lost My Job and Started a New One...I had worked 1 - Week on my New Job ..Went to work that Friday and gotten Paid but what I made that week was not enough to cover the Car note ..So when I got home..I Called them and asked to speak to the Acount Manager ..I won't mention her Name (But I Know It)..Tried to explain to her I had Over half of the payment but not all of it ...and asked her could I bring that in and set up a payment plan to get me back on schedule...She said something about she was tried of dealing with me and my car (Because she knew exactly who I was because of the 2 motors and the Previous complaining I had did with her Store Manager..(**She told me to bring in the Car that Evening or SHE WOULD DECLARE IT STOLEN AND HAVE CHARGES PRESSED ON ME**)..I took the car in and was told I would be Credited With A VOLUNTARY REPO and never heard from them Untill I was at work one day at a job I had been on for 2 years when the Hiring Manager showed me the Paperwork they had filed with the company in 2007 for garnishing my Wages ..I never saw it comming or knew they were sueing me untill that day found out that they had a Court Hearing on my Case and I had missed it because I recieved no Paperwork or Notice from them ...I have had this Garnishment For Over 3 yrs now ...And it is prohibiting me from working noone will hire me ..I had 2 small kids I can't take care of have been out of work for over 27 months...But they were garnishing me More than the limit allowed and when I lost my job...They contacted me and said I still owed them $8, 000 dollars and I haven't had a job since .. Would love to hear from other this has happen to please contact me ...

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