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1 TX, United States Review updated:

On Thursday, May 07, we contacted TXU for an emergency disconnect, to replace a faulty main breaker. We did this, and around 6 p.m. the following day we called TXU back to have our meter reconnected. This was the first of a great number of conversations that we had with 'customer service', or as we would later find out, was a call center in EL SALVADOR, that had no contact information with anyone in Texas. We were told (LIED to) over and over, that we were on the technicians list, and would be tended to by the end of their shift. We were told that for days. We had food go bad in the fridge. We had to stay in a hotel. As of today (MAY 13), we have YET to have a technician come replace the meter and lock it. Matter of fact, the FIRST agent that took our reconnect call was a man named CEASAR, who assured us a priority reconnect before midnight. We would later find out that this was incorrect information. We sat in our car waiting on a technician untill 12:30 a.m. Friday, May 08. That is when we went to a hotel for what was left of the night. A subsequent call was placed and I asked for a complaint to be filed against this 'customer care' employee, and that's when we were informed of TXU embursing us for our troubles. We have yet to hear anymore about that either.

So, will you please define CUSTOMER CARE??? Please explain how the people that you hire to deal with the public are poorly trained foreigners with poor command of the English language!

It would have been nice for this to have been tended to in a timely, professional manner.

Perhaps we should consider outsourcing our hopes as well.

Good day.

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  • Om
      19th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The exact same thing happend to me. My electricity was to be turned on 5 days before i moved. I go there the day before the move and there is no power. I call and they said they would have a priority connect for midnight.. we are there till 2am on the phone with them and all we get is a supervisor for collections who can only say "i'm sorry i understand i cannot help you". This was the first time i was ever using TXU and they kept sending me to collections. She later hung up on me. I kept receiving promises of a weekend priority connection. I finally received power on the following monday, 8 days after it was supposed to be connected the first time.

    Now i receive my first bill for 29 days of use, $1500 for 10000 kw/h in my little 1400 sq ft house with all energy star appliances and a/c on 75 degrees so its basically off all the time until the last week or so. Still fighting with them to get this resolved

  • Wa
      30th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Have recieved at least 15 emails saying they would resolve my issue within 1-2 days. Have also sopoken to at least 8 "customer service" reps. (none of whom spoke English as their native language).

    Today I received 2 more "corrected" billing statements...both dated 7/27/09...the first says I have a $42 credit balance...the other says I owe them $147! The meter number on both (as well as the 3 previous statements) is not the same as the number on my meter. This is not rocket science!

    I have been trying for 32 days to get the information corrected on my bill.

  • Ch
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    TXU needs to hire more support people. Their automated system is near impossible. The hold times are ridiculous. They should review the hold times and hire more people based on hold time. If it is more than 5 minutes over a period of 30 minutes, hire another person...I have been trying for days to get through on a billing issue to no avail.

  • Md
      21st of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just experienced the rudiest customer service reps. I've ever encountered in life. I started calling 10/21/09 at 2:40p.m. to get my service turned off by/on 10/23/09. Every rep.(3) I spoke with spoke little to no English, and was unable to understand me, nor was I able to understand them. They refused to discontinue service on or before the 23rd. because the request wasn't processed before 3p.m. Its not my problem it took their reps over 32 minutes to process my request. I held on for 26 minutes for someone in the sales dept. to try and convince me otherwise, and this was in addition to my 6 minute conversation with the initial rep. Now, I won't be living at a residence for 3 days and yet have to pay and have utilities on in my name due to their incompetence. I will never return, nor will I recommend anyone to TXU.

  • Ms
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Customer service for existing accounts is an absolute nightmare. I had a super high bill in February 2010 (higher than July or Aug 2009). I called immediately--talked to someone in Pakistan. I waited the two weeks and no answer to the explanation of what the investigation revealed. Today I have talked to TXU customer service in the Phillppines and Guatemala got the same run around. I demanded to talk to someone in the USA and was condescendingly told that they did not know a number in the USA. It was suggested that I just keep redialing the same number until someone in some call center in the USA answered!! Finally, it clicked...I posed as a new customer. Sure enough I got to an extremely helpful Missourian who was more than capable, willing, and understanding to help me with my problem. Do you realize that until your electric company contacts Centerpoint to access your account Centerpoint cannot do anything? This process took over 4 hours and reduced me to tears until I found my resolve to see it through. BE advised...companies outsource your customer service.

  • Vi
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    If you are tired of dealing with TXU you might want to try Ambit Energy. I have heard that people can actually talk to customer service and can understand them with Ambit. Apparently when you call TXU you get to talk to someone that does not understand English. If you are interested in switching go to and get signed up. It is no cost to sign up and if for any reason you lose electricity during the switch Ambit will pay your first months bill.

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