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TXU / TXU Mistakes Result in Loss of Power for 3 Days, 4 Nights

1 Irving, TX, United States Review updated:

I have been through hell over the past 3 days and 4 nights because of this company. They mistakenly turned off my electricity and acknowledged that it was their mistake. However, they had absolutely no sense of urgency about correcting the situation.

On December 6, I submitted an online order to transfer service from my apartment to my new home. The order was to go into affect on Dec. 19 and I received an online confirmation with the new account number.

On December 30, Oncor arrived at my new home to remove the meter. The service tech. explained that they had received a move out order from the previous tenant, but that he would put the job status as incomplete to provide me time to contact TXU and get the situation straightened out. I immediately called TXU (call logged on cell phone on 12/30 at 5:15 p.m.) and spent 20 minutes working through the situation. Someone at TXU had input the incorrect service address when setting up the move order from my transfer request. My billing address was correct, but the service address was listed at a location in a city in West Texas! The rep. was supposed to correct the service address and make arrangements to ensure that my power was not disconnected.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of my nightmare with TXU.

On 1/9, I arrived home to find the power cut off. I once again contacted TXU and was informed that the service address had not been corrected and that an entirely new account should have been set up (even though I had an entirely new account - it seems to me that it just needed to be corrected). The representative accused me of not calling on 12/30 because there were no notes in their system (even though I have on my cell phone log evidence that I called). She acknowledged that this situation was their mistake but they refused to do anything to rectify the mistake until Monday. She informed me that Oncor did not have crews to do move-in requests over the weekend. I was told they put this on a priority order and that I would not be charged for the priority (how sweet of them considering IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE!)

I was advised to make other living arrangements for the weekend. I asked if they would reimburse me for a hotel room and was told that I would have to front the money and then submit my expenses to the claims department for them to review IF they would reimburse me. First of all - I just moved into the house. I don't have the money to front for a weekend hotel stay. Second, I have pets, and most hotels do not allow pets (not to mention they were already agitated from the move - to keep them in a hotel for the weekend would be cruel). So, I had to stay in my house without electricity in near freezing nighttime temperatures for the weekend.

I lost everything in my refrigerator (including my Jenny Craig meals), I lost plants that I brought in from the freezing weather and I lost time to work on my home. I was unable to shower for the weekend since the water heater is electric and I could not sleep well because I was unsure that my cell phone alarm would wake me (it was all I had since my regular alarm is electric).

Despite these problems, I waited out the weekend and called TXU on Monday, 1/12, to ensure that someone would be out to reinstate the meter. I was told they had until MIDNIGHT (potentially yet another night without electricity)! I reminded them that this was a priority order to rectify THEIR mistake and that electricity needed to be reinstated by the time I returned home from work.

Sure enough, when I got home from work the electricity was still off. So much for a sense of urgency from TXU!

I called TXU and, after 30 minutes, discovered that Oncor had come out and would not install the meter because the breakers were on. Excuse me?!? The breakers were on when they removed the meter! Add to that the fact that NO ONE informed me in our earlier calls that the breakers needed to be turned off and NO ONE called me to report that it was a problem. Had I not called, I could have been waiting all night for someone that was not going to show up. The TXU rep. advised Oncor that I was home and had turned off the breakers so that someone would come back out that night.

Then, I received a call from a service tech from the city in the West Texas city where the service was originally and mistakenly listed! For about 45 minutes, I was convinced that the order had been placed in that city and that no one was coming to install my meter. Yet another night with no power, no heat, no shower, no sleep.

Somehow, that was straightened (I'm convinced more due to Oncor than to TXU). I finally spoke with a sympathetic woman from Oncor who tried her best to pin down a time for me - to no avail. The tech showed up at 9:30 p.m. on 1/12. Here's the kicker - he told me that Oncor absolutely works over the weekend - that's when they get the best overtime! TXU lied about the priority order and they lied about Oncor not working on the weekend.

TXU's mistake was not only an extreme inconvenience to me - it caused me undue emotional and physical stress. If customers make a mistake and don't pay TXU on time, the company turns off their service. But, if TXU makes a mistake, they correct it when they feel like it and don't care how it affects the customers. All I got from TXU were patronizing ###s who said "I'm sorry, " but demonstrated absolutely no sense of urgency or ability to solve the problem in a manner that would cause me the least amount of inconvenience.

Most upsetting to me is the fact that there are several points along this path where TXU could have easily made this situation better instead of progressively worse - and they failed at every one of those points. (1) Whoever transferred my online information for the original move order should have stopped a second to double check the address information. (2) On 12/30, the account address SHOULD have been corrected in the system and/or notes made to the account to ensure that power to the correct property was not turned off. (3) If teams don't work over the weekend, then Oncor has NO BUSINESS turning off power on a Friday. (4) TXU should have been more helpful and less patronizing. I needed fast solutions and solid answers - not apologies, vague answers and an "I don't want to be bothered" attitude. (5) During the multiple conversations I had with TXU and Oncor, SOMEONE should have told me to turn off the breakers on Monday. (6) When the breakers were on, someone should have called me to let me know that a hold was placed on the order and they could not proceed until the breakers were off. I should not have had to find this out because I placed a call to see what was going on. (7) Who's telling the truth? Did the people at TXU simply not want to go through the trials of getting someone out to me on the weekend, or was the Oncor guy mistaken? I tend to side with Oncor since they made the most effort to by sympathetic and helpful once they were advised how I had suffered from TXU's mistake. And, who lies to customers about getting a significant amount of overtime?

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  • Le
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Oncor shut off my energy because they said we owed them $230. We were never notified of this charge. Our energy company is AMbit.
    Oncor said we Tamperd with our meter.
    The Oncor guy was not giving us any information and told us that he was going to take "HIS" electric box away from me. So he detactched the meter from the wall. I called Ambit asking them of these charges they said we are current on our bill. So my next question was why would we TAMPER with a meter if we always pay our bill?? why would we need to tamper with it??
    So I called ONcor they treat you like your guilty until proven innicent!!
    I told them I didnt not know where my meter was how to use it or how to even TAMPER to change the reading!!!
    I told them I wanted my electricity turned back on right away we had just bought groceries and they all were spoiling and my animals were getting sick as Texas heat is bad enough outside let alone in a house with out air!!!

    I demanded Oncor to prove to me that I even TOUCHED my meter ever...
    They said no matter what I had to pay the $230 and could desput it at a later time!
    The Oncor guy laughed in my face as he took my box off my house he was very rude.

    Oncor left us without energy for 5 DAYS!!! had every excuse as to why they couldnt turn it back on. First was they didnt know the Code to get into the comunity. ( they knew the code when they wanted to turn off the engery).. They then said the meter box was taken off the poll so they couldnt turn it back on.. If you remember me telling your earlier the Oncor Guy got mad and said he was Taking HIS box back..

    So unprofessional and they screwed up yet wasnt willing to even hear what we had to say...

    The company after 5 nights got the energy turned back on, after the fact all $400 of my groceries spoiled and my pets stoped eating bc they were soooo hot and now were sick!

    So I lost $400 $230 and pet docter bills! ALL BECAUSE ONCOR THOUGHT I TAMPERD WITH MY METER>


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