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TWX Magazine / unauthorized charges

United States Review updated:
On November 26th, I received two charges from twx magazine on my Visa account: one in the amount of $71.00, the other 119.95. I did not authorize any such transactions nor have I ever ordered anything from this company.
If you google twx, the first thing that pops up is SCAM!!!


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  15th of Sep, 2008
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This is the second time this company has charged my checking account for unauthorized alleged purchase. I have no knowledge of this company and do not order or purchase magazines.
  30th of Sep, 2008
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I also had charges come through on my card. One for $49 and one for $24. I called the number listed with the charges. Their automative system is a bit of a pain, but I hit "zero" almost right away to try to get to an operator. They try to tell you it will be a long wait and try to use the automative system. I said "no" and was on hold only a few minutes. The lady I spoke was actually very helpful. She told me what the charges were for. (I signed up for free magazines and they automatically renewed) I simply asked if she could cancel the magazines and give me a refund. She said yes, she could do that. They then try to get you to sign up for another magazine or a few free months. I suggest saying "no" so no other renewals happen. I then asked for a confirmation number for the refunded money. I just called today, so we'll see how long the money takes to return. I also filed an inquiry with my bank right away, just to have it on file. Hope this helps.
  7th of Nov, 2008
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I just saw this charges in my credit card (Nov 2008).
I do know from where they took my credit information.
Please, be aware.
  8th of Nov, 2008
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I ordered from Frederick of hollywood clothing and they offer me 3 months i get free magazines .After half months i called them and told they stop sending me magazines.When I checked my credit card twx charged me for 38 dolars.When i called frederick of hollywood they told me they don't know anything about that.I have to close my bank account because them.
  28th of Nov, 2008
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I have a charge of $53.00 on my bank account, and I have not ordered a mag.
Is this the company? Mary Ann Dacus
  26th of Jan, 2009
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I went through this a few weeks ago and I have written all about it and how to fix it here http://twxmagscam.blogspot.com/

The way they go about business is terrible and to think that this is a Time Warner company!
Anyway, go check out my blog about this topic. It will give you peace of mind and give you the details on how to get your money back within 72 hours!

Don't forget to keep coming back to https://www.complaintsboard.com to post and to find answers about shady companies.
  10th of Aug, 2009
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This company placed unauthorized charges on my Visa. I have been calling. All I get is an automated voice. This company needs to be shutdown IMMEDIATELY!
  13th of Oct, 2009
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This happened to me-you can reach them at their website https://www.magcustomerservice.com/wss/home.do#anchor_bullet_1
  22nd of Oct, 2010
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I just got charged 29, 59 and 65 on our account. Must be a real problem because our bank (Wachovia) didn't blink an eye to refund our money. All banks should flag this company and the only way an order can go through is if the bank calls the card holder.
The only magazines I order are those I pay for with a check not a credit card.
  30th of May, 2014
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Just noticed the two charges on my account, I remember getting a free three month subscription to three magazines of my choice, but I never sent anything to them to renew my subscriptions and it hasn't been the three months I was promised. Very upset about this, can anyone tell me if they are able to get their money back and how? I might just end up having to cancel my card, I'd hate to have to do that but based on what other people have said I might have to.

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