Turkish Airlines / turkish visa for the us citizen


Personal data:
name: Olga Krasikova,
nationality: Ukrainian,
passport: FE035621,
DOB: 15 June 1991

Me. Electronic ticket number for Olha Krasikova: [protected]
My child. Electronic ticket number for Emilia Krasikova: [protected]
Flight : Kiev-Istanbul Ataturk-Miami
Date: June 22, 2017

Claim: I as forced to pay for the Turkish visa, $30.00, because of the late arrival of my flight at the Ataturk airport, and thus missing my next flight to Miami. The Turkish airlines provided me with the hotel accommodation, however I needed n entrance visa for my child (an American citizen) while going to the hotel outside the airport.

The plane took off late from Kiev, and thus, as a consequence, the landing at the Ataturk airport was also late. Because of the 1 hour delay in the boarding, and thus 1 hour late arrival at the airport, I missed my next flight from Ataturk to Miami on the same day, 22 June 2017. I arrived at the Ataturk Airport at 13:30, whilst my second flight was also scheduled for 13:30 on 22 June. In this regard the Turkish Airlines accommodated me and my infant child with a hotel room for an overnight stay in Istanbul until the next available departure the day after my arrival. However, the Turkish border inspection guards, following their rules, demanded from me to pay for an entrance visa for my child who is an American citizen. I paid $30.00 for the entrance visa at the airport. I have the visa stamp available for filing as a supporting information.
My claim: I was not intended to enter Turkish territory nor to stay in Turkey while going from Kiev to Miami. Because of the delay and the resulting late arrival of the flight, I missed my second flight from Ataturk airport. Therefore, I want the Turkish Airlines to reimburse me the cost of the Turkish entrance visa for my child. I claim for $30.00 reimbursement.

Sep 17, 2017

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