Turkish Airlines / connecting flight from manchester to ercan had taken off before we landed

United Kingdom

Dear sir/madam,
i wish to raise a complaint and ask for compensation for my party of 5 people who were travelling with me on flight tk1996 sunday 7th october departing manchester england at 16.30 and arriving in istanbul at 22.30 then on to a connecting flight tk964 to ercan at 23.55 due to land at 1.30am.
We landed in istanbul over 1 hour late hence we missed the connection to ercan.
We were then stranded at istanbul and what pursued was a stressful and exhausting period of time loking for help and assistance, walking extensively throughout the airport.
We finally found some assistance and after a very lengthy period spent with rather unhelpful staff we were issued with a pass for a flight which the lady wrote down would be boarding at 6.10 am to go to ercan it was the only flight she could get us on.
We went to the gate ofter 6 long hours of waiting and the flight had taken off, apparantley the time she told us to board was actually the take off time not the boarding time.
We then had to go through the whole procedure again walking around up and down stairs tired and exhausted hungry and lightheaded.
We was then offered a flight for us a flight to leave istanbul at 17.00 hours! to complete the final lof of our journey.
This long wait yet again of 10 hours caused us extra expense buying food and drink during our extensive delay in istanbul. We were offered nothing from your airline we were tired sweating feeling exhausted and not in good spirits.
We eventually arrived in ercan to collect our luggage and to meet the taxi driver which was his 3rd trip to ercan to meet us which we were charged for 3 journeys due to the mix up of the flights so our taxi cost us £90.00 english pounds sterling.We had totally lost a full day in cyprus and when we did arrive at my mothers home in lapta she was in tears and hadnt slept my mother is 78 and resident and i visit her regularly.
We arrived manchester airport 7th october at 14.00 and eventually arrived in ercan to lapta at 21.00 hours 8th october.
Passengers names are elaine williams(myself) paul frank welsh, alan bell, evelyn elizabeth barker, ann lowry. I felt so let down by your airline and staff at istanbul and my party of friends i felt responsible for their well being as 2 of the passengers were age 65 and 68 and they were traumatised by the experience.
I and my family regularly use turkish airlines and i have always recommended your airline to friends.
Not only do i travel to ercan i also fly with you to antalya or adana to visit family.
Also note that i am a miles and smiles member but up to now considering all my flights i have not had any miles added. I did phone your airline explaining i had changed address from 1 edgeware road winton eccles manchester to 34 woodford avenue winton eccles manchester england m30 8wf and that my email address had chnged to the one below. Was told i would be sent a link but still havent recieved it so i ask you to deal with this matter also.
I ask you to give these complaints your earliest possible attention i look forward to hearing from you on this matter.
Regards elaine williams.
Email address is [protected]
telephone (uk) [protected]

Oct 29, 2018

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