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Toronto, ON, Canada

On May 4, 2016, I ordered 2 trial products from Tru Belleza from a pop-up ad on the Internet. It claimed that Dr. Oz, as well as various movie stars, endorsed their product. I highly respect Dr. Oz so I decided to order a trial product from Tru Belleza. I later found out that Dr. Oz never endorses any products. In fact, he has now started an "It's Not Me" campaign to try to crack down on such "serial criminals" who "steal his name and likeness to steal our money." It is entirely illegal for Tru Belleza to falsely use Dr. Oz's name as an endorsement, (not to mention using the names of many movie stars); as such, Tru Belleza has committed fraud. The only reason I ordered from Tru Belleza was because of the so-called endorsement from Dr. Oz. So under false pretences, on May 4, 2016, I ordered 2 trial products from Tru Belleza for $3.90 and $6.54. (Glorious Skin: [protected]; Skinlabs London: [protected]). During this order, there was an offer for 50% off on the first month for a subscription to the product. I clicked the box which indicated that I did not wish to accept this subscription offer. (I didn't want to subscribe to a product I hadn't tried yet). A while later, that same day, I got a call from a Tru Belleza sales rep to confirm my order. She then offered me the same "special offer" of 50% off for the first month of a subscription. I told her clearly that I did not want this subscription order or any more product. I thought that this matter was settled until a few weeks later, I checked my online banking. I saw 3 unauthorized withdrawals from Tru Belleza, (May 18: $149.61; May 20: $135.92; June 17: $150.16), so I immediately called RBC Visa. I was told to call Tru Belleza to ask what the charges were for, then to ask for a refund. I was also told to wait 15 days and if I had not had my money refunded, then to call back. So I called Tru Belleza that same morning of June 17th. I explained my story to the Tru Belleza rep but he ignored the fact that I had refused any more product with a Tru Belleza rep on May 4th. He maintained that I had automatically signed up for the subscription when I ordered the introductory products. We argued in circles as he continued to ignore my statement that on May 4th, I had told a rep from Tru Belleza that I did not want any more product. I also emphasized that I did not authorize those charges and wanted a full refund for May 18, May 20 and June 17. I became so exasperated with his belligerence that I finally said, "I don't want to keep the product you sent to me any more. It hasn't been opened so I will send it back. What is your address?' He said, "Mam, you can't do that. We just changed our policy. You aren't allowed to return any product." We argued in circles again until I finally said, "This company is a scam. I'm going to report you to my country's fraud department." At that point, he changed his tune and said, " One moment mam. I will discuss this with my manager to see if I can refund any money." Then 3 seconds later he said, " Mam, I just discussed this situation with my manager, (really? 3 seconds?!), and he says that I am authorized to refund you $100 from your charges." I told him that I didn't want $100 off, but I wanted all of the charges for May 18, May 20 and June 17 refunded. We argued around in circles for quite a while before he repeatedly threatened, "Mam, you must take this offer. This is all you will ever get. Believe me, if you don't take this, you will never get anything else." We argued some more, with him repeating similar threats. Finally, I felt so worn down and black-mailed that I told him to "do what you can." He said that $100 would come off of my Visa in 2 to 3 days. When I got off the phone, I googled Tru Belleza and found many similar complaints to mine on with regard to the false endorsements/ads and deceitful business practises of Tru Belleza. I then contacted the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre with my story. The fraud centre advised me to call RBC back and cancel my credit card, and to ask for a full refund. So I called RBC Visa and had my credit card cancelled as a "report of lost and stolen card." I was reassured that I had followed the correct protocol by calling Tru Belleza, but that now I needed to wait 2-3 days. If my money was not refunded by then, I was to call the RBC customer service dispute department. So on June 21st, I went into RBC to see if any of the money had been returned and it had not. So I called the RBC Visa dispute department. He said that because I did not cancel my May 4th order in 14 days, that Tru Belleza was allowed to charge me the inflated full amounts for my purchase. He said that I should be able to contest the June 17th charge since I told a Tru Belleza rep on May 4th that I didn't want any more product. However, given the fraudulent ad which claimed that Dr. Oz and other celebraties endorsed their product, I should be given a refund for all of those charges. Tru Belleza broke the law making such a fraudulent ad so I purchased the product under false pretenses. Like I said, I only purchased this product because I trust Dr. Oz. I still haven't heard back from my bank dispute centre about whether they will refund the money.

Jul 05, 2016

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