Hydra Skin Sciences Complaints & Reviews

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream

Apr 17, 2018

I am trying to cancel this subscription but can't find a phone contact. I have been unemployed since December 2017 and can no longer afford this product. I received another box today with no invoice. This is the REF 1: on box label 4552284 REF 2: HydraSKInSciencesAllegro return address is 14925 Heritage Crest Way Bluffdale UT 84065 Help please!

Hydra Skin Sciences / still awaiting refund after 9 months and 15 phone calls

Jan 30, 2018

I ordered two products online: Allegro Anti aging cream and Brio anti aging serum lotion. I was dissatisfied and returned both products on April 10, 2017. I received one refund of $89 for the Brio product promptly. I am still awaiting the $83 refund for the Allegro Anti aging...

Hydra Skin Sciences / krasa anti aging cream (aka younger looking skin)

Jan 09, 2018

Hydra Skin Sciences Customer Care Service Hydra Skin Sciences 50 W Broadway, Ste 300 Salt Lake City Utah United States - 84101 Customer Support Phone Numbers Phone: +[protected](Customer Service) 102 73 Web: I ordered a sample trial of your product and signed up to be charged for...

Hydra Skin Sciences / karasa and illus - do not get samples

Jan 02, 2018

Ordered a sample of each for $4.96 and $2.96. No where did it say this was signing up for a 14 day trial or you would be charged another $103 and $109 then monthly charges. This business is shady! There was nothing in the box or email confirmation stating this and the website they tell you...

Hydra Skin Sciences / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 16, 2017

I ordered a free sample from a Macy's close out sale, which was supposed to cost $4.96 for shipping and handling. There was nothing mentioned in the order about an ongoing subscription, needing to cancel it within 14 days, or any address or phone number to contact to cancel anything. Since...

Hydra Skin Sciences / free trial - receiving unsolicited product from hydra skin sciences

Dec 08, 2017

7/10/2017 I ordered on line a "free offer" (shipping & handling only in the amount of $2.96) for a product called Krasa and just learned that I am supposedly enrolled in a monthly automatic delivery of the product. As a previous complaintant stated the ad said "NOTHING ABOUT A FREE TRIAL...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allumiere serum and cream

Oct 20, 2017

10/07/2017 I ordered on line a "free offer" of this product and learned later that I am enrolled in a monthly automatic delivery of the product. The online ad said NOTHING ABOUT A FREE TRIAL NOR ABOUT BEING ENROLLED FOR MONTHLY DELIVERY!! I tried to cancel this, and received nothing but a...

Hydra Skin Sciences Ltd / allegro

Sep 23, 2017

Cancel my subscription of the above named product "ALLEGRO". I continue to receive jars of this product which I did not request. The product does not perform as stated by the company and I DO NOT want anymore of the product to be mailed to me. I WILL NOT ACCEPT another shipment from...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti aging cream

Aug 23, 2017

Sleazy business practice!! I was told I would get a free 30 day trial and I just had to pay the shipping. When it arrived and unknown to me, I received one jar of cream but evidently they considered it 60 days worth of product. In a month when they weren't able to charge my credit card...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream

Aug 11, 2017

I received a product. Did not open just sent back to sender. Now I have a notice from Dar Waterfront & Associates that I owe $51.50, collection agency. I will not be paying for something I sent back. Thank You. Account# 249732 Current Account# [protected] I don't know what else to tell you...

Hydra Skin Sciences / sample for shipping - anti-aging cream

Aug 06, 2017

I am being billed for (not receiving and NOT wanting) product. Credit card company received documentation that I never received. I have since submitted a cancellation which came back - see copied below. Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. : Unable to deliver...

Hydra Skin Sciences / brio

Jul 20, 2017

I paid $4.95 for what was suppose to a sample to later find out it was full. I found out after $109.93 was taken from my account and was told it I would be billed $109.93 every month. I cancelled and still received more. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau who couldn't find...

Hydra Skin Sciences / stop sending allegra/brio

Jul 20, 2017

I have been using Brio and Allegra for about 3 months now. Needless to say, when the product is sent out automatically and you can't use it that fast, it starts to build up and you end up with a backup supply. I now have two new orders which have yet to be used and certainly don't need anymore at this time. Please cancel this order for now. Thank you

Hydra Skin Sciences / brio

Jul 12, 2017

asked for a 'free' sample and received it. then i kept receiving it over and over even tho i said 'STOP' i have what looks like a lifetime supply and i have not used it nor do i have any intentions. there are no invoices included in the box so i have no idea where or to whom i can send all...

Hydra Skin Sciences / hydra skin products (allegro and brio)

Jul 11, 2017

I ordered the skin care product and started receiving the products via autoship once a month with my credit card being charged over $100 for each shipment. I immediately called the company to tell them to stop the auto shipment. The customer service person told me to keep the product and...

Hydra Skin Sciences / refund

Jul 10, 2017

I purchased two products from Hydra Skin Sciences, on February 12th 2017, and on the same day of purchasing, I canceled after discovering a terms of agreement after I purchased the products. I sent them an email asap, but unfortunately I got an email saying they shipped my order the next...

Hydra Skin Sciences / free trial

Jul 10, 2017

I ordered this product for wrinkles, they automatically charged me for a second cream. I never got the product, so I texted the customer service. They said it wss sent to the wrong address. Never made the attempt to resend it. Call them and wanted my account refunded. They said they would...

Hydra Skin Sciences / fraudulent advertising

Jun 26, 2017

I signed up for your free trial on 6/21, the ad stated 2.99 for the cream and .99 for the serum. unfortunately, after i submitted for purchase, i realized they have misrepresented the product as being authorized by joanna gaines - her website clearly states that his is fraud and do not...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro

Jun 21, 2017

In march or april 2017 I went to your opra is giving away free anti aging cream site for just 5.95 shipping... I unchecked all the checked boxes but when it would not allow me to decline ordering other products and would accept only a yes answer... I backed out. Much to my surprise afew...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream, brio smart serum, unauthorized credit card charges, unethical behavior

Jun 21, 2017

A few months ago, I ordered two products from a Macy's going out of business sale, with the understanding that the cost was only shipping of $4.95 each. I received my product a few weeks later. Much to my surprise, in May I received two boxes and my credit card was charged $109.93 and...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream and brio day/night serum

Jun 20, 2017

I clicked on a Clinique link (I use Clinique products regularly) and there was an offer for a free trial of Allegro, with the understanding that I pay shipping and handling. That was the first bit of fraud. This was not Clinique! I ordered Allegro only, but also received a second product...

Hydra Skin Sciences / also bought into this product

Jun 17, 2017

they better not take any money out of my account i find this on facebook page and didn't realize it was a scam until it is to late. so be careful what you do on face book it was a free sample all you had to do is pay for shipping and handling try to call the phone number it is fake. there...

Hydra Skin Sciences / your business practices and a pending lawsuit submission

Jun 15, 2017

Hello, I advised your customer service prior that I did not want any further product. I will promptly return all of your products once received and expect a full refund. Your company is no longer authorized to continue doing business with me due to under-handing business tactics used. I...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro and brio

Jun 12, 2017

I ordered a trial size of Allegro, that was advertised as part of Macy's going out of business sale, and when I received it, I called to cancel. They would not let me cancel, told me to keep it for 14 days and if I didn't like it to return it. Since I had been charged twice for shipping...

Hydra Skin Sciences / subscription -

Jun 06, 2017

I signed up for a free sample..and paid for shipping.. within days of receiving the product I was charged $103 the full price of the product. I was upset - the product has caused me harm... my face breaks out in red blotches. I threw out the product. On may 6, 2017 I called and was told to...

Hydra Skin Sciences / brio skin lotion day and night

Jun 01, 2017

I ordered what I thought was the free trial: $4.95 for shipping/handling. It came in two boxes stuffed full of literature written in tiny, hard-to-read fonts - colored letters on a not-so-contrasty background. I threw away the packaging and put the tiny bottles in the bathroom, figuring...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti-aging cream, : brio day and night serum

May 29, 2017

Reference Account numbers 484638 & 475848. The refund referenced below has NOT been received; your "customer service" toad said that it was processed 4/21/17. If it was, you sent it to the WRONG person. The only payment received was $50.50. You need to STOP PAYMENT on that request. The...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro and brio

May 27, 2017

Read an article online about the product from people magazine so i thought it would be a legitimate company. Boy was I wrong, it said in the article I could order a sample for 5.95 of each product. I thought that was not too bad so I did. I just received the package 7 days ago and now...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro

May 24, 2017

On 11/23/16 I ordered a “trial” jar of Allegro face cream for a shipping charge of $5.95. As a result of ordering this “trial” jar, I was subsequently billed $103.00 for this shipment. The next month I received a second jar for which I was then billed $109.94 ($103.0 plus $6.94 for shipping) as a...

Hydra Skin Sciences / hydra skin sciences

May 23, 2017

Never ordered product said they were in palmdale ca the whole program is a scam tried contacting attorney general of california but no luck. I would like toform a group to persue this fraudulent activity. These people are ruthless even the manager wouldnt letme get a word in edge wise !! i...

Hydra Skin Sciences / unwanted products scam

May 23, 2017

I Ordered a free sample of the Hydra face cream for $4.95 in January and have been sent monthly orders of two different products, Brio and Allegro, which has amounted to over $600 dollars. I have tried to contact Hydra a number of times, but the website does not respond. I am going to work...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro/brio

May 21, 2017

On may 10, 2017, I contacted the company after seeing that my account had been charged twice for a total of $212, for product that I didn't order. It took 3 times on hold to finally get 100% refund {1st offer was for 50%, 2nd offer was 75%, which I refused}. I sent pkg back on that same...

Hydra Skin Sciences / brio and allegro

May 18, 2017

I ordered Allegro and Brio came under separate wrapping. Two weeks later I was charged $109 for the Brio and $ 103 for the Allegro. I returned the Brio and will get only 70% back. I kept the Allegro, despite finding it a worthless product and will, get back only 40% return, in both cases I am...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro anti aging cream

May 18, 2017

I ordered this cream in march under the impression that I could get this cream for the shipping of 4.95... Off of face book.. (Big mistake will never order anything off face book every again... Lesson learned) I did receive the cream and there was no paper work or explanation that it would...

Hydra Skin Sciences / allegro and bio

May 15, 2017

I was misled to believe I was receiving one product for the cost of shipping only. I received 2 products for the cost of shipping, then was charged approx $100 apiece. I returned both products with a promise of refund minus a 20% handling fee! I received one refund of $89 but not the...

Hydra Skin Sciences / neurolit and another product

May 12, 2017

I never received the products but was charged 4.95 for each to cover shipping and handling for a 30 day trial. Very deceptive as my initial charges were on April 13th. On April 27th and 30th they charged my card 95.00 and 99.00 . Although they said my products were delivered I never...

Hydra Skin Sciences / charge to mail back product if you cancel within 14 days of ordering. so they charge to ship to you and charge to ship back to them

May 12, 2017

If you don't like the product or decide you do not want to purchase on subscription basis you are charged to ship back or they try and charge your card for $50..supposedly that is half of what the monthly subscription fee is. So your charge shipping plus in their "contract" they threaten a...

Brio Skin/Allegro skin creams / unauthorized credit card charges; deceptive sales practices; unordered product

May 11, 2017

On April 4th, 2017 I was browsing Facebook and saw an offer for an Allegro Skin Cream sample for $4.95 postage & handling. I put in the info needed and when I checked my account saw 2 charges each for $3.95 & .88. Assuming it was a website error and because it was only $4.95, I left it...

Hydra Skin Sciences / service not pleasant, trial not being longer than 6 days since it took 7 to get to me and the price over $100.00!!!!!!

May 10, 2017

[protected] Per George I ordered the product on April 20, 2017. I did not RECEIVE the product until April 27, 2017 which only gave me a week to try it before the trial ended. This is not sufficient time to trial a product !! I did not know how much I would be charged and was shocked at the...

Hydra Skin Sciences / hydra allegro and brio skin care - false advertising

May 08, 2017

People Beware! Shame on Facebook for even allowing this false advertising to be accepted. Like everyone else filing complaints, I purchased the Allegro product and Brio products for $3.95 - not knowing I was signing up for a monthly product delivery program - no documentation was supplied...