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So I got the veneers.
* Firstly the tooth bit was not flush to the gum bit.
* The pink solid block was not connected to the veneer at all
*the tooth bit came away whilst in my mouth and just about choked me. This is very dangerous as i was not eating or drinking anything. I nearly swallowed the teeth.
*My self esteem has been damaged more by using your product because it made me feel ridiculous and stupid in front off a lot of people
*small pieces of plastic sheets were constantly peeling off the product and getting caught at the back of my throat.
I've got several pictures and video to back up my claim and witnesses.
All in all I appreciate your company for promoting future initiatives, inventions and products like the power air fryer for instance but when a product is or could be dangerous I would expect far more from an organisation like yours and a willingness to resolve my complaint to a satisfactory standard. Please contact me with regards to a full refund thereby closing this complaint as fully resolved. I have proof of purchase that can be supplied. Please contact me as soon as possible or I may have to seek professional opinion with regards to personal compensation in accordance with faulty goods act ...consumer act and rights causing unacceptable mental stress etc. I have read your terms and conditions.
Regards Julie Dyson
Contact itnewtab.[protected]
Tuesday 29th May 2018
Package fully ready for return

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Tristar Products
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May 29, 2018

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