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This appears to definitely be a web site that is run my dishonest people. Here are the problems I found and I know there are many more

1. Cannot discontinue you profile on their website.
2. ALL the people I contacted would not contact me though my own email or other video chat service like Skype, if they did it was to send fake pictures (you can tell when the pictures are fake o they are of different people) or email one or twice an that was it.
3. They all could barely speak english and the ones that could always had an excuses as to why they could not speak with you over a phone. Their phones where ALL broken for one reason or another which was quite strange in this day and age. Almost any person today has a cell phone that works or a lad line one can call on.
4. When you bought "credits" from them you had NO way to know how many credits you had left. This meant that you never knew where you where and your credits went up in smoke pretty fast.
5. Could only communicate with them by email. No phone number, address or any other information given to you.
6. When I asked one person of ra copy of their passport they did send it, but upon examination the passport was definitely not original and there where suttle things wrong with it. For one the picture was "pasted" in and not as it should be with a genuine passport.
7. Every one of them had some sob story about being an orphan, a mother in the hospital, or other reason way they had "problems" . One even sent me a 3 paragraph email explaining on detail her sob story. Like a long email would make it real. What a joke.
8. One could never verify exactly where someone was REALLY from. When you checked a phone number it came up in the wrong area code where they said they lived, when you dial their number you get a voice recording. I could NEVER talk to anyone I meant on the phone. EVERYONE of them had an exusss as to why their phone number was not working. When people told me their number was a cell number I checked on the phone number over the web and the number turned out to be a land line number. WHEN EVER PERSON YOU CHAT WITH HAS TEH EXCAT SAME STORY you have to know that this web site is run by scammers.
9. Every "China lady" could not understand english and always wanted dot chat using the web site chat. None of them would want to go on another online chat.
10. When you got to see someones email address or phone number when you contacted them they just suddenly stopped chatting at any time without any normal exit like saying "I have to go eat" or "run an errand" they just stop chatting. That isdefinitely nto normal.
11. The same woman pictures are on the web site constantly. If this web site where legitimate the people would be not heir long if the people where legitimate, which they are not as I experienced it.
12. Most of the people "fell in love" with you in minutes. They also called you "dear" and hun" etc. That is also not normal.

I WOULD STAY AS FAR AWAY FOR THIS SITE AS YOU COULD! I believe that this web site should be taken down. Use it at your own risk. EVERYTHING I saw drew a RED flag. At the moment I am trying to get them to DELETE my profile since cannot do that on the web site. Another person on here has complained that he can't get them to remove their profile so I don't have a lot of hope they will remove mine. IN fact the email I sent I have not even got an automatic response like normally happens when you send an email to a company.

Dec 28, 2014
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  • Ta
      11th of Jan, 2015

    This is definitely a scam without doubt. people out there don't get conned. They are here for money only nothing else. All those pretty faces you see are fake .The worst is when you wanted out of the site you can't even get out. somebody can maybe enlighten me as how these people get paid by staying all day on site.

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