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Triad/ Road Loans / Service after the contract

Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
Its time for a class action law suit against Road Loans, these people do not respect the Fair Collection Practice Act, set up on collections, they don't, if you make your payments and need a payment date changed, they don't care, if you were late on a payment, they don't care, if you sent your payment in and it was sent back, they don't care, they feel they can use bull dog tactics because they hold a contract, however, contracts are made to be amended, none the less, they don't follow laws when it comes to consumer affaires, they don't follow Federal trade commission laws either, they only way to stop this abuse is to email Greg Abbott in Texas and other Attorney Generals in other states and file a law suit on abuse, on their abuse of power of authority their employees are so abusive, some how they feel because they have a contract they can treat you like this, I will take them back to the hood where I come from and let them know, there is no customer service, doing nothing to aid the client in transitional times as we have faced especially in today’s economy, we as consumers have to make them care, the only way to change their behavior is to talk with Congress, and Attorney Generals, Consumer protection division and make them more aware of their behavior and file for law suits under the Fair trade and commission act then and only then will we see a change in their behavior, instead they would rather ruin your name by twisting the truth not helping and abusing their power of authority, CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT I am for it, all I asked for was a date change so I could keep up my payments on time, they refused too, that’s grounds of a write off, they are refusing payment, they can kiss my --- for all I care, there are other cars and other car lots, I can dispute all they have to say to any credit bureau through the fair trade and collections act. I don’t take abuse just to make a payment and that is what they are doing, the way I see it we need each other, they are not going to abuse me, because Greg Abbott will be reading a email from me, about their behavior, Road Loans and Triad needs to be investigated trough the fair trade and collections act laws, because they are abusive to their clients, and actually steal cars calling it repossession, oh yes, I will shine the light on their bs. All I asked for was a date changed, they had all kinds of excusess why not, so they can pick up that car and place me in a bad situation, well, let me tell you Road Loans one thing, I have been on my own sense I was 16 years old female, God didn't get me this far to be kicked around by the likes of you. Class action law suit I am calling for one, on the grounds of the Federal Trade Commisson Act, Fair Debt Collections Act, and the rest of the Acts that aid in fair collections.


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  3rd of Sep, 2008
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