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Complaints & Reviews

They are putting my monthly payments into a suspense account

They are putting my monthly payment into a suspense account, saying one month is now not been paid, I never asked to have my money put any where but to the month I put on the memo of the check, I have been paying ahead, and now my money is no where to be found, I am told the person I need to talk to can only be through email, I want my money that I sent be applied to the months I put on the check.

Home loan

Since my wife took a loan from these crooks it has been nothing but a nightmare. We feel behind on payments due to my auto accident that I was in which led me to lose my job and her losing her job because they sold the practice and Everytime I reached out to them it was like playing phone tag just to try to set payment arrangements. Now they will not take any money from me because they want the full amount owed and any payments I did send to them they rejected it causing us to be in even more debt with them. Now they are trying to foreclose on my home and I don't know what I can do. I need help

I had no idea that this company was that horrible

I had no idea that this company was that horrible. I figured out pretty quickly after getting a vehicle loan through Triad, that apparently online loans were not all that they were cracked up to be. I have been dealing with this company for about 3 and a half years, for a $6, 000.00 loan with a very high interest rate. But at the time my credit was not very good and I needed a vehicle to get to and from work. Since then I have had my vehicle repossessed one time (which wasn't even necessary for the circumstance), and paid a small fortune to get it back. And even though I paid all the fees and charges to clear the vehicle and get it back, Triad still retained part of those charges on my account and will not recognize that they were paid. I honestly believe that they intentionally will not clear those charges so as to collect payments from me monthly that only go towards the interest on the loan and not towards the principle. So after all this time my current total balance on this loan is almost no different than what it was 3 and a half years ago. These people are definitely an unprofessional rip-off company. My only options as I see it at this point is to find a way to pay off the entire balance at once, or basically let them take the car and further ruin my credit, as the car at this point is no longer worth the loan that's owed on it. In conclusion, DO NOT FINANCE WITH THIS COMPANY, as they will cheat you, harass you, and leave you with empty pockets, bad credit, and ultimately no vehicle.

Business needs to be investigated

Back in 2001, I obtained an auto loan from this company. In 2006 I lost my job and was no longer able to make my $500.00 payment on my ford contour ( first car trying to build credit i thought)Triad sold my loan to a company called First Financial Asset Mgmt. I turned in my car, it went to auction, and there was a balance due after the auction, of $2, 700.00 which I paid in full and after all this time kept my receipt. Now I am trying to contact someone to report the correct information on my credit, but have not been able to find anyone at either company to help me. The credit agency tells me that Triad has to change the report, Right! it is so unfair and i have proof.

Overpaid loan, wrongful repo, falsified credit reporting info

Who would be interested in a class action lawsuit against Triad Financial?

Is there one pendind or in the works. As a consumer you do have rights.

I have read so many complaints and now is the time maybe to move forward. I was a victim as well and it is a shame that innocent people are still being taken advantage of. I have contacted all necessary agencies and now the only thing left to do, that I see is this class action lawsuit.

If anyone has more information on starting or a pending action please let me know. I will continue to move forward on this...

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Bad credit

MY auto loan of 5yrs was paid off and closed for 3 months and they auto debited my checking account for $ 453.26 out of the blue, after they had sold a closed loan to SANTANDER financial, and I am fighting to get my money returned, I've done all they requested still no return. Watch out this is bad business. NICE MERRY CHRISTMAS! if you use auto payment of any type be sure that your bank will put a block on you account to stop any further unlawfull withdrawls, this is another way the consumer gets stuck with bad credit.

  • Ta
    tammy192 Mar 20, 2010

    how do i get on board? Burned by triad - filed an extention, was accepted, they put lates on my credit. when i called they had no record of the lates but refused to send me a letter to clear the credit

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This is the worst company to deal with!! Interest rates are so high, balance never goes down and, customer service people are unprofessional, rude, and do not abide by the Collection Laws. I would be interested in filing suit, please include me in.

  • Bo
    bob326 Nov 30, 2009


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My husband and I have a loan for our 2003 auto through TRIAD Financial, back in November of 08 I contacted their company to see about a deferrment for December. I have all the information from the CSR I spoke to allowing me to do so and she e-mailed a deferment form that was to be signed by my husband and I then faxed back. This was done but I never received a letter stating that it had been received or a letter stating that it was my copy of the agreement like my husbands Citifinancial did when he did the same on his car. I figured it was a different company so they worked different-I still tried calling their customer service to ask but was not successful due to their their high volume of calls. My payment after the deferment was due 1/21/09 which I have a printed statemnt that I paid by their company and my bank. Everything seemed fine until I received a statement saying I owed $835 I thought maybe they sent out the letter before the posted amount, the calls began and the statement then said I owed $1600 and something. I've been paying every month and I have proof. Yesterday as I walked out of work with my 5 year old ( I work at a public school) the parking lot was empty and my car which I knew I parked there was gone. At first I thought it had been stolen since that area is pretty bad and cars have been known to get stolen at times. I looked for signs of glass on the ground but nothing. So I went back into the building called my husband who then called Triad and they told him they had schedule for my SUV to be repossessed for non payment of December January and our current month of April. Now they want us to pay $2000 to get it back-I should not have to because we have paid as agreed. Please help I need to make a living and continue my schooling without my car I can't help my family of 5. Please help!!! Also, pulling Triad under search showed many complaints about their fair practices I wonder if I'm one their many cases.

  • Valerie May 09, 2008

    This company can not keep payments up to date and they do not pay toward the balance of the loan. Do not use this company. They post toward interest first this was one of the questions I asked before I took the loan with also AKA Triad Financial they told me it was not an interest first company they lied they are. I have paid on my car almost 2 years at 14% interest and it has only gone down $2000.00...I have been trying to refinance but the car is not worth what is still owed. Stay away this company is not worth the time...

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Oct 14, 2009

    please see comments regarding Traid underhand tactics. We are attempting to get a class action suit up and going to stop these people from doing what they are doing. I took Traid to court in Novemeber of 2008 and won due to unfair and illegally repossession. I was not behind on my bills and they repossessed my car. I immediartely paid the fees and went to court. I won the case and Traid had to reimburse me 3700.00 for there errors. One month after recieveing the payment they repossessed the car again, than gave it back the same day and delayed my payments for 4 months ut tacked them on the back of the contract. I've been paying on this car for three years and still owe the 20, 000 I bought it for. 2006-2009. Please let's talk more. Contact me at [email protected] at your earliest convenience. I do have an attorney we could consult with but I would like to get a list of people who are experiencing and has experienced hardship with this company.
    i look forward to hearing from you soon

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Triad Finacial

STOP!! If you are or are thinking about dealing with Triad Financial Don't do it!! This is the worst...


Triad Financial harrassed me, verbally abused me, took advantage of my financial situation and would not let...

Plain rip off

There accounting deptmant has no idea what they are doing. The came and repo my vehicle and i said why. They said i was behind two months, they also said they contacted mt relatives..I asked who they said my moms name..she sadi she never heard a word. They also said they called my work...again a lie. They called once in Jan and asked if i still worked there and they wanted to confirm my address at the comapny. No message left. I asked them what i needed to do to get my vehicle back...they said pay it off..they told me it was $17, 832.79. I over night the Bank Certified check to them...They called the towing comapny and released the vehicle the next day. After a couple of weeks i was wondering were my title was so i e-mailed them and they said i short paid on my loan..that i still owed them 328.40. I was pissed...I am in the process of talking to a attorney. They messed up big time this time cause i have dates, times and names of people i talked to. I would have never would have know that i was short if i hadnt asked were my titles was. Today is the 23rd of March 09 and they said it will go up on the 2nd April. They have never sent me a bill for the so called balance. Also if the vehicle wasnt paid off like they said i needed to do to get the vehicle back ...why was it released.

  • i had triad financial also the problem is is that the salesman at walsh dodge auto dealer in jersey city nj told me i could buy the car even if i had no license which i didnt i gave him a driving permit that was expired so it was invalid i told him if this was ok he said yeah its fine .the daewoo a crappy ### car was sold to me for 13, 000 dollars the price on it was 9, 000 i didnt know any better i was young so i said ok fine the next day i drove off the lot without a drivers license i knew he wanted to make a sale after a few weeks he asked me to send him my license obviously never did it i didnt have one 2 years into the car a 2001 daewoo we were 2002.. the motor, brakes and gas busted needless to say i didnt use the car it wasnt being paid for it was repossed then i was told either you pay the car or bring the car back to the delaer so i told them heres the number call te dealer n bring them the car they did n i was still being charged why you said either pay it or give it back well i did i sent numerous complaints and now they are off my back..

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I will never use them again, and to anyone thinking about doing business with them, DONT. I will sell my loan and start over before continuing using their service. Teresa lied about what she was going to do and what she told her supervisor. I know I signed a contract about my payments fell behind but willing to get it right. She was supposed to date my payment first thing in the mornings I was sure the funds where available. After getting a conf. #, the funds were taken immediately and my account was overdrawn because she lied about when the payment would be taken. Of course when they are wrong they don't decide to record conversations that they say they would. I am REALLY REALLY PISSED!!! Don't use them and I hope they can't survive and go bankrupted!

  • Be
    bellstar Sep 26, 2009

    I have been paying on a auto loan for original loan amount $14, 742.02 for 2 years and the payoff is still 10, 500.00 at almost 300.00/mo It would seem I would be half way through the loan.
    I am interested in filing suit if a class action suit is underway. Please include me in the suit.

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  • Da
    danielalvarez Dec 30, 2009

    They reported on my credit repo, which is incorrect. my 2002 blazer was stolen, with full coverage insurance, with police report. I never received another monthly statement, after the car was stolen, now on my credit is an adverse mark, stopping me from financing another car. please correct.

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  • Do
    Doylee Mar 23, 2011

    I too was victim of this company and I need any info that’s out there so I can join in on the Class Action lawsuit against Triad Financial.

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  • Dr
    Drummer LD Feb 19, 2013

    This happened several years ago, but it appears this firm has not gotten any better. I needed to purchase a vehicle when I lived in Seattle. One of the Ford dealers in the area said they could finance me, but that I would have to jump through some hoops to finalize the loan. First, I had to leave three post-dated checks with the dealer. I had to provide $500 immediately, and provide proof of full coverage insurance. I then had to agree to personally visit the dealer after 7 days or Triad may decide that I had skipped on the loan. What?
    Remember, I was a guy dealing with bad credit - so my choices were seriously limited. I did all of the above and drove the car home. When I got home, the dealer called me saying that Triad would be calling me within the next 24 hours to verify information given on the loan application. The application was unlike any other I had completed. 10 references, including addresses and phone numbers, were required. They called my job - not once, but 3 times. The payroll department was getting antsy about that.
    On the 7th day, I came to the dealership in person as I was told to do. I was required to sign a document that stated the loan was actually still in process and that I understood they could request the vehicle back and that I would be liable for any excessive mileage. They didn't specify what was meant by excessive.
    Triad called me twice in the next week. The representative was not friendly and said, "We have decided to go ahead and fund your loan, but please understand that we will definitely repossess this car if you default." Wow. No "thank you", just a threat.
    I was faithful in paying on time for the entire period of the loan. However, when I had to move from Washington to New Jersey, their very rude employee Jose called me asking why I had "stolen their car." I had called the office to inform them of my new address and phone. I had requested the necessary forms to register the vehicle in NJ. He continued to tell me that he could immediately have the car picked up but he was going to give me a break and send the necessary papers. Problem - he didn't do so for almost five days. When I registered the car in NJ, Jose called me again and asked where my payment was. I had placed the check in the mail ten days before the due date. He checked and found the payment - no apologies for the phone call, though. I ended up paying far more than this car was worth and was very happy to get out from under this firm. Only one representative was friendly with me and I think that was because I informed her that I had notified the BBB in California about the various issues I'd had. If Santander is Triad renamed, I am happy I saw this, because I came close to taking a loan from the Santander company - now I know not to do this. I know no one that had a completely pleasant experience with Triad. All I can say is be careful, pay on time, keep receipts, and take note of every person's name you speak to if necessary.

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Fraud and scam

If you are offered a loan thru these people, YOU DON'T need a vehicle that bad. You can send in your payments and they either say they didn't receive them or credit your money to another account and then say YOU did not mail in your payments. Sent in by Delivery Confirmation so it showed they got it. Several times money posted somewhere else and then they still wanted to charge late fee. Or the money order arrived and never got cashed. Thank god had enough brains to send by postal delivery confirmation and pay with money orders and write down the dates, times and people with who I spoke to. I was sick of messing with their stupidity and calling me a liar. When they came, I gladly let them take it and told them I will countersue if they try to come after me. Only good thing, I can at least get back the money from all the money orders they never cashed. Six total!!!


They are inhumane!!! My sister passed away in August. Right after she passed, we had hurricane Ike which delayed settling the estate. I paid two car payments (actually more than the payment) and the account was up to date. Two days ago they came and repossessed the car in the middle of the night. When I called I spoke to the rudest people I have ever encountered. The first woman told me I couldn't get the car, but I could get my possessions. The second woman told me if I sent a death certificate and will showing a beneficiary, that we could get the car back if we paid it off. I asked for a supervisor as the woman was uncommonly rude and she was just as bad. Today I sent the payoff (which was $400 more than yesterday) by Western Union and the woman I spoke to said management was having a fit and she didn't understand why because the account was so up to date. She said we were lucky to be having the car released to us based on the will we sent in. Well, we went to pick up the car and the yard people said the release on the car stated specifically that it was to be released ONLY to my sister who has passed. That was intentional, vicious, and appalling! If anyone does have a class action suit, I'm in!!!

Scam and cheating

Hello past, present and any victims of Triad. I have started the ball rolling for the Class Action against...

Terrible experience

Everything was fine until April, when one day they called and said I was 40 days late. Oh? Well, didn't you just get my April payment last week? And so it began... Finally they decided they had made a mistake on my account and would reverse fees and I would be current.

I continued making payments, and receiving their invoice every month, showing my previous payment, with past due amount ZERO. Fast forward to August... Through the 10-15 calls a day to me and everybody I know they finally tell me that I am 80 days late and they are coming to get the car.

Long story short, after 1 hour daily conversations with everybody and their MAMA, they finally tell me that yeah, I had a due date change 2 years ago but that their accounting system didn't handle it right, so they reset the account, and indeed, several of my previous payments had been applied to mysterious late fees and interest because of their recalculation. Then they added several hundred dollars more in late fees because in their eyes, I was now 80 days late. It didn't matter to them that I had made all of my payments. They didn't care. The only way to fix it was for me to pay them what they say I owe. They threatened me, they screamed at me, they cursed me. I don't know how they sleep at night.

I refused their 'help' and they told me that I could use a 2 month extension and then pay $ 700 to make me current. Yes, even though I AM current. WTF? So I sent them a letter and told them to leave me the Hell alone until they got my account fixed. What happened? they decided they want the vehicle back and I'd better not give them any hassle and on and on.

I'm about to go over the edge. I need my car to get to work. I sent them their money, and now they want to steal my car. It doesn't seem as though these people have been held accountable for everything they have apparently done to a lot of people. Why do they get away with it?

Unsolicited phone calls

Road Loans/Triad Financial is the worst place to get an auto loan. If you are as much as 5 days late they will harass you at work and your whole family or your references you put down. They are ruthless, cruel people. They will continue to call you at work even after you have sent them signed papers stating not to. They are disrespectful and demanding and will threaten to come get your vehicle even though you are now where near 30 days late. Don't use these people they are not worth the hassles you will get for that new or used car you need to purchase.

Wrongful Termination

On 9/15/08 I was fired due to an inappropriate voice mail left on a customer’s phone. My co-worker...

Service after the contract

Its time for a class action law suit against Road Loans, these people do not respect the Fair Collection...

Terrible loan company/customer service/don't ever get correct information and then told you were misinformed!!!

Account was past due due to winter time when it rains I don't work, I drive a cement truck. Got behind on account and when we got our income tax return we called to get the total amount oweing on account to bring the account current and up to date and was given total of, $2, 879.43 the payment was mailed 2 day priority to the payment center and the check cleared our account 4 days later and then a repo company comes to my home to repo the vehicle. They didn't take the vehicle due to the police was called out to our home, the police told them they can't take the vehicle. So I then call the first thing the next day to see why there were repo men at our home and they said that the total amount on account wasn't paid current that $125.73 was still owing on the account so we western union them the $125.73 and I was then told that it would be current. I get a email and letter in mail stating that our account is up to date and has a $00.00 balance till next month when the regular payment would be due again. Well 6 1/2 months later I haven't received 1 statement every monmth when I mailed in payment I had to write all information on a piece of paper and I requested that I nedd to be send statements and it is kinda hard to mail in a payment and no coupon /return slip to enclose with payment and even after doing that and calling and emailing that I haven't been getting my monthly statements I still to this day haven't received a statement. I was on the phone for 3 1/2 hours and online with live chat for 2 hours to get this straighten up because they were trying to tell me that the account balance was more then it was suspose to be. And how do I know if what i'm being told is true or not cause i've heard it all before and it comes back to me being told that I was misinformed and sorry that the account has a few fees due that are revolving and won't come off account unless paid and the told me that I fee was for a nsf fee of, $15.00 back in dec. Of 07 and a repo charge of, $84.00 back in feb of 08 and they never repoed the vehicle due to the repo company we know them and are mutal friends of friends of ours thats why they didn't repo the vehicle. And they tell me that the repo company sent them a bill for $84.00 fee for just driving out to the home. And anyways my point is that this company is scandalas and have terrible customer service and told one thing then 2 days later told you wer misinformed and that the information was incorrect and ten say that the zip code they have for our home was different then was I was giving them that may be why I haven't received statements and I said that funny I get the letters that are mailed to me saying that if there are any late fees on our account a one time special offer that 50 percent of those fees will be taken off acoount and waived and to call to take the offer and to set it all up and discussed and a letter stating that the account has a zero balance showing. This company is a terrible company to get a auto loan with don't do it even if your deperate for a auto loan wait and find another auto loan company and try to work another deal with some other company you'll regret doing business with this company trust me lookm at all the other complaints against this company and class action law suits.

  • Am
    Amy Apr 21, 2009

    We have a loan through them as well for our truck and the day my pmnt is due if they don't have it they call me at least 5 times a day. Which they can not do. I work in a collections dept and know the rules, when I complained about this since I had told them that the full pmnt would be made a week later, they told me they were coming to repo the truck, I asked for a supervisor and the supervisor was rude and would not help me. I made my pmnt before the deadline as I had promised 15 times. He told me that he helped once once before in Dec 2008 because my father in law had a lung transplant and we were strapped from helping my mother in law out since he was in the hospital for 3 mos and that we were lucky they helped us out then. Then when I made my pmnt in full the online info said I had a negative balance, so the following month when I made my pmnt I made less the negative amount showed now this month the online info says I owe the original negative balance as it's late fees. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone to get a loan from. They are rude and they will harass you everyday.

    Washington Boro, PA

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  • Ml
    M. Lary Mar 01, 2011

    I have never seen this kinda bad news looking for a company. My feelings are really hurt, .. feeling as I will never get the title to my 1998 TOYOTA COROLA. I love this car & have paid $589 to Dmv for registration. Ive sent certified mail to the office. The lady who gave me the car, said it was paid off and she had been waiting for the title for over a year and I have had the car almost two. That is three years with no response. There should be someone who can help with companies and police who take advantage, thats why weak people go postal...I have written, called with no response and I am very frustrated now, after looking them up on the internet. My life...

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