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Hello past, present and any victims of Triad. I have started the ball rolling for the Class Action against Triad, I have been in contact with a large law firm in California. If you would like to join in with me and all the others, please get in contact with me via complaintsboard. I welcome anyone to join in. I have information that will help everyone out... including ex-employees (yes, more than one). Let's hear from you soon.


  • Valerie Jun 12, 2008

    My overall experience has been fine. I have not been late, I am one payment ahead and they haven't bothered me. But let's understand why I am here...previous divorce. Anyway, I financed a GMC Suburban at 17.99%. It's not worth anything near payoff now but I asked to assist with the rate per my above conditions i.e. no lates, ahead on pmts...I was using the online chat and the individual made no real review and ended the chat by saying nothing could be done. Some Customer Service and I wasn't a PISSED customer.

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  • Valerie Jul 23, 2008

    We get harassing and threatening calls at work and home, if they do not get an answer on the home phone they will continue to call over and over again. They have even called at 4:00 a.m.

    Very poor customer service. When they get you on the phone they make you feel like the worse thing in this world, while other people are laughing, talking loud and playing loud music.

    They call your contacts you provided and talk to them like you are lying of where you work, live. Threaten to call the cops for everything. BAD COMPANY.

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  • Ms
    Mserica Jul 29, 2008

    Word of advice STAY AWAY they will find a way to screw you up. Trust me. I have had my vehicle over 2 years. I have only been late 1 time, not even a whole month late just 5 days late. They put my account in collections. I am currently UP TO DATE and my account is in collections with threatening calls to take my vehicle. I will sue and will win if they take my truck. Their customer service frickin STINKS!! I sent an email to their CEO and have not heard a response. I doubt that I will but I suggest if they do you wrong too you email their CEO see what happens, maybe one day he will care.. Maybe he will get tired of getting email complaints and actually DO something about how jacked up the company really is. [email protected]

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  • Im
    Imaboutwhatisrt. Sep 03, 2008

    Your ahead in your payments, your only complaint is customer service, well if you can't tell, all these complaints are about customer service, there was none. Its just the beginning for you, however, your not going to always be ahead in your payments, and when you can't keep that up, then you will be changing your tune, nonetheless you been screwed t0o at a 17% interest rate, divorced or not. They preyed on you and played you too like a trumpet, just like the rest of us.

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  • Km
    k moore Nov 23, 2008

    All I have to say is that if you put a payment or two on the back of your loan to catch up. Beware ! Triad does not tell you that this is not in your favor at the end of the loan, but they make it sound so good in the beginning . I wound up oweing so much money that it was hard for me to catch up. When I heard the pay off, something just did'nt sound right to me, so I called. Each rep will tell you someting different. I did get one gentleman that took the time to explain the whole process . It's been four years and I have never been late, but I am constantly reminded by some reps that I was sixty days late in the first year . Four good years of good pay history means nothing to them . For each day that your are late you are being charged interest per day.Depending on the amount that you owe at the time, it can be a hefty sum. If you are getting a loan for the first time please get someone who is knowlegable about loans. I am so happy this month is my last payment. Although I am greatful they gave me a chance, I will never use them again.

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  • El
    Ellerson Spurlock Dec 10, 2008

    Please if any company needs a class action suit is Triad Financial. At the time I was refinancing my house to clear up all my past due bills. I was given a 2 month extension that would have brought me up to date, however they repossessed my truck anyway. Afterwards I requested the payoff balance paid the amount owed, reclaimed my vehicle and my credit report states that I paid except, “settled for less than owed”. This is a despicable excuse for a business in the United States. Please include me on any class action suit against these crooks.

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  • Re
    Redhen Feb 13, 2009

    I have one more complaint against Triad and that is that darn interest. It seems to me that no matter how much of a payment I make, being it the minimum or putting in extra towards thae loan, the interest eats me alive. Since I had my vehicle in May, my payoff is just $500 less than what I bought the vehicle for. When I call them to see if they would put the extra on the loan I was told that it would go into a escrow account and when I had enough money in this account then it would be applied to my loan payment so I am not getting ahead of the game. THe way I see it I shall be paying on this vehicle till I am in my grave then my kids will have to pay on it. Also when I bought the vehicle I was told that triad would reduce my interest if i made 6 months worth of payments without missing one. I enen call customer service to verified this information and that is what they told me also. Guess what folks, that was wrong. The tell me that triad was bought out by some other company and they no longer do refinances. Someone really does need to start a class action lawsuit against them!

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  • St
    stacey Feb 13, 2009

    Yes, I want in we have a case against them, they owe us 2200.00 my email is [email protected]

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  • Jj
    jjudge Feb 13, 2009

    I want in as well! They are awful! I have a law suit against them right now..and just found out they filed a motion to compel arbritration.
    They contacted a friend of mine that i haven't talked to in over 5 years...and we had a falling out so i no longer had her # or address or anything! leave it to Tirad to find someone from your past to call and harass! They said she was put down as a refrence! LIE!!

    and the calls!! OMG 6am, every hour...why would i answer the phone? I know what they want...


    My email is [email protected]

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  • Am
    ambermilton Feb 20, 2009

    I would like be apart of this class action suite please contact me by email at [email protected] thank you

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  • Ro
    robert krolczyk Mar 04, 2009

    I also agree. Because of a divorce, screwed up credit, and the need for a vehicle, I bought into the Triad deal. I regret making a business arrangement with such an irresponsible company. They call at all hours. They call people that have no connection to me. They harrass you to no end, and the interest, that's another story all together. I will gladly sign up for a lawsuit against these people. The only difference between this company and illegal loansharks is they haven't threatened to break my legs yet, but everything else is no hands barred.

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  • Ke
    kelsey May 20, 2009

    I would also like to be in on this lawsuit my email is [email protected]

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  • Cr
    cruuzr May 22, 2009

    I too would like to be a part of this lawsuit. My email is [email protected] Thank you!!!

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  • Df
    dfritz Jun 28, 2009

    Count me in, contact me [email protected]

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  • Hc
    hcolllib Aug 09, 2009

    i was told i could defer 3 payments over the life of the loan, when i asked for one they said that they need a reason in writing, so i wrote them giving about 4 reasons, they took the 1 they didn't like and denied my deferral which put me behind, and was unable to catch up, they repossesed, don't know if they were involved with the repossessor, but he was about an inch from having his head blown off banging on my bedroom windows, telling me i had 5 minutes, answered the door with my shotgun and he came back later

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  • De
    Deztinee Sep 24, 2009

    Please count me in [email protected]

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  • Mi
    millergirl1023 Oct 04, 2009

    Please include [email protected]

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  • Ag
    agressiveg1 Oct 28, 2009

    Please include [email protected] I have the same situation had car since '04 and payoff not going down. When I question the amount it changes. Payment up-to-date so print page with payoff. Go back in a week later to see if it changed and of course payoff gone higher. How can they do this?? I have spoken to a Elva who is rude and adoment that she and her records are right regardless of what I have on paper. Then manager Lena Lara is supposed to call back and never does. Left her several message!!
    Company is srue a rip-off

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  • Va
    vah808 Nov 10, 2009

    Include me to. i can be reached at [email protected]

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  • He
    heyleese Nov 13, 2009

    Please include me [email protected]

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  • Nb
    NBCTRAVELGOD Nov 27, 2009

    please include me [email protected]

    Had a loan back in 2003 did 4 deferments and was supposed to be paid off in October... When I made my payment in October they told me I still owe 2000.00 and that if I don't pay it all of they will repo the car and put it in collections to ruin my credit... I asked to send me proof of this overage and they say they can't. everyone I talk to there tells me a different reason for the extra money! they tell me I don't understand the Sinple intrest loan . They are holding my title hostage and said the late fees will keep adding up until I pay off the hole 2000.00.

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  • Jw
    Jwilkinson Dec 02, 2009

    I would love to see these the Texas finance rippoff artists from Triad-Roadloans-Drive-Santander, or whatever their name is, locked up where they belong. They are nothing more than crooks who abuse customers and the financial system. I pray for the day the law changes and protects us from them. (ohh that's right it probably won't since they payoff politicians) I have been ripped off and mistreated by these jerks for too long, and yes my payoff has been at 11k for an entire year, no missed payments, only a couple weeks late on a few payments!. After paying $17k already on an original 17k loan. I want in on the suit. [email protected]

    We are defenseless against these a-holes unless we unite. keep spreading the word...

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  • Pe
    peppergarcia86 Dec 04, 2009

    My email is [email protected] Include me in lawsuit please

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  • Mc
    M. C. Thompson-Pratt Dec 08, 2009

    i financed a $15, 000 loan and was told that the loan agent did not calucalte the interest first but put it on deferred billing and i was charged monthly interest on my payment instead of calculating it up front and that it was called "simple interest loan" which this is no where in my loan agreement. so far i have paid them almost $30, o00.00 and they say i owe $5, 900.00 on the loan which is paid in full for one year and is still gaining interest.

    they are scamming me and i don't kn ow what to do.

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  • Mc
    M. C. Thompson-Pratt Dec 08, 2009

    they also reported that i was 30, 60, 90 days past due to the credit bureaus and are charging me interest and they refused to correct problem. they lie and yell and hang up on you. they are unprofessional and tried to repo my car when i was paid up to date. they stated they had a computer problem but refused to credit me interest accured when it was their error. they also said i have an "simple interest loan" when accrues interest daily but it states that no where in my contract. i have filed better business and dept of justice and attorney general complaints.

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  • Te
    Teacher05 Jan 11, 2010

    Man I am glad I looked at your comments. I got an email saying I was approved for $13, 000. I did not accept the loan. I am glad, I started looking at different websites and found that there are a ton of complaints our there. I feel for all of you. It is hard enough rebuilding your credit and then you have blood suckers out there trying to play and profit off of that strugle.
    I think there should be better laws out there to protect consumers from people like this, it seems the creditors have all of the rights and consumers do not have a leg to stand on I understand they are giving us a service and lending us money, but scams like this happen too often. Take care and I will be rooting for you.
    Get the SOB's.

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  • In
    INGENUE D THOMAS Feb 11, 2010


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  • Jo
    johnnypat Apr 01, 2010

    I have been paying 381.22 every month for 4 years now on a loan for $17.080. My loan still sits at a balance of 9630.08 after paying $18000, in payments and the payoff is a little higher than that for some reason. I have been late now and again, but most months I was on-time. I asked for a payment history and they finally faxed it to me. It is a confusing mess and that is the way they like it. Keeping us confused and talking in circles to get us to agree to keep paying them. I bought a certified pre-owned car and it will be 15 years old by the time I pay off this messy loan from Triad/Drive/Roadloans/Santander or whoever these crooks call themselves. There were month I paid on time and the interest paid on was $200, then the very next month I make an ontime payment and the interest paid is $300. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how they are charging interest and when I asked the Customer Service Rep to help explain it, she could not give me reason why the interest was fluctuating so drastically. I asked to speak to a manager and asked that I hold. What do you think happened? She hung up on me!!!
    I need help, please email me if this lawsuit is real. [email protected]

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  • La
    Laura Aug 11, 2010

    keeping going to automated call operator. talked to a human but she sent to same thing...thinking about getting a professional to handle this. it's been paid off since 2006 but there;s a lien against my title. what's up with that. i paid my bill so there for i should get my title right? wrong according to triad/ santander i believe that santander is just triad by another name. they are not here to help just get the most money they can get out of hard working people. this seems really shady to me. to get sent to an automated recording that much, then i told the operator to let me talk to a human i get sent to a voicemail i left my name and number i don't think i'll be getting a call back

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  • Ma
    Marclamb Jan 23, 2011

    yes include me [email protected]

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  • Li
    Lilu5312 Mar 30, 2011

    I would like to join in the lawsuit
    [email protected]

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  • Li
    Lilu5312 Mar 30, 2011

    Please include me as well. [email protected]

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  • Ia
    iamproud2beme Mar 30, 2012

    This company or companies has the devils name written all over it~ I can't wait to see JESUS prevail +++
    [email protected]

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  • St
    Steben m Jul 26, 2016

    I have read many of the other [redacted]s in reference to Triad Financial Corp. I had no idea that this company was that horrible. I figured out pretty quickly after getting a vehicle loan through Triad, that apparently online loans were not all that they were cracked up to be. I have been dealing with this company for about 3 and a half years, for a $6, 000.00 loan with a very high interest rate. But at the time my credit was not very good and I needed a vehicle to get to and from work. Since then I have had my vehicle repossessed one time (which wasn't even necessary for the circumstance), and paid a small fortune to get it back. And even though I paid all the fees and charges to clear the vehicle and get it back, Triad still retained part of those charges on my account and will not recognize that they were paid. I honestly believe that they intentionally will not clear those charges so as to collect payments from me monthly that only go towards the interest on the loan and not towards the principle. So after all this time my current total balance on this loan is almost no different than what it was 3 and a half years ago. These people are definitely an unprofessional rip-off company. My only options as I see it at this point is to find a way to pay off the entire balance at once, or basically let them take the car and further ruin my credit, as the car at this point is no longer worth the loan that's owed on it. In conclusion, DO NOT FINANCE WITH THIS COMPANY, as they will cheat you, harass you, and leave you with empty pockets, bad credit, and ultimately no vehicle.

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  • Valerie Jul 26, 2016

    I lost my job and had to fight for my disability and contacted triad...i paid some of my payments up and was told that it was out of repo and never got anything about a repo and the man was on my door at 7:30am and took my truck and was told that i could get it back for 1550.00 plus the cost per day.. well now no one will get in touch with me and I needed to get my truck back but it now to be look out for a 99 f-150 cab and half ...they just rip you off and doesn't want to help you when you need them to...DON'T GO THROUGHT ROADLOAN OR TRAID FINANCIAL...

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  • Jo
    Joshua Galvez Jun 22, 2017

    I would like to get involved with this lawsuit as well. I lost my job months back due to a auto accident that I was in and it wasn't my fault and my wife lost her job due to the owner selling the practice. We fell a couple of payments behind and I have been working since March of this year and Everytime I tried to set up payment arrangements with them them refused it and any money I did send they rejected it demanding the full amount owed for my wife's home loan. Any rep I spoke with was very rude to me and wasn't helpful at all. I don't know what else to do but if you can reach out to me my email is [email protected] I would appreciate it. This company is crooked

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