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Triad Financial / Terrible experience

1 United States
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Everything was fine until April, when one day they called and said I was 40 days late. Oh? Well, didn't you just get my April payment last week? And so it began... Finally they decided they had made a mistake on my account and would reverse fees and I would be current.

I continued making payments, and receiving their invoice every month, showing my previous payment, with past due amount ZERO. Fast forward to August... Through the 10-15 calls a day to me and everybody I know they finally tell me that I am 80 days late and they are coming to get the car.

Long story short, after 1 hour daily conversations with everybody and their MAMA, they finally tell me that yeah, I had a due date change 2 years ago but that their accounting system didn't handle it right, so they reset the account, and indeed, several of my previous payments had been applied to mysterious late fees and interest because of their recalculation. Then they added several hundred dollars more in late fees because in their eyes, I was now 80 days late. It didn't matter to them that I had made all of my payments. They didn't care. The only way to fix it was for me to pay them what they say I owe. They threatened me, they screamed at me, they cursed me. I don't know how they sleep at night.

I refused their 'help' and they told me that I could use a 2 month extension and then pay $ 700 to make me current. Yes, even though I AM current. WTF? So I sent them a letter and told them to leave me the Hell alone until they got my account fixed. What happened? they decided they want the vehicle back and I'd better not give them any hassle and on and on.

I'm about to go over the edge. I need my car to get to work. I sent them their money, and now they want to steal my car. It doesn't seem as though these people have been held accountable for everything they have apparently done to a lot of people. Why do they get away with it?


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