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Itinerary: 7353307880606 - Case ID : [REQ:S-160995798]

I booked the City Line Hotel on Travelocity on the 19th of May, 2018. I proceeded to call the hotel to confirm the reservation. During the call, I was informed by the hotel that they were fully booked and there wasn't supposed to be an opening on Travelocity. I was asked to request my refund from Travelocity. I called the customer service of Travelocity, where I was told they were having difficulty contacting the hotel. I found this absurd as I called the hotel without any issues. I was informed that they would get back to me via email. On the 23rd of May, I received an email that they were still unable to contact the hotel. I didn't get any other response. I sent an email on the 30th of May still requesting my refund, and I was told that the hotel denied my refund due to policy. I didn't understand, and I asked for clarification. I was then informed in an email that the hotel marked me a "no show" hence they couldn't issue a refund. This is absurd, as I ended up booking another hotel and paying almost twice the price I paid on Travelocity.

Travelocity charged my credit card when a hotel was fully booked and has refused to issue a refund even after I brought it to their notice. I realized that this is not a unique experience as there are several complains about this behavior of Travelocity online. People booking travels and hotels should please avoid the services of Travelocity. They are unreliable and would take your money without delivering what was promised. I don't know if I will be refunded but I hope that this experience and that of the thousands of people can serve as a warning to anyone considering the services of Travelocity.

May 28, 2018

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