Travelocity / criminals!!

Carson City, NV, United States
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I have made a reservation using Travelocity on 15.11.2015 for two nights stay. Everything seemed to be fine, but when I arrived I was shocked and confused. I realized that hotel where I booked a room does not exist. I asked people who were living nearby and they told that they don't know anything about the hostel. They said there was no such place at that address in the past or any other sort of accommodation. People told me that I'm not the first one asking. They also said that several months ago a big group of tourists arrived. They also made a reservation and paid for it. So, that night I had to stay on the street in the rain and cold. But I was lucky that day. A nice old lady invited me to her place or the night. She was very kind and even made a dinner for me. Old lady explained that this is not the first time she accommodated guests, who were cheated. Don't use travelocity, they are real criminals.

Dec 11, 2015

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