[Resolved] Travelgenio / airline change of flight-time - complaint against travelgenio's lack of customer service

My (outbound) and return flights are on a through-ticket. My two return flights from RAR to LHR are via LAX. The second leg, LAX to LHR is causing me great concern, as the connecting flight from LAX has been brought forward 2 hours by that airline (not the same airline as the first leg, RAR to LAX). The time I have between flights may cause us to miss the connection, due to baggage reclaim, US immigration, and check-in of baggage again, not to mention the possibility of flight delays.
I have emailed TravelGenio four times and spoken to them three times, made an online chat to the airline once, (I have a transcript of that conversation), and a further (airline-recorded) phone call with them. They are holding the more suitable alternative flight for me and agree with me that I can use that option. The airline is waiting for TravelGenio to confirm my details and will authorise the new ticket immediately at no extra cost or admin fees... because it was the airline change of flight-time and not my choice to change that flight to an earlier one. TravelGenio refuse to accept that version and appear to refuse to have even contacted the airline. All I am being offered by TravelGenio is a new fare at a "penalty" of £150, plus admin fees 30 euros per person, and emails telling me the airline cannot only offer me the flight I seek. The evidence has been emailed to them, the screenshots of the airline's website showing the flights, the Travelport itinerary and TravelGenio's own site showing it.
This needs urgently reviewing and resolving to my satisfaction by someone who can see the error of their ways and issue a new and updated e-ticket without delay.


  • Resolution statement

    Following the (almost) instantaneous response by TravelGenio as a result of my complaint on this site, a number of emails to and fro seemed to slow down any result.

    The email addresses I received communications from were
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Further chasing them and trying to ensure my predicament was understood, was finally successful - partly because I had already contacted the airline yet again to clarify my position in requesting a free-of-charge flight change due to an 'involuntary change' by the airline. Getting TravelGenio to contact them was a struggle.

    Eventually after a week since this online complaint (and 3 weeks since I first did so directly), TravelGenio contacted the airline, who agreed I was entitled a free-of-charge change of flight due to time constraints in connecting flights that had been altered.

    Although I am very happy with the result, it is a pity that so many of their advisors, on the phone and via email, were refusing to accept the obvious, and the lack of movement to concede this was extremely frustrating and very stressful. Their pigeon-English and my lack of Spanish didn't help, neither did it help that I live in Portugal and dealing with English-speaking airlines who kept referring me to TravelGenio.

    Going round in circles was an understatement!

    Hopefully all that is in the, and fingers crossed for no more problems...

    Would I use TravelGenio again, or recommend them...

  • TravelGenio Customer Care's Response, Jan 30, 2018

    Hi Matt. You will receive a reply by email within the next few hours. Thank you for your collaboration.

  • Updated by Matt2, Feb 01, 2018

    After positive response from the team within 12 hours of making my complaint on this site, things seem to have slowed down dramatically. They tell me that they contacted airline and my new itinerary is acceptable to all parties. I am now told that they are waiting to obtain the authorisation from the airline, which would involve TravelGenio contacting the airline again for this authorisation that will be freely given. It seems a long a drawn-out process that is unnecessarily slow. Hopefully my next update will be imminent and positive.

Jan 30, 2018

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