Travelers Insurance / travelers referral to caliber collision company for service to my car

After the terrible hurricane in our state, I found my car was filled with rain, both the back passenger door and the floor. Since it had never had water in it before I filed a claim. I tried to take my car to Ed Morse for testing and service, but due to a issue with the payment from Travelers the work was not done at Ed Morse. I was asked by the Traverler's local rep at Caliber Collision to bring my car there. I did and this was a mistake, according to Caliber Collision, they were told by Travelers to dry out and clean the carpet and blow out the tracks on the sunroof. When I got the car back, it still smelled wet and not deodorized two days later. Long story short, it rained last night almost four inches and the entire back of the car was in two inches of water. I called Traveler's and I was told it was my problem, as this was regular maintenance. I called Caliber Collision and spoke to Miguel Mercado, who promptly told me, I would have to PAY to get his shop to even look at the car!!! Traveler's please stop sending/referring your clients to this provider if they can not offer a guarantee on their work. I will not take my car back to receive even worst repairs or evaluation and have to pay for it. I will take it somewhere else. My work order at Caliber is [protected]. And the supervisor who I spoke to today regarding the claim acted as if I want Traveler to pay for my regular maintenance work, which insulted me. I can pay for my own repair work!!! My issue is Traveler's is the one who referred/sent me to this provider who could not fix it correctly the first time around. And I do not believe the sunroof could have gotten blocked up again within 90 day????? Caliber did not figure out the issue correctly the first time. I do appreciate Traveler's assistance after the hurricane but am not pleased with the workmanship provided to me by this company and their not standing behind their work.

Jan 29, 2018

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