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1st for Women Insurance Complaints & Reviews

1st for WomenCar insurance claim 3rd party

I claimed from 1st women insurance 3rd party.
My vehicle was Off and stationery Parked outside a shop, insured party damaged my car. The car was digitally assessed and we were offered an amount. I got a quote from the company we would of been sent to from our insurance. This quote was more than double so o got another quote also from a place on our insurance list of panel beaters and was even more.
I sent both quotes in and we waited 2 months for a response. We got an offer of thousands less than both quote. No reason.
Its not fair and it should ne paid in full so i can fix my brand new rav 4.
I have decided to go to small claims court to sue rather. Im glad im not your client. If this was my insurance i would of left them immidiately. I expect to be paid in full, my vehicle was switched off and parked. There is no panelbeater around that can do it for less. Disgusting !!!

Car insurance claim 3rd party

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    Oct 27, 2020

    1st for Women Insurance — Car insurance

    Good day Policy number: [protected] On the 22 August 2020 I reported an incident that took place on the...

    1st for Women Insurancesms marketing

    I have been called and sent SMSes numerous times by 1st For Women, even though I have asked to be removed off their lists and opted out each SMS. Today, 20 October 2020, between 10:05 and 10:11 I have been sent the same SMS 91 times. This is not counting the numerous SMSes I have received daily which I have deleted. This is ridiculous and I do not want to be contacted by them.

    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing
    sms marketing

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      1st for Women InsuranceCancellation

      I had car insurance with FIrst for women, then decided to cancel because of poor service. Upon me cancelling my policy with them they neglected to cancel the policy they took with the tracking company. I am now told I can't get out of the contract with the tracking company of which I did not undertake in my personal capacity. This was done by first for women as part of the insurance package I took with first for women and not the tracking company. My bank account is being debited for something I did not authorise. First for women needs to cancel the policy taken with the tracking company. I am very disappointed with a company that's supposed to be about women but they do the opposite.

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        1st for Women InsuranceBad service

        Bad service ever I have been with them 3 years without a claim, I lodged a claim on the 6 of august and after 2 weeks it was approved, boom today I call the panelbeater which is renew it only to be told that first for woman wrote off my car, when you phone them they cant even give you answeres you, im so dissapointed and my car was not badly damaged now its written off, good luck to people who still consider taking insurance with 1st for woman

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          Jun 17, 2020

          1st for Women Insurance — No repairs done after 17 days waiting. No update, no feedback

          Good day, Can someone please assist? Policy number: [protected] Below you will see the email trail of our...

          Jan 23, 2020

          1st for Women Insurance — Incident claim and poor service received from panel beaters referred to by my insurer

          Hi Hayley Below is a mail I sent to Automagic head office regarding the service I received when I took in my...

          First for Women Insurance Companyvip fleet solutions roodepoort

          My name is Kholwani Ncube. ID [protected]. I have a car insurance policy with firstforwomen policy number [protected]. I had an accident and my car was sent for accessment then Sent to VIP fleet Solutions for panel beating. After 6 weeks they called me to fetch my car and on arrival I found central locking of the car not working. Airbag light on, hazards flashing. Other door completely not opening. I did not fetch the car and I left it for them to sort the above issues. Today 15/10/2019 they called informing me that the insurance has agreed for my car to be sent to Renault as they are unable to fix the problem and they are alleging that the previous panel beater (renew it) had had incorrectly connected wires in the door. Firstly they had said paint was not drying due to wrong paint used by the previous panel beater. We as clients, we don't choose panel beaters, we are told to send the car to a particular panel beater. Iam even doubting the credibility of this panel beater.
          The car was sent to them with hazzards flashing, airbag light on and rear door not closing and the other one not opening.

          Thank you
          Kholwani Ncube


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            First for Women Insurance CompanyCar insurance

            Hi Millicent,

            I've managed to collect the car on Friday, 12 July 2019 from Jacko's Autobody & Dent Removers. I must say, I am disappointed by how First For Women has handled the claim process.

            After my car was towed, it was stored at an incorrect towing yard, I as the client personally notified First For Women about my car location.
            The first week after the accident and claim submission no one had made any contact with me. It took Ms. Millicent Polaits* more than 5 working days to contact me and follow up with me about my claim report/progress during this stressful period. The same week, my car was not booked for assessment nor at a Panel beater.
            I took the matter to social media and I just kept on getting Automatic response that "a consultant will call you back".
            Id spend 60 min in a day making phone calls every day to follow up on my claim and process.
            I must say, I have never experienced so much stress in my life to a point that I'd get chest pains and my heart rate would drop all thanks to First for Women. This whole process affected my health and work, yet when they advertise themselves they make it seem like they know what they are doing.

            Finally, my car was fixed (it wasn't even a huge job) the panel beater told me that this was supposed to take 5 days instead of 6 weeks.
            When I went to pick up my car it had a few scratches and they told me that they cannot be held responsible for that, because the car was stored somewhere else (at the wrong yard) therefore, the scratched could've occurred from there.

            I called First For Women (Access recovery department) on the 15th of July and I was told that they have not yet received my file.

            I called again on the 22nd and I was told that my file is still new and they will attend to itas soon as they can, I should follow up with them on the 22 of August.

            The sad thing is I have to wait for them to call the person that I was involve in an accident with, then they will send him a 30 day notice, then 7 days, then if the matter is not resolved I will need to gop to the Small claim court.

            First for Women is happy to receive our monthly premium from a lot of South Africans, however when it comes to rcovering our access - the excuse they give us as their clients is - they receive a lot of claims.

            This is some [censored]!!!

            First For Women also added some amount in my policy, when I called to ask about it the consultant told me that I didn't submit my tracking certificate. This was after I submitted the tracking certificate for the 4th time.

            I am disappointed and irritated by this Insurance company, very unsatisfied and disappointed by First for Women.

            I need this nightmare to end.

            Nokuthula Mlangeni
            Fed up customer

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              First for Women Insurance CompanyInsurance claim

              I am not happy with the level of service I received thus far from your repair Department. Every time when I call to enquire about the repair of my vehicle they are awaiting quotes for the Machanical faults and my car is at the dealer. I called in last week the 18th of January 2019 and I was told that my car is with the engineer and still awaiting feedback. I just called in again to be told that my car will be towed for engineering.what a pathetic service, why are guys lying to your clients?

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                First for Women Insurance Company — Car insurance and claim

                Good day, I submitted a claim for a vehicle accident in September. I have had to call First For Women (FFW...


                First for Women Insurance Company — Car insurance a stupid windscreen claim

                My husband is the regular driver on the vehicle he went off to jhb and i was forced to drive with the vehicle...

                First for Women Insurance CompanyCall centre

                The call centre attitude is unacceptable. They claim I had an accident yet they cannot give details of the accident despite saying I had an accident - this despite me having been paid no claims bonuses and not being able to remember having had an accident.

                To update a driver details or address details took 45 minutes of repeating everything including policy number, ID number, insurance history again despite having had a policy with First For Women for more than 7 years

                It is pathetic that a new policy is requested when updating policy details

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                  First for Women Insurance CompanyIncrease for every call I make

                  I have gone through my policy document and spotted that the sales person captured the information about my car being in my house during the day hence I specified I’m at work during the day. And when I contact the call center to amend, they told me it will increase my policy!

                  I find it very disturbing for this policy to increase every time when amendments are made, with my previous insurance I never had any of this issues and I’m wondering if I will have to deal with policy increase with every call I make to first for women.

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                    First for women — Service delivery

                    I've joined the insurance last year October but i haven't received my stickers I thought is my post...


                    1st for Women Insurance — Increase

                    I have logged a complaint with 1st for women because of their yearly increase; they told me that the...

                    First For WomenPoor customer services and unacceptable delays in getting approved claims refunded

                    From: Swart, Quinette Q Sent: 08 December 2015 02:42 PM To: '[protected]@telesure.co.za' Subject: FW: Your First for Women claim [protected] 2 Importance: High Dear Fistforwoman Claims team. You have not responded in email/writing or per telephone call with regards to my complaint to you on the 19th November 2015, nor have you refunded my approved claim and I am seriously effected as a result of that, nor have you added my replacement items to the specified items and issued me with a new policy document, this is appaling to say the least, I await your urgent reply. Regards Quinette From: Swart, Quinette Q Sent: 02 December 2015 11:40 AM To: 'Claims_Requests' Subject: FW: Your First for Women claim [protected] 2 Importance: High Dear Claims team, I’ve had no written or verbal feedback from you since the 19th November 2015. I’ve not been reimbursed for the items I have already replaced. I’ve had no confirmation that the new items I purchased have been updated to my policy. This is completely unacceptable I expect and urgent reply from your team. Regards Quinette Swart Tell: + [protected] Mobile: [protected] From: Swart, Quinette Q Sent: 19 November 2015 11:37 AM To: 'Claims_Requests' Subject: RE: Your First for Women claim [protected] 2 Importance: High Claims Department. I am contesting this claim and require you to go back to your voice recording upon my registration of my claim. I specifically asked your organisation if you offer a service like Outsurance where you liaise with suppliers to provide your clients with the best possible pricing for replacing items upon which I have been informed no. You told me to go ahead and purchase the items which I did so in effect I am now losing a serious amount of money and being penalised despite the fact that I have specified and insured my items at a market related replacement value. Why on earth did you not tell me that you will get the prices from New World, I would have done my purchases through them. Unless we urgently resolve this issue, I will take this matter SAIA South African. My mom have been dealing with Outsurance, they are completely phenomenal when it comes to claims. She had a busted geyser, they collected all damaged items, repair where they could and through their network of suppliers, replace the items at a much better price that we as individuals could negotiate. I will take my insurance cover to Outsurance should this query not be resolved. FirstforWoman must also jack up their game in the market space as your competitor, Outsurance offer a much better service to their clients. I paid Takelot.com the following: TABLET I have specified with you for replacement value the following and have accordingly paid insurance on it: Tablet-Asus Nexus 7 inch 32 GB 3 G R3, 499.90 Serial No [protected] + CB-Speck Nexus 7 inch Fitfolio-Coral Pnk IPad Cover R449.95 = replacement value + R3, 950. So you politely now exclude to the other items underlined below – this is completely unacceptable. Apple iPad Mini 7.9" WiFi 16GB - White & Silver R 3899.00 + Krusell Kiruna Leather Case for Apple iPad Mini 3 - Black R 664.00 you only cover R3129.00 for the tablet, omitted the Case and is completely out of line with my market replacement value I’ve insured the item for. This is unacceptable. CAMERA I have specified with you for replacement value the following and have accordingly paid insurance on it: Voyager Video Camera Bag R179.00 + Lexar SD Card Premium 200 – R199.00 Serial No [protected] + Sony Cybershot Camera R5499 Serial No [protected] = replacement value + R6, 776.00 - So you politely now exclude to the other items underlined below – this is completely unacceptable. Paid Takelot.Com - Nikon D3200 24MP Twin Lens Value Bundle R5899.00 + Lexar 32GB CL10 Micro SD R 413.00 you only cover R5946.00 for the camera and omitted the SD Card, this is completely unacceptable. CELLPHONE I have specified with you for replacement value the following and have accordingly paid insurance on it: Personal phone BlackBerry 9720, The IMEI: [protected], Pin: 2874c244, BT MAC: 48 9D 24 89 AA 4C replacement value + R2, 280.00. Please refer to my mail to your organisation on wrt to my specified items. I paid Takelot.com - Samsung J5 LTE 8GB - Black R 2889.00, my specified replacement value is R2, 280.00, your payment of R1812.00 for the cellphone, R 468.00 less is completely and utterly unacceptable and I refer to my purchase slips of items attached, I will only accept a minimum of R2, 280.00. Attach please find the proof off all the items replace, please update your my policy with the replacement serial numbers and market related replacement values and email me an updated policy document a.s.a.p. Regards Quinette Swart Tell: + [protected] Mobile: [protected] quinette.[protected]@standardbank.co.za From: Claims_Requests [mailto:[protected]@telesure.co.za] Sent: 13 November 2015 11:41 AM To: Swart, Quinette Q Subject: Your First for Women claim [protected] 2 Good day Mrs Swart, We tried contact you regarding your claim but you were not available. Please be advised that your claim has been approved. As you have advised us that the items have been replaced, we will be paying you out cash. We were quoted the following by new world: R3129.00 for the tablet R5946.00 for the camera R1812.00 for the cellphone We will be paying you out R9075.00 less excess of R850 and you will receive a total of R8225.00 for the camera and tablet. Then you will be paid out R1812.00 less excess of R1250 and you will receive a total of R562.60 for the cellphone. Your payment will be process. Please keep receipts as we may need them in future claims. The claimed items have been removed off cover, please contact our policy services department to add the items back on cover with the updated replacement amount. Should the items not be added onto the cover, you will not be covered. Regards, First for Women Insurance

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                      First for Women Car InsuranceBreach of contract/false advertisement

                      First for women vehicle claim / rectification: lv venter:

                      Id no [protected]
                      Policy no [protected]

                      My car was in an accident on 19 november 2014 in swellendam (Western cape) . It was undriveable and taken by first for women to bredasdorp (Matthee bakwerke) where it was left for a month without anything being done! Then it was taken to worcester (Worcester bakwerke) - where it stayed untill 16 april 2015. Thus i was without a car for 5 months! This despite the fact that i informed first for women repeatedly that i live alone, that i suffer from genetic hemochromatosis which requires that blood has to be taken from me twice a month to control the iron levels in my blood for which i needed my car and that i’m self - employed for which i also needed my car! I got a rental car for only 6 weeks (With a lot of struggle on my part) during this whole 5 month period! This is totally unacceptable and mind boggling.
                      From the start i was worried about the decision to fix the car rather than write it off as the latter was the opinion of independent experts obtained by me. This opinion was with a view to the damage to my car, i. E. Amongst others damage to the under - carriage, the steering arm, the right front wheel and the control arm. I was also told that these damages, if “fixed” would no doubt lead to further problems in future. First for women however, was of the opinion that they would return my car to me in perfect condition and that i would have no further problems. And as if my struggles to get my car fixed and back in my possesion was not enough, the experts’ opinion has now been proven true:
                      I finally got my car back after 5 months, only to have the front moulding fall off the first time it was driven and the steering wheel developing a very bad "rattle" sound shortly thereafter, both of which i reported immediately. Nothing was done and finally about 2 weeks ago the warning light for the airbag came on and my car was obviously not safe to drive. My car was only taken away for repairs by first for women on 22 june 2015 (Again i was waiting since mid - april for something to be done) , i was promised updates and a rental car but once again nothing was done and despite numerous phone calls and promises i only found out this morning (30 june 2015) that first for women received a quote for a “sleeve” in the steering wheel that has to be replaced in addition to the new moulding that have to be fitted. When my car was first “repaired” by worcester bakwerke they tried to fit pirate parts which couldn’t be made to fit which resulted that parts had to be ordered from france late in the process which contributed to the delay. As result of this i have no confidence that pirate parts will not be tried to be fitted (Or in fact be fitted) on my car again and have no confidence and trust in first for women. Despite promises i still have no rental vehicle which resulted in the fact that i am literally stranded at home in a new city where i know no one (I moved to bloemfontein in april 2015 for work purposes) . I have been without any transports since i reported the warning light for the airbag on 18 june 2015!!! I have no way to get to the shops, to do my work and to get to the doctor as i have to.
                      If you take everything into account, i have essentially been without my car / transport for 7 months!!!
                      This situation is untolerable and in my opinion breach of contract on the side of first for women and i can no longer take this treatment from you. It seems as if i cannot get proper assistance telephonically and i am therefor now writing to you as last resort.

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                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        1st for WomenFailure to inspect vehicle

                        Good day,

                        I have recently taken out car insurance with first for woman. but after taking it out i completely forgot to take my vehicle for inspection 24hours therafter. I also did not receive a reminder to do so even after paying two moths of installments, taking it as everything has been sorted and that i now have insurance on my vehicle. I recently had a minor accident as my car slid in the heavy rain we started having nearing the end of October 2014. as i reported the accident 24hours after it accord i then submitted the claim to the ensurance company only to find that they still await inspection. I have tried to contact my previous ensurer as they authorised repaires on my vehicle and had it completaly fixed round two months before this incident in order to have any kind of proof that my car is however in a good condition and that my does excist as said at the time of taking out the insurance. 1st for woman was quick to deduct my monthly installments and satisfied with all up until i had to actually make use of my policy. This is disappointing and unasked for.If anyone reads this and have advise about my delemma, i would like to hear from you!!!

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          1st for WomenInsurance claim

                          I just cannot understand why this has become so ridiculously worse every week.

                          A: My Car has not been repaired accordingly, I am still waiting for the Panel Beaters to call me to resolve the issue. My car was to be rebooked to fix the issues that were not done., Keith Promised to call me in 24 hours, it is now 20 days later. The owner of the panel beaters even acknowledge the defects and asked Keith to rebook this. What is going on??????

                          B: I have paid the Excess and sent the proof of payment to both Jaleesa and Pieter. No one has come back to me with regards to when I will be reimbursed on this, I went through a rough time to get all the needed information and documentation to ensure that the party whom knocked onto me was liable for this excess.

                          C: Policy Service sends me a guarantee of service and repairs done, ARE YOU serious, my car is not fixed to what it should be, the Panel beaters took the pictures of those areas that were not even fixed.

                          21st of April is when I made this claim, it has taken a month to get a panel beater, and another month to fix the damages. And now I guess another month to re fix and sort out the issues. I am really upset about the service honestly.
                          I would like to have this resolved as soon as possible. Since I will go to the public on the events that has transpired and hope this does not happen to any other customer of yours.

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