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Buying my tickets with TravelerHelpDesk has been a real nightmare.I am trying to get $525.43 back from this so-called travel agency.
How can they sleep at night? Please be careful. It is often better to spend a few more dollars and have a peace of mind. Good luck.
If there is a class action lawsuit in the future, I am interested in being a participant.
Enclosed is one of the e-mails I sent to American Airlines. Both TravelerHelpDesk and American Airlines gave me the runaround even in the light of my mother's passing and my inability to arrive in France in time to attend her funeral. Both companies showed their lack of compassion during such a difficult time. This being said, I intend to pursue my request until I receive my refund.
Anne C.
American Airlines
Date: 09/14/2017
Customer Relations
To whom it may concern:
On 05/21/17, I made a reservation for Paris, France, as my mother was gravely ill. Sadly, she died before I could even travel to see her. I cancelled this reservation on the phone within one or two hours after booking it.
I booked this reservation under Confirmation RQGK9P (Reff.-NB307030) through TravelerHelpDesk online. The full amount ($1089, 43) was refunded. Subsequently, I then made a reservation with Ula under Confirmation S3ZEA5 (Reff.-NB307056) in hopes of at least attending the funeral. Tragically, the arrangements made it impossible to make the connections to my home in Brittany.
So, I also had to cancel this reservation. Much to my surprise, even though there were fewer than 24 hours between the making and the cancelling of this second reservation, the full amount was not refunded, something I was not told by Ula, though her assistance during this sad time was otherwise somewhat helpful. In fact, this reservation was made on Sunday 05/21/17 at 4:37 AM and cancelled over the phone on the same day at 8:40 AM. If you could, please review these details with Ula, whom I have not been able to contact despite many attempts via e-mail and the phone, and consider refunding the balance to me.
The sum of $525.43 may not seem much to you in a time of tragedy, but to me it represents a considerable percentage of my monthly income. The ticket was $1, 189.43 and only $664.00 were refunded. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions. In addition, I am also enclosing Ula's contact numbers.
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in this matter.
Anne C.
Ula Sr.Executive at TravelerHelpDesk Phone: 877.251.1691 Extension: 71541 Fax: 888.331.2110 [protected]

Nov 25, 2017

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