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Travel Help Desk / Incompetence and scam

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It is the worst experience I have ever had, buying plane tickets. They were not customer service minded, and ended up costing me more than $1, 000 because they wrongly processed my credit card without my permission, and took $900 as a refund charge... DO NOT do business with this company. Their behaviour is similar to that of a scammer.

Jul 7, 2013
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  • Kr
      14th of Sep, 2013
    +1 Votes is working together with They are scammers. After buying a ticket online on and having a confirmation emai with reference number I received an email from asking me to fill a form detailing my credit card details (including the security code) and then send them a copy of my passport, driving licence, proof of address and both front and back side of my credit card. Referring to their Fradu Pervention Policy. So the next thing I will see is that all my money gone from the account...I did send them the form but didnt fill the security details regarding my card.Next day they asked a copy of my passport so they got it without the passort number. On the following day they asked copies of my credit card. They got it without the security code and middle part of 16 digit card, while I clearly higlighted that there was an online purchase via Smartfares so I really dont get how this 3rd party came into the picture and no way I will give out these confidential details. I asked an official answer for my enquery about this isse and clarify if they are capable to buy the ticket as promised on Smartfares or not. No answer by now (5 days gone) so stay away from and as they are both scammers! In normal travel agencies you are not asked to share these details when you buy online tickets and especially not from a 3rd party referring some bogus fraud prevention policy. This was the first and last time I tried a US based travel agent.

  • Td
      1st of Sep, 2014
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes
    They scammed my wife on $240 of travel agent fees on 1 round trip US Airways ticket and 1 one-way ticket.

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2015
    +3 Votes

    Fortunately my reservation was actually made with them. However, when i had a problem It was unbearable to get fixed, I couldn't speak to an american if I wanted to, and they weren't helpful at all. I believe all the reviews on their own website have to be fake.

  • Gr
      13th of Jul, 2015
    +3 Votes

    I made to seperate bookings they charged my account for 2k + when my flights ampunt i was supposed to be charged was only 1500 and they have no reason to justify the amount taken when ive asked them twice about it and they still have no reason never do business with this company they are an absolute disgrace!

  • Ka
      6th of Aug, 2015
    +4 Votes

    They charged my card an additional $100 saying it was taxes & fees. Did not tell me it was their fee until after several phone calls I got them to admit it. I am going directly to the airline from now on & save myself money. They were not up front & honest.

  • St
      8th of Feb, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Booked flight, they sent me a wrong conformation date. I tried changing it and spent hours on the phone talking to different Asian folks who all had American names but no last name. First they asked for $380 to make amends to booking that was they messed up, then shortly after $350, and lastly $120. Then, I found a website with 67 people complaining about the same issues. I called them the next day and got if fixed for a $50 extra charge, mind you this was their mistake. They changed my flight and date, but a flight was missing on my return trip which took two hours to fix. Lastly, I woke up to my credit card being charged twice and when I called they kept hanging the phone up. Finally, when I did get a hold of someone, they kept trying to tell me that there weren't two charges sent out. I had to email proof of my bank statement.

    Complete nightmare, and I have no clue how these people are allowed to operate and provide any sort of service. Worst experience I've ever had in my life.

  • Mi
      15th of Mar, 2016
    +4 Votes

    These guys are terrible. All they care about is taking your money while providing the least amount of service possible. Be careful because they will even stoop as low as to give false information in order to sell tickets. I was tricked by one salesman who assured me that I was purchasing a fully flexible ticket. When my circumstances changed and I needed to take advantage of this flexible ticket I was told that it was only flexible for 12 hours after purchase. These people are lying thieves. Don't make the mistake to do dealings with them.

  • Si
      17th of Mar, 2016
    +4 Votes

    On 3/10 booked flight. On 3/12 received this email :Your booking was not confirmed as the flight you tried to book with is
    not available so airline unconfirmed your reservation."
    I'm very confused as to how and why this has happen especially when
    payment was taken out of my account and now I'm being asked to pay more
    money for a ticket. I had to act a fool to get my 654.40 back(which takes up to 7-10 business days) and purchase a ticket the same day that cost me 850.00( mind you im still out the 654.40 + now paid 850.00 THROUGH United airlines) so with in two days I spent roughly about 1503.00 because these dummies didn't book my flight like they stated. I called 3 times to confirm that everything was ok each time I was told yes. Please don't do business with these people. You will be all day trying to resolve and understanding what they are telling you. The Supervisor Scott tried to tell me the flight wasn't booked/canceled due to mechanical issues for this flight... total liars... I hate being rude to customer care reps cause I know how it feels to be on the other side but that day I ripped everybody a new ###!

  • Su
      21st of Mar, 2016
    +4 Votes

    I had a nightmare problem. Booked two great priced tickets for my daughters to fly red eye to Seattle from Tampa. They took vacation time as did their friends in WA. Tickets were booked on March 5th. Had some doubts so called American A to make sure flight numbers were ligit. Yes they were. Also prices were the same so I could have stopped payment on my debit card to this company and booked right then and there through the airlines. But because this company did all the legwork I felt I should stay with them. Well last night I got an email saying their flights were cancelled and there was a refund coming. 6 days before my daughters were to leave. Long story short I spent hours on the phone. They said that the airlines price had expired so that they never finished the ticketing process. Through some sluthing, our friend in Seattle found the reservations dept had contacted this company for payment and got no response. So they cancelled the reservation the next day. We didn't find out until 3 weeks later. Last night. They said they tried to call me once way back then. I said that's Bologna because we have something called voice mail. And why 3 weeks later right before the trip would you tell us this?? I had to scrape to get this flight for them. I'm a single mother. They said I could still go but it would be an additional 500. I called them relentlessly telling them that my daughters were screwed out of their vacation. Kept pushing to resolve this siting that because of my loyalty to their company my daughters lost their vacation. I kept pushing the ethical and humanity issue. Finally after emailing and calling relentlessly giving the 'This is just wrong' and my daughters are very disappointed. You guys should keep true to your word and pay the difference. The resolution guy finally found a way to get them out there. But they would miss the first weekend. Departing on Monday morning instead of Friday evening. At least they get to be there for 6 days. Better than nothing. Same price. Refused to give up.

  • Er
      22nd of Mar, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Worst company ever.very unprofessional.too many schedule changes.they offer things they can accomplish.rude people from trying to get my money back but is taking for ever.they say we call you back but they never do.i have keep calling and calling.

  • St
      28th of Mar, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Wow! Have you filed complaints? I'm in the process of doing that right now!

  • Am
      23rd of May, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I called to inquire about prices, On of their Agent (Lazar) gave me a price for two tickets to Egypt. I said I will think about it and call you back, he said that he could not give me that price again and kept pushing for the sale. I said what if I change my mind, I'm not really sure if I want to go yet? He said in that case mam, you buy travel insurance and you can get your money back if you change your mind. I said travel insurance don't work like that, you have to have a reason or medical emergency or something like that to cancel. He said, I don't know what insurance you talking about mam but this insurance I'm telling you about, you can get your money back at any time! I said to him are you sure? Absolutely mam, are you sure, yes mam absolutely . Called later to cancel my flight because of Egypt instability, they said your ticket is non refundable, I said you agent said if I buy this insurance, I can get my money back. Call the insurance, called the insurance, they said we don't refund money for any reason, you have to have a good reason like medical emergency or something, I said they told me that I can, they said go back to them. In the past three week spoke to more than 10 agents, we will email the supervision, he will get back to you. Called again and again and they said you have to wait 2-3 days, waited and waited, no one return my calls. Kept calling and got to speak to the one who booked me the ticket. I said Lazar, do you remember saying this and that to me, he acknowledged and said yes, I already spoke to my supervisor and we are working on it. And nothing happen.
    Still waiting and I will not give up on my money, my tickets are $2500 and Iwill not give up on it.

    My attitude towards my complain, I feel deceived mistreated and stolen from which is unfair.

  • Pa
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    +2 Votes

    They are thief. I booked a business flight . They send me the confirmation the date that i requested. Then the airline told them that that date was not available and moved our flight to the previous day. This company did not inform us of the changes at all. They did not have any intention to tell us therefore we would have arrived at the airport 24 hrs after the flight and miss the flight. Lucky i called the air line and the airline told me about the changes. I immediately call the help desk and they let me waiting forever then finally a manager answer and said that she has sent an email to the schedule change department and that they will follow up and call me back. 9 as you can guess they never did) i asked that i wanted to speak with the schedule change department immediately she told me that it was close because it was night time that they will call me in the morning. As you can imagine there was never a call. Therefore i call back in the morning and i was told that the schedule changed department was closed still. Then i spoke with someone on the chat and this person stated the schedule change department is open 24/7 so all of them are lying . So i called again and i said do not hung up because they has been doing this too and do not tell me that the schedule change department is close because i know that that is a lie too. Put me to the schedule change department. Finally they put me through and the woman said that they can not refund my money . That they deal case by case and month by month and that they have thousands of complaints to deal too (of course) because they are stealing everyone's money that is why sooo many complaints. Anyway she said that she will speak with the airline as i asked then hung up on me again. Extremely rude people. Thieves, thieves, thieves. Please do not use that company ever

  • Mo
      7th of Jul, 2016
    +2 Votes

    NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not deserve your business. Their customer service is among the worst I have ever seen. It is not worth the money you save going through an airline because you end up paying outrageous fees for their mistakes. This company is fraudulent and incompetent... DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY

  • Br
      7th of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I booked a ticket from Seattle to Norway with this agency. I was going on the trip with 4 other relatives and we all were to use this company to purchase tickets so we could all get the same flights. My family purchased their tickets all using the same confirmation number so that we could get same flights.
    After booking my flight using the same exact confirmation number as everyone else, I was charged over $400 more than everyone else. Come to find out they did not even book the right dates for my return flight so I am now stranded in a foreign country and am forced to travel alone which I am not comfortable with (18 year old girl). After calling three separate times speaking to different people, they refused to fix THEIR mistake and wanted another $1500 to push my flight back one day.

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER EVEN IF IT MEANS LEAVING SOMEONE STRANDED IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY. Not to mention they do not even speak good English and make up phony fees that end up being more than what the actual ticket costs.

  • An
      15th of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    These people do not know what they are doing. I booked a ticket with them and never received the tickets. I called them about it and they told me that they had sent the e-mails. I never received any of the e-mails they suposedly sent except one time when i refused to hang up the phone. The reservations i made with them never materialized. They told me that the i was reserved but they couldn't provide the tickets which i found strange because after you purchase a ticket, you should be able to get the ticket numbers and confirmation. These people also double charged me and said that i should provide a bank statement in order to show them that i was charged. How crazy is that? They also denied that i had been charged yet my bank shows the double charge. Don't believe anything these people say or do. They shouldn't be in business anyways. Buyer beware!!!

  • Fa
      21st of Jul, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Today, I buy 2 tickets from these deceivers one of their representative said it cost you 395 dollar, when I check online it cost me 398 AUdollars.Then I talk to him only 3dollar difference I want to book with him.Brian said give me credit card number then they said we charge 395.49 dollars and send you ticket after 15 minute.When I check my account it cost me $535, I was shocked and talk to their representative 10 time but very bad and disgusting attitude, please donnot trust on these type of websites who looted money from innocent people,
    No one help me I try 10 times and sent 5 email no response.

  • An
      17th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Incredible, that just take you money and then, maybe, make the real ticket buy!!!

  • La
      22nd of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM...I recieved a a quote for two of us, Nairobi to Vancouver. One week before the departure date they emailed and said the flight was no longer available, but gave me an alternative flight, for an additional 15% and some long layovers. I declined and inquired how long to get my money refunded. I was told 7-10 days. It has been a month and still no refund.

  • Di
      25th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Larry Carruthers Did you got your money ?

  • La
      25th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    It's a nightmare for me, at first they put me in trouble because of the unconfirmed flight and they charge it double on my credit card. aside from the ticket price and a lot more additional charges with it. and just imagine that they charged it all doubled. I tried to call them, but when they hear my concern, they just hang up, and once, accidentally somebody talked to me name SARA and told me to call back again after a few hour so I can talk directly to the person whom I made my booking, name LORENZO. but when I try to call to call them again I cannot get through their line anymore.
    I can't imagine how these people can still sleep at night by this doing. a very DANGEROUS SITE, COMPANY . DON'T PUT YOUR MONEY AT RISK with them. Don't give them any information about your personal details, especially your credit card.

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